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    Stage Set-up of [Red Cliff]!

       <Red Cliff>Mar. 1st. OPEN! Visiting to Stage Set-up!   <Red Cliff> Let’s go to lively stage set-up ! It’s like light of gray or light of blue. Tranquil or  Rage! Soft or Colorful! The…

    2017년 March 8일
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    Some Tips To Enjoy [Red Cliff]!

      Some Tips  to Enjoy <Red Cliff> <Red Cliff> The first stage of [Creation_ing] in Jeongdong Theater  TIP.#1 The story of <Red Cliff> The story of <Red Cliff> is a retelling of the Chinese historical legend of the…

    2017년 March 4일
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    [Red Cliff] Tip for how to get discount!

    [Tip for how to get discounted ticket !]   2017 New performance of Jeongdong Theater <Red Cliff> Tip for how to get discounted ticket ! A to Z Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Guan Yu and…

    2017년 February 20일
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    [Jeongdong Special Day_Dec] A very special Christmas Party

    Every third Saturdays A Day when Jeongdong Has Special Thing_Jeongdong Special Day The Special thing of December “Pre-Christmas Party” The story of Jeongdong Special Day in December In December, streets are decorated with various color for…

    2016년 December 28일
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    Pre-view of Silla(Basilla), Jeongdong Theater in Gyeong-ju

    [Pre-view of Silla(Basilla)] Preview of <Silla(Basilla)> through the emotion <Silla(Basilla)>, the performance of Jeongdong Theater in Gyeongju. There was no time to be bored during the 70 mins of the performance As the flows…

    2016년 December 14일
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    Interview with Director of Tradition-ing: AKDAN GWANGHIL

    [Jeongdong Theater Project : Tradition-ing] 2016 Jeongdong Theater Project <Tradition-ing:AKDAN GWANGCHIL> “Interview with Youk-ji, the director of AKDAN GWANGCHIL” On monday. December.12, AKDAN GWANGWHIL will on the stage of <Tradition-ing>, the project of Jeongdong…

    2016년 December 12일
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    [Interveiw] Francesco Luciani, Costume Designer

    [Jeongdong Theater Project <Tradition-ing>] 2016 Jeongdong Theater Project <Tradition-ing:AKDAN GWANGCHIL> Interview with Francesco Luciani, Costume Designer In any cases, it is more interesting that you see the performance with knowledge than with out it! AKDAN GWANGCHIL, the…

    2016년 December 5일