Interview with Chunghan Kim, Director and Choreographer of ‘Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More’

[Interview : Junghan Kim, Director/ Choreographer]

I met Chunghan Kim, the director and Choreographer
of <Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More>
2017 Jeongdong Theater Tradition Series.

Q. Please talk about the title and the concept of <Lotus,>.

The title <Lotus> came from the name of the protagonist, ‘Seo-ryeon’.
(‘Ryeon’ literally means ‘Lotus’ in Korean language.)

The story borrow its motif from ‘the tale of Mrs Domi’ of the period of three stages in Korea
and ‘Igongbonpuri’ , a shamanic tale from Jeju Island.

The main characters are the King and his man, general ‘Dodam’ and dancer ‘Seo-ryeon’.

‘Seo-ryeon’ is a important character of the story as she receive the loves from the King and Dodam at the same time.

Dodam and Seo-ryeon confirmed their love and it is reason why relationship of the king and Dodam has problem.

The tension from the triangle love is the main concept of this performance.

Q. What is the symbol of the subtitle,
‘A flower Comes Out Once More’?

The king is a character who let Seo-ryeon in for pain and difficulties using his power.

However, she protects her self from the power.

I would like to deliver two messages through this story.

First, the King who uses his power in incorrect way is very similar with our social situation.

There are many people who got hurt from it.

Therefore I wish the people get more hope and comport from the reincarnation of Seo-ryeon.

Second, I would like to talk about ‘Love’ and the beauty of Seo-ryeon
through the character of a woman who keep the beauty her self against the power of the king.

​Q. What is the meaning of ‘Love’
that you want to describe in this performance?

I think ‘Love’ does not consist of only one emotion.

‘Love’ contains Sorrow, Missing, Frustration and sometimes pain.

Therefore, Love contains various kinds of story in there.

The complex of every emotion is ‘Love’.

I would like to present various kinds of ‘Love’ through the love of Seo-ryeon.

​Q. I can feel your love toward ‘Seo-ryeon’ from your talking.

What Do you think the attraction of ‘Seo-ryeon’ is?

As I mentioned before, Seo-ryeon is a character who is the best dancer in the court
so she have lots of artistic value such as singing, dancing and playing instruments.

In this performance, I expect that the audience could fee the best beauty of the Korean traditional dance.

Q. How do you like your position,
the director and the choreographer at the same time?

It has been more than 10 year that I work as a director.
Normally, directors of drama theater take part as the director of dance drama
but I think there is a gap of a veiw between the theater director and the choreographer.

As the main element of description in <Lotus,> is ‘Korean traditional Dance’,
I did my best to raise the completion presenting the scene directed by a choreographer.

Through this performance, I would like to present my own directing style.

Q. What do you think  what your style is? 

Every work that I have directed contains ‘Love story’.

Mainly I present the love like triangle love to put the conflict.

Also, the directing style of ending scene, I keep it my self.

Q. What is the popularity of the tradition from the style of Chunghan Kim?

I think the communication is the most important thing to have popularity.

We don’t need to make the performance difficult to understand.

There are many performance of dance which is difficult to understand, but it is reason why the dance drama could not be popular
because the audience could not communicate with the performance.

Therefore I make the drama which can be felt the sympathy easily putting the ‘love’ which always can be shared with all.

Q. As this performance is one of the Jeongdong theater Tradition Sereis,
You also take care about the foreign audiences.

It is of course to have the foreign audiences in mind for the Jeongdong Theater work.

Especially in order to make the foriegners fee comportable,
I tried to transform the tradition in the range of not giving the damage to the original one.
In the part of the music, I also make the tempo fast which was originally slow beat.

If you come to Korean and see this performance <Lotus,>,
you can enjoy and feel the beauty of the Korean traditional culture.

The stage set which has background of the palace and the traditional costumes will show you the pick of the colorful Korean tradition
and through the Korean traditional music and court dance, you can feel the essence of the Korean traditional culture.

