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    The advice from two mentors at the theater

    The advice from two mentors at the theater -Um Jin-ho, Stage Director of Jeongdong Theater- -Son Sang-won, CEO of Jeongdong Theater- Career experience project for Teenagers with Jeongdong Theater and Flourishing Culture Committee! Reporter’s…

    2016년 September 10일
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    [Jeongdong Special Day]Barbecue Party on August.20

    [Jeongdong Special Day!_August.20] A special day to enjoy a special event as well as the performance! The first event was Barbecue Party with Han-don! Many people came and joyed the party after the performance…

    2016년 August 23일
  • Jeju_-_Harubang
    CJK Talk

    Where we go for summer vacation in Asia?

    It’s still hot summer and we still have some holidays left. This is the reason why you can leave now somewhere to enjoy the summer! Because of the global warming, it’s hard to feel…

    2016년 August 21일
  • 2016-07-24 (2)
    CJK Talk

    Special Baseball Culture in Asia

    One day, we talk about “Best experience in Korean Culture” with many foreign friends. There were so many experiences such as Korean food, K-pop, Hanbok and Guk-ak(Korean traditional music) etc. But one of the…

    2016년 July 24일
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    A Special Way to Go Out with Your Girl/Boy Friend!

    If you are looking for a way to experience the Korean style, Here is a recommendation of Jeongdong Theater! With Jeongdong Hanbok Experience Package, you can experience Korean traditional culture and leave a great…

    2016년 July 14일