Jeongdong Theater in Seoul


Jeongdong Theater is comprised of a performance venue of 282 seats, outdoor courtyard, and subsidiary facilities such as an art shop and restaurant

Subsidiary Facilities

Customer Service Center

Phone Number: 02-751-1500
Monday: 9am~6pm / Tues~Sun: 9am~9pm
Ticketing Time: From 1 hour prior to the performance

Wheelchair Lift

First Floor -> When moving to the basement performance
2 wheelchair seats

Cafe Jeongdongdam

Main menus: coffee, tea
Opening times: 10am~10pm
Phone number: 02-751-1500

Stage Facilities

Seating Plan

Subway Directions

Subway Line 5 Seodaemun Station: Exit 5
Subway Line 5 Gwanghwamun Station: Exit 6 toward “Deoksu Elementary School”
Subway Line 2 City Hall Station: Exit 12 toward “Jeongdong Theater”
Subway Line 1 City Hall Station: Exits 1 and 2 toward “Jeongdong Theater”