Q.How was the collaboration with the staffs
in charge of music, stage and costume?

In this work, most of staffs are my colleagues who have worked with me for many times.
Therefore, we have trust to each others so there was any difficulties.

Q. What is your best scene is <Lotus,>?

The last scene. When you see the scene where seo-ryeon revived, you can feel your heart bleeding

As the scene is the most important part of the performance, we set to the rehearsal at the first time as well as have rehearsal many time. Therefore I love this last scene.

Q. What do you think the viewing point ?

I produced this performance laying emphasis on the tradition. 

Through this chance, I wish that many audiences could know about the Korean traditional music instruments more
and could feel the beauty of the traditional costume.

I tried to complete it through exhaustive research

therefore, it contains every Korean tradition in the valance of the tradition studies and the creation.

I hope that it can be a enough study on the Korean traditional culture
when you not just follow the story but also observe the costumes, instruments and stage set.

Interviewer _ Seokryu Chang (Chief of Marketing Dept.)
Arrangement_Jeongdong Press Minji Kim

Backstage, The Secret Place of the Performance ‘Silla’.

Backstage, The Secret Place of the Performance ‘Silla’

I visited the backstage
to discover more about the performance ‘Silla’
Where is the secret place to make the spectacle of the show.

The first place I visited is
Department of stage on where the stage director and crews work!

They manage all props for using each scene and they direct and give order of the cue sign for each scene.

Every day, they check the stage through the rehearsal
and they keep tension for the perfect performance without any mistake!
Every day is like the premier!

However, the most important thing that the director care about is ‘Safety’.

As there are many dangerous equipment such as wires and fire papers for the colorful performance,

he put the safety at the first.

Safety if the first, the second and the third! It is really important thing!

And my next destination is…?

Department of Sound engineering in charge of the magnificent sound of ‘Silla’!

As it is an audial part,
the director control the sound volume fiting the each scene and situation
and also he make the valance of the music between the auditorium and the backstagef
in order to make the actors in the stage can hear the music well.

Director, You are ssso awesome!! >_<!!

The last one is department of light in charge of the stage color.

The department of light take the visual part.

So they make various kind of light through the movement and choreography of the dancers
and fitting the emotion and athmothphere of each scene, they describe warm or cold color throught the light.

Also there is a ‘follow light’ which follow the protagonist on the stage.

I was thinking that the light moves automatically
but in real, there is a hidden people who work hard in invisible place.

So I was really impressed about it 🙂

How was the backstage tour with me?

Through the discovery of the backstage where people hard work for the colorful stage,
I have gotten more attraction for the performance~!

On Thursday, April. 27, 7:30 pm (Korean time) !

You can see this wonderful performance through the live broadcast on Naver TV!

Click here to see the Naver TV live!

[Asia Talk] Best places to go out during the spring in Asia

[Asia Talk]
Best places to go out during the spring in Asia

How warm and sweet the spring is!
After long frozen winter, flowers bloom in the street welcoming the warm spring season!

As very excited to get into the spring, the editors of Jeongdong Theater who came from each different Asian Counties,
Japan, Taiwan and Korea, have talked about the best places to go out during the spring in each countries.

Hope it is very useful for your happy spring!


There are three places to recommend in Taiwan!

1. Yangming Shan(Mountain)

Yangming Shan is located in New Taipei City and it is one of the best national parks in Taiwan.

Many people go out to the mountain to feel the flowers and the green grasses.

Also, this mountain is well known as a place to have a sauna.

And you can look down to the night view of the city on the mountain.

There is a very famous restaurant to enjoy the beautiful scene!

(Restaurant called ‘Sleepless at Caoshan’)

2. Wuling Farm

Wuling Farm is located in Taichung and you can see various type of pink flowers there in the spring!

Check what kind of flowers you can see in the farm!

3. Alishan

Alishan is located in Chiayi County and it is very well know with its railway in the forest!

Also many people enjoy the lunch box which is sold in the train.

After getting on the top, you can see a very beautiful sun rising there!!

