[The Palace: Tale of Jang Noksu] Taking Photos with Jeongdong Theater Transparent Photo Card for Insta-Worthy Shots!

Hello, this is Jeongdong Theater!

Starting from now till the end of September, we are giving out Instagram-style transparent photo cards when you collect your tickets at the ticket box!

(Taken at Seoul City Hall Station)

Why not use this pretty card to take photos around Seoul?

So, I brought this card along with me to snap some photos while I stroll around the area near Jeongdong Theater.

First stop, Jeongdong Observatory which we introduced in the previous post!

Photographed while enjoying a coffee break at the cafe in the observatory☕️

Second stop, Deoksugung Palace!

You can’t say you’ve visited the area if you miss out this historical site!

Walking down the tranquil and beautiful road~

Third stop, Jeongdong Theater!

In front of Cafe Jeongdam, at the garden of Jeongdong Theater🌺

Feel free to take photos with the card at different sightseeing spots and places you’ve visited in Korea to keep them as memories!

As you can see from the photos, pictures taken with the transparent cards are definitely Insta-worthy!😆

Jeongdong Theater also has an Instagram account, although it is only in Korean!

Jeongdong Theater Instagram: @JEONGDONGTHEATER

The transparent cards will be distributed until the end of September.

The event may end earlier once all cards have been given out. In that case, we appreciate your understanding.

Jeongdong Theater Tradition Series Performance
<The Palace: Jang Noksu>

2018.04.05 ~ OPEN RUN
Tue – Sat 4PM (Closed on Sun & Mon)
Viewing age of 48 months and above

Choreographer_Jeong Hye Jin, Director_Oh Kyeong Taek, Writer_Kyeong Min Seon, Composer_Kim Cheol Hwan, Art Director_Park Dong Woo, Lighting Design_Sin Ho, Video Design_Jeong Jae Jin, Costume Design_Lee Ho Jun, Make-up_Kim Jong nn, Prop Design_Kim Sang Hee


VIP : 60,000₩
R : 50,000₩
S : 40,000₩