Gyeongju One Day Trip Course with “Silla”

Gyeongju One Day Trip Course with <Silla>

Hello, everyone! 🙂

It is May to go out with nice weather!

I would like to introduce you to Gyeongju One Day Trip Course!

The Course is :

Hwangridan street –> Daereungwon –> Bomun Tourism Complex(Walkway, Bomun Jeong)

–> Performance <Silla> at Jeongdong Theater –> Donggung Palace & Wolji Pond–> Cheomseongdae Observatory

First of all, Hwangridan street!


The original name of this neighborhood is “Hwangnam-dong”.

But as it is also called “Hwangridan-gil”(Hwangridan Street)
because there are many delicious restaurants, pretty cafes, souvenir shops and Hanbok rental shops.

(It is like “Kyungridan-gil” in Iteawon, Seoul where is one of the hottest place in Seoul)

Wherever you go, you never fails here.

All of restaurants have great platting and delicious foods
and you can enjoy from Korean traditional foods to pizza and brunch here!


Also, we can not skip the pretty cafes!

Also, We bought many souvenir from Gyeongju for our friends!

Then, let’s go to Daereumwon which is located just in front of Hwangridan street?

Daeruenwon is a nice place to walk.

Also, it’s my favorite place!

Next, let’s go to Bomun Tourism Complex.

It is representative touristic spot in Gyeongju where many hotels and amusement parks are gathering.

Among the places, I would like to recommend you Bomun Walkway and Bomun-jeong !

Then, let’s go to Gyeongju World Culture Expo!

<Silla> is the must-see performance when you visit Gyeongju!

Everyday at 7:30 pm, the performance is staged at Jeongdong Theater in Gyeongju World Culture Expo.

There are also a promotional event for May!

“Gyeongju Tour Package Event” offers

“30% Price Off for the performance ticket + Free Admission to Donggung Palace & Wolji Pond or Daereungwon”

Buy ticket for the performance and get free admission to Donggung Palace & Wolji Pond or Deareungwon (Choose one)

The event period is from Apr.1 to May.31!

Any inquiry and reservation, call to 054-740-3800

The highlight of trip is “Night view”

The best place for “Night view” in Gyeongju is “Donggung Palace & Wolji Pond”.

You also can get free admission of the place by “Gyeongju Tour Package Event”
so why don’t you hurry to book the ticket?

Also, I would like to recommend “Cheomseongdae Observatory” for the night view!

It is really awesome to see the lightning Cheomseongdae.

Here is a Tip for nice photo!

Take the photo in front of the Cheomseongdae, then you can get a wonderful picture of you like this 🙂

What a wonderful place Gyeongju is!

Why don’t you go to Gyeongju in this weekend? 🙂

[Young Artist in Full Bloom]#1.Artist Dalsome(Moon Island)

[Young Artist in Full Bloom : ARTIST “Dalsome”(Moon Island)]

I’m very happy to introduce an artist of <Young Artist in Full Blomm>,
which is collaborating project with Hancom and Woomunji!

#.New possibility of Daegeum is opened!

ARTIST “Dalsome(Moon Island)

-Twenty-nine and comma-

​*May, 18th, Thursday 8 pm @Jeongdong Maru*

▲ Dalsome(Moon Island) : Daeguem Palyer_Suji Moon & Acoustic Guitar Player_Kyuhyeong Kim


<Young Artist in Full Bloom>  now has begin.
It is the young traditional musician incubating project collaborated with Hancom and Woomunji.

Every Thursday, every different young musicians are staged through the application.

Every month, Jeongdong theater selects the best team and offers a grant for their creation
and the theater will organize “Youth Festival” to present the selected teams.

 In “Youth Festival”, one team is selected as “the best artist of the year”
and they will get a chance to become a candidate of  “Creation-ing”, Jeongdong Theater’s 2018 project.

Let’s discover the first artist “Dalsome(Moon Island)”
and their performance <Twenty-nine and comma>!


“Dalsome”, they might be a bit different

A Woman Daegeum Player, Suji Moon and “Dalsome”, a band focused on Daegeum

First, let’s discover Daegeum player “Suji Moon”

She is very special as she is a rare woman Daegeum player.