Please mind that the spring of Taiwan is from last of February  to the first of March!

It is a bit earlier than other countries!


Japanese people love the spring because of Sakura(Cherry Blossom).
Sakura is the national flower of Japan so it is also kind of a symbol of Japan.

As the entrance ceremony is in April when the cherry blossom blooms in peak,
In school and in office, people normally have gathering events at places of cherry blossom.

Most of fresh men are have responsible for preparing the events!

Also as Japan is famous with lovely lunch boxes(Bentos), people prepare the lunch box with their own favor!

If you can not good at make a lunch box, don’t worry, you can buy various kinds of bentos at the market!

The most famous places for Sakura are around Tokyo Tower and Roppongi Hill.

(Tokyo Tower)

(Roppongi Hill)


In Korea, yellow was the symbolic color of Spring so the forsythia had been a symbol of spring.

 However, from some day, cherry blossom became the famous flower for the spring in Korea as well like Japan.

Therefore I would like to introduce you three places to enjoy the cherry blossom in Korea

1.  Yeouido

Yeouido is an island located in the middle of Han River.

As the Han River is one of the best place to enjoy the picnic, many people come out there in weekend

 Especially, in spring, there is Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival.

Also, as mentioned above, many people enjoy the picnic at Han River.

Differently with Japanese people, Korean people don’t need to prepare their lunch box
because the delivery service is common in Korea!

How it works in the middle of the park? No worries, Just make a call to order and explain your location
for example, “It is under the XX bridge and it is 1st tent.”

Then the delivery man will bring the foods at the correct location!

2. Namsan(Around the Hanyang city wall)

Namsan is also one of the famous place to hang out. (Especially for the couples)

Recently, the city wall of Joseon Dynasty is restored and it is listed on UNESCO heritage.

Trough the old city wall, you also can feel the flower so why don’t you walk through the way?

3. Jinhae, the Naval Port Festival

Janhae is located in southern part of Korea, Kyeongsang province.

As the naval academy of Korea is located in there, every 1st week of April, the Naval Port Festival is held.

Also the festival is well know as the place of cherry blossom so many people visit there to enjoy the flower.

Why don’t you come out to enjoy the spring with beautiful flowers?

Hope you can taste the different spring in each Asian countries!

[Interview] Haneul Cho_ Main Dancer of ‘Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More’

[Interview : Haneul Cho_Main Dancer of ‘Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More]

2017 Jeongdong Theater Tradition Series 

<Lotus, A Flower Come Out Once More>

Meeting with Haneul Cho, the Main Dancer !


It was last of March in the full of spring whether,
I visited in the rehearsal room of <Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More> which will be opened soon at April. 6.

I saw actors who go at their rehearsal in details even if it was the lunch time.

I interviewed Haneul Cho who acts as ‘Seo-ryon’, the main character to know more about the performance!

Let’s meet her together!

Q: Please introduce your self and your character, ‘Seo-ryeon’
A: Hello
. My name is Haneul Cho and I act ‘Seo-ryeon’, the main character in the performane ‘Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More’. The name of ‘Seo-ryeon’ means ‘Water Lily which comes out at dawn, early in the morning’. She is the best dancer in the court who is good at play music and dance.

Q: What do you focus for describe the character ‘Seo-ryeon’?
A: In a scene where Seo-ryeon dances with Heaguem, a Korean traditional instrument, I’m doing my best to contain the emotion rather then just describe the playing of the instrument.

Q: Did you refer to any other character in Movie or Drama to describe ‘Seo-ryeon’? 
A: When you see the performance, you also will find that this performance is very resemble to <Romeo and Juliet> in the part of emotion. To describe the love, conflict and sorrow, I refer to the movie. Also, I refer to a Korean historical drama, <Dong-i> where the main character play Haegeum in her joy or sorrow.

Q: What is your specially difficult thing or joyful thing to act ‘Seo-ryeon’ relative to other role that you did?
A: I have played Haeguem in many times but I’ve never dance with it.

