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[Talking of Three countries] New Year’s Day in the Three Countries!

The first talking of three countries!

We had conversation about new year’s day in the three countries.


First of all, Nana talked about the new year’s day in Taiwan.

Q.What is special activities to celebrate new year’s day in Taiwan?

TAWWe hang out some words to wish on rectangular paper and “CHUNLIAN(春联)” which is a square paper written a inverted word of Lucky(福) on front door of the house. It has a meaning of calling much of luck in the house.


Chinese Chunlian

Also, adults play mah-jong and children set off firecrackers. During 3 days from the new year’s day, it is forbidden to do laundry and to throw away because it is considered as letting lucky go away. Two days after the new year’s day, ㅡmarried women can go their parent’s home.

마작Chinese Mah-jong (Scene of ‘Lust, Caution’)
중국폭죽Chinese Firecracker in New Year’s Day

Q.How long do you have the holiday for new year’s day?

Chinese and Taiwanese have one week for the holiday.

Q. Do you have any special food to celebrate the new year’s day?

For the dinner of the new year’s day, we have 2 fishes on the table but we only eat one of them. Fish signifies “long life” so we eat it.
Also we don’t cook in New Year’s day to avoid see blood in the day. Therefore we cook a day before for new year’s day.

We eat dumplings at midnight of 1st of Jan(of the lunar calendar). The Dumpling has a meaning of earning more money as it looks like YUANBAO, the coin of ancient China.

yuanbaoYuanbao, the Coin of Ancient China

중국만두Chines Dumpling

Q. What is special thing to celebrating new year’s day in Japan?

2017-02-13 (1)We celebrate new year’s day on the January. 1st of the solar calendar. It is different with China and Korea where they celebrate it with lunar calendar. Therefore it is not familiar to me to celebrate it with lunar calendar.

In Japan, we eat Buckwheat soba noodle in the new year’s day. It signifies ‘long life’ as it has long noodle.

Also, we eat Osechi(おせち) in the lunch of new year’s day. In the old days, grand mothers and mothers used to make it but in now days, people order it from department store.

오세치Osechi(おせち) : Traditional Japanese New Year Foods. All foods for the first month of the year are called ‘Osechi’

Korea has Tteokguk for new years day. Japan also has O-zoni which is similar with Tteokguk but it tastes different depends on provinces and families. Especially, People in Osaka and Nagoya make it with Miso and People in Tokyo make it Soy source. We eat it every morning from 1st to 3rd of January.

IMG_0417O-zoni [お雜煮] : Traditional Japanese New Year Foods like Osechi.

And Japanese people go to Shinto shrine on 1st of January. And department store organize ‘Lucky bag event’. There are lucky bags from 5 thousands Yen to 50 thousands Yen. It is not possible to know what is included in the bag. Therefore it is called ‘Lucky bag event’.

The holiday is usually until 5th of January.

Q. How Korean people celebrate the new years day?

KORIt seems like that Japan is influenced by western culture and Korea is influenced by both of Chinese and western culture. Korean people celebrate both of Solar and Lunar calendars.

On the last day of the year. people go to Bosingak, a large bell pavilion, to hear the new year’s bell ringing or go to east sea to see the first sun rise.

On Jan. 1 of Solar calendar is a holiday (just one day) and on the new year’s day of lunar calendar, we have 3 days of holiday.

Korean people think that they will get 1 year old after eating a bowl of Tteokguk.

 한국의 떡국Tteokguk : Traditional Korean New Year’s Food.

Q. What is difficult thing to you when you celebrate the new year’s day in Korea?
2017-02-13 (1) It is difficult to count Korean age. It is different with other countries. They always say their age adding one year more.

KORYes, it is different with other countries. In other countries, people get 1 year on their birth day but in Korea, we get a year on New years day! That is why Korean people say their age with 1 more year.

Q. Any other things to do in new year’s day?

KORIn the morning of new year’s day, Korean people do Charye which is ritual for ancestors. Also we have special way of new year’s greetings, Sebae(세배). When children do Sebae to olders, the adults give money to them. When I was young, it was great joy to do Sebae going around to relations’ home as I could get more money! Do you also have similar things?


When children say ‘Happy New Year’ to adults, they give money in Hongbao to kids. Hongbao is red envelop or red pocket with money.