And “Dalsome” is special as it is a band focused on “Daegeum”

The beginning of “Dalsome”

4 years ago, Suji Moon recognized Kyuhyeong Kim at a glance on a busking show and proposed him to play together.

With the purpose of strengthen the segment of applied music on her music,
Suji made the team “Dalsome” with Kyuhyeong who has ability of wiring and composing music.

The name “Dalsome” literally means “Moon Island” in Korean language.

“Moon” came from Suji’s family name and “Island” came from Ireland where Suji studies and got many affection.

The music of “Dalsome” is not someone’s story. It is story of Suji, herself.

As it was very first time to experience Gugak(Korean traditional music) for Kyehyeong,
the beginning had many difficulties.

When Kyuhyeong received the music note from Suji Moon, he felt it as an empty paper from another space.

At the first time, it took over 4 hrs to complete 2 songs.
But they had a passion for new challenge and creation and it made them to advance.​

Suji writes the melody and Kyuhyeong completes it. It is the way they make the music.

▲ Dalsome : Daegeum Player_Suji Moon

The music of “Dalsome”

Regarding the specific figure of their music, Kyuhyeong says :

“It is jut itself and unknown nationality music which is only one in the world”

He never match Gugak to western music but he bring the sound of Daegeum into relief.

It is the musical figure of “Dalsome”.

It might be possible
as Suji hopes that Daegeum is figured as itself rather than as traditional instrument,
and as Kyuhyeong has huge spectrum of guitar playing from Acoustic to Gypsy guitar.

Island & Ireland

<Ireland> is a song which presents well the musical color of “Dalsome”

​To explain about Suji’s music, it is always needed to mention about Ireland where she spent a year to study language.
One day, Suji just jumped to Ireland because of her tired heart from the music.

But she was aware that she could not give up her music there.

She enjoyed improved playing with musicians in a music shop and she fell into love with Daeguem.

Many western people have much of interest to Daeguem as the wooden instrument has metallic sound.

Therefore, she started to concentrate on the sound of the instrument and she has desired to study about the instrument.

The music <Ireland> is a song that contains all her emotion of missing, angers etc.​..

Hohonakrak – “Dalsome”‘ Busking
Otc, 16 2016 2 pm/ Gamgodang-gil Gukak Busking Festival “Hohonakrak”
2017.5.6 달섬 (Analogue Agit)

 The First Stage,<Twenty-nine and comma>

As the music of “Dalsom” starts from Suji, it is needed to focus on her “Aging Project”

From fresh Twenty-five to confused Twenty-seven.

She has recorded her own emotion through performance and music.

And here, she presents her premier of <Twenty-nine and comma> at Jeongdong Theater’s <Young Artist in Bloom>

Her desire for taking some rest before her thirty and her wish for stopping,
She complete the music with all of these stories.​

In this performance, you can meet her “Twenty-nine” through her music.

“Dalsome” never defines its’ genre as ‘Tradition’ or ‘Fusion’
and communicates with the audience only by the instrument.

They wish to have many chances to make BGM or Logo song
in the purpose of presenting Daegeum as familiarized instrument for the public
over the stereotype that it is just a traditional instrument.

The first stage of <Young Artist in Bloom> of Jeongdong Theater.

And the premier of <Twenty-nine and comma> of “Dalsome”.

Looking forward the first stage with expectation toward their various stories.

** ARTIST “Dalsome” **

​Dalsome is a band who tries to produce contemporary-traditional melody to make gugak as popular music.

Also, they aim to music which not only for Korean audience but also for world wide audiences.

Musicians_Daeguem Suji Moon / Acoustic guitar  Kyuhyeong Kim / Acoustic Bass Kitae Kim

<Young Artist in Full Bloom> May.18 Thursday 8pm

@ Jeongdong Maru / All seats 10,000KRW

“Dalsome” <Twenty-nine and comma>

[Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More] Two folktales in the performance.

[Jeongdong Press : <Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More>_’The tale of Mrs Domi’ and  ‘Igongbonpuri’]

<Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More>

Where you can meet the essence of Korean Dance.

Jeongdong Theater, which is located in Jeongdong-gil; the beautiful street in flower-blooming pring,

has a meaning of succession of ‘Wongaksa’, the first modern theater in Korea.

Jeongdong has presented performances which retells Korean folktales
and has help the audiences to understand it with qualified stage.

Especially, <Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More>, which has its premier on last April. 6,
is a well-made Korean traditional dance drama on which Korean folktales and traditional dance are combined.


This performance sends us a message about the true love,
combining Korean folktales and newly recreating them as a Korean traditional dance drama.

At the first, ‘The tale of Mrs Domi’ is a folktale of the period of three states in Korea.

The king of Baekje has Mrs Domi, a humble woman, in his mind and he put her in danger to make her parting with her husband.

However, with her wise courage, she overcomes from the trick of the king confirming the love with her husband.

Igongbonpuri, another folktale in the performance, is a narrative shamanic myth in Jeju.

The story is about a woman called Wongangam who died after her slave life in difficulties.

She finally comes to life again as a flower called Wongangami
thanks to her husband and son who buried her body in a flower garden.

These two stories were combined and the performance <Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More> came out.

This story which came from the two folktales contains the theme of ‘overcoming’ and ‘reviving’
which feature frequently in Korean traditional ideology
so the meanings are coming heavily to the audiences who live in modern society.

The image of strong woman from Mrs Domi and Wongangami is described
into Seoryeon’s character, the protagonist of the performance.

In the background of imaginary Joseon Dynasty, this performance presents
the image of wise and strong woman who keeps her ideals in the difficulties
and the path of achieving her wishes from her revive
into traditional dance drama.

The lyrics from <A song of floral tribute> and <A love song> cite words from folktales which are very familiar to Korean people
and it raises bond of sympathy.

Also, you can see various Korean traditional dance
such as
parilmu, a dance performed by 64 female dancers in ritual ceremony,

Taepyeongmu, a dance praying for the peaceful reign and prosperity of the royal family,

Geommu, a traditional sword dance which became powerful in the performance as man’s dance.

I would love to strongly recommend this performance
to whom love Korean traditional dance and look forward beautiful dance performance!

Great Promotion for the Golden Week of May!

[Promotion of ‘Lotus, A Lower Comes Out Once More’ ]

The promotion for the Golden Week in May

– Do you like the dance in Spring Weather?

In a spring day when you want to hang out somewhere because of the warm sunshine and the green trees,

You will meet Jeongdong Theater walking through the stone wall walk way of Deoksu-gung Palace.

Now in the theater, the great performance ‘Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More’ is waiting for you.

It is the new traditional dance drama performance of Jeongdong Theater
which the production team is recognized with its previous works <Youll>, <Baettaragi>, <Red Cliff>.

During the 80 mins of the running time, the traditional dance with the stories came from the folk tale, Madam Domi will be unfolded.

Welcoming May, the month of family, the theater team prepared various promotion!

Please check below!


Package for family picnic!​  Lovely couple dating package!

The ticket price 30% off and Deoksu-gung palace free admission.

You can enjoy the holiday seeing the performance in Jeongdong Theater and visiting Deoksu-gung Palace!

The promotion period is only from April.29 to May.7
so please hurry to book the ticket for your golden week!

[Interview : Jiyeon Park, Main Dancer of Lotus, ‘A Flower Comes Out Once More’

[Interview : Jiyeon Park, Main Dancer of <Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More> ]

Jeongdong Theater Tradition Series 2017 

<Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More>

Interview with Jiyeon Park, the Main Dancer in role of ‘Seo-ryeon’

I visited the rehearsal room to have interview with Jiyeon Park,
who in charge of the main character of <Lotus, A flower Comes Out Once More>.

She take part of ‘Seo-ryoen’ and I have much interest of the character and the drama.

Q: Which character do you take in part?
A: Seo-ryeon is a character who is the best dancer and player in the court and she has beauty like a flower.

Q: Have you had any difficulty to prepare and act the character during your rehearsal time?
A: In the performance, Seo-ryeon supposed to play Hae-geum but actually I can not play the instrument.
Because I’m not a musician but a dancer. Therefore I need to play-synching to the music and to dance like I play the instrument.
But it is very difficult as it is not a real music playing.

Furthermore, I need to describe the emotion with the dance so I can feel the pressure from the Hae-geum.

Now I’m trying to make the balance between the dance and the motion of playing the instrument.

Q: I think you need to have acting skill as well as dancing skill in this performance.
Which scene is the most difficult to act by your self?

A: In a scene, Seo-ryeon is killed by the