​It is very difficult to describe various emotions through the dance with the instrument
becuase I was experienced to describe the emotion only through my body.

However it became the most joyful and interest part as I’ve rehears it a lot.

Q: Performances of Jeongdong Theater mostly have a form of drama telling with Korean traditional dance.
As you are a dancer, what is the different thing compare with general dance performances?

A: The general dance performances only focus on the movement of dancer but in this performance, Chung-han Kim, the director, checked acting in very detail.

Also as Jeongdong theater has a stage which is very close to the audiences for comunication,
It is also different thing that it is easy to generously deliver the emotion and the atmosphere of the dram through the dance.

Q: Please introduce the highlight scene of <Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More>
A: In <Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More>,
the highlights is Korean traditional group dance such as sword dance, small drum dance and five drums dance
as well as the love story.

Also the haegeum play of Seo-ryeon and Daegeum play of Dodam also scenes that you should never miss.

Q: As before the opening on April.6,
Please give any recommendation to the audiences who will come to see the performance. 

A: The performance <Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More> which will begin at the spring of April
will give you the smell of the spring and the romance like a cherry blossom.

We, all of the actors and the staffs, prepared this performance on our best. Please give more interest and love to it!

How was the interview?

Did you feel more about the performance and ‘Seo-ryeon’ through the interview?

Please give more interest to all about ‘Seo-ryeon’ on the real stage!


[Jeongdong Press] Rehearsal Sketch of Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More

[Jeongdong Press : Rehearsal Sketch of ‘Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More’ ]

2017 Jeongdong Theater Tradition Series

Rehearsal Sketch of ‘Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More’!

* Meeting ‘Lotus’ which comes out once more on Jeongdong-gil where flowers are in full bloom *

In April when flowers of spring are full bloom in Jeongdong Theater

A Korean traditional dance drama, Lotus A Flower Comes Out Once More, is on the stage.

I was so excited to meet the work of truly love flower in Jeongdong Theater
which is located in Jeongdong-gil, well-known as the back ground of ‘love song of Kwanghwamun’

I show you the rehearsal sketch where the theater team were preparing the premier of Aril.6 .

Lotus, A Flower Come Out Once More is a original theater play
which borrows the motive from two Korean folk tales
contaning the spirit and the ideology of Korea.

‘Seo-ryeon’, the best dancer of the court
‘Dodam’, the greatest general of the court

The dance and face of the two main characters present well the image of a man and woman in love.

Even if this is a non-verbal performance, the detail of dance describes well everything
so it is enjoyable to see it!​

The two tales which Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More borrowed are
‘The Tale of Mrs. Domi’ of ancient tale and ‘Igongbonpuri’, a shamanic myth.

From the tale of Mrs. Domi, the story of that a husband and a wife confirmed their love
from where a King who is a lady-killer lusts for the wife but the wife overcomes wisely borrowed.

And from ‘Igongbonpuri’ which is a shamanic tale in Jeju,

The story of that a dead wife is revived by a flower from ‘Seocheon’ is borrowed for the drama.

In this performance,

The King is captivated by Seo-ryon’s beauty that resembles a fragrant flower.
Realizing this, the queen burns with jealousy and throws Seo-ryon out of the palace.

Dodam and Seo-ryeon confirm their love for each other out of the palace.
However, the king’s solders combat ensues as Do-dam tries to stop them from taking her.

As Seo-ryon refuses to submit to the king’s orders of tending to him at night,
The King imprisons her.

From here, the remarkable activities of Dodam to save ‘Seo-ryeon’ starts.

Please look forward to it!​

It is a story tells about a woman who protects herself from power corrupts
and a miracle of reincarnation in adversity.

I thought that it is a story which makes the audiences think about the real love
which is missed in the contemporary era.

On the spring of 2017, Please don’t miss this performance!

More information about the performance on

Jeongdong Theater had appointment ceremony of ambassadors with ‘Highlight’

Jeongdong Theater Ambassador HIGHLIGHT