2017-02-13 (1)

Japan also have new years money. It is same thing in the three countries. We also put some money in pretty envelop for kids. There are many envelope with animation characters.



The cute envelopes exist in Korea as well. Also we give new bill to kids.

IMG_0435New years money from the three countries (Japan, China, Korea)


The new years day in the three countries are same, same but different!

How did you see the first talking of three countries in 2017?

We are coming back soon again with more funny stories!


Merry Christmas in Jeongdong Theater

Enjoy the Pre-Christmas!

The special tips for spending a wonderful day of December

Enjoy your special day with your family, friends and lover.

Interview with the actors of Red Cliff!!


Interview with the actors of <Red Cliff>

Liu Bei :  Gunhee Lee / Guan Yu : Jae Bak Lee / Zhang Fei : Eui Hawn Kim

*We met the three heroes of an oath of fraternity in a peach garden*


The team of <Red Cliff>, Jeongdong Theater was working on rehearsal in Febrary. 14.
in spite of the Valentin’s day.

I visited in the rehearsal room and I had short interview the three actors who take roles of Liu Bei, Gwan Yu and Zhang Fei.

Q. Please introduce your role.

Gunhee : I take a role of Liu Bei and I mainly take on Korean dance and Pansori in <Red Cliff>

Jae Bak : I take a role of Guan Yu and I take on every things. (Laughing)

Eui Hwan : I take a role of Zhang Fei. Especially I take on ‘chief of actors’ so I am a facilitator of communication between the staffs and the actors.

Q.What do you think the best scene from <Red Cliff>? Please give the audiences some tips to see this performance. 

Eui Hwan : The best scene that I think is “An oath of fraternity in a peach garden”. There are many other great scenes in <Red Cliff> but I think, the promise to justice and to save the state is well expressed in this scene. I think that it is what the performance want to say. That is why I would like to recommend the scene.

Jae Bak : For me, the choreography which gave me many difficulty is the best impressive thing. To choice the hardest one, actually every time was hard.(Laughing) Therefore, I think that every scene will give me impression but for the audiences, the scene where “Fen” is unfolded and a picture is completed.

Gunhee : There is the last scene where Guan Yu open a way for Cao Cao and Zhuge Liang  declares that he will govern it strictly. At this moment, the three men, Guan Yu, Liu Bei and Zhang Fei show their brotherhood. I was very impressed from the scene. To give a tip for the audiences, I would like to say that you need to concentrate scenes where the dance, the music and Pansori are in harmony. Actually it is hard to understand the story of Pansori  so you have to concentrate to it. After understanding the story and following the meanings then you could feel more things.

 Eui Hwan : To give you some tips, I would like to say that there are lots of attractions of Gugak in this performance as it is an original play of Pansori. Therefore, I would like to say to the audiences to have interest of Pansori and Gugak to see this show.


hack clash royale align=”center”>

Q.Do you have any episode to remember during the rehearsal?

Gunhee : There were many accidents that the props such as fens and drumstick were broken.

Eui Hwan : The actors were embarrassed when the props were broken in important and serious scenes.

Jae Bak : Today as well, the fen flies when I open it!

Q.This Performance was awarded by various festival such as DIMF University Students Musical Festival 2016 and H-star Festival. What is your expectation as the actors of <Red Cliff> in Version of Jeongdong Theater?

Eui Hwan : As the performance of last year(2016) was project of students, there was big passion. However we always lacked the profession. Now as we came to the theater system, we work with professional staffs. We also have bigger expectation and passion regarding the theater so it is expected that there will be unexpected work made by. Now we are preparing the show with the passion in basic and with the expectation of improved performance.


Q.Lastly please fill the black of “Red cliff is 000”

Eui Hwan :  Red cliff is a fire

             We will give a hot energy and fever from the stage where we put the fire to the audiences who need hotness as they lives in difficult and cold era.

Jae Bak :  Red Cliff is a chance to meet the heroes of your childhood.

             I remembered the heroes of my childhood as I take the role of the heroes whom I met them only by the book of <Romance of the Three Kingdom>

Gunhee :  Red Cliff is an active volcano.

             There is an energy of enormous temperature never stop from the begin to the end of the stage.

As the three actors mentioned, very hot and great performance is now on preparation!

 The stage of March in Jeongdong Theater!

Let’s meet the expecting and young actors with the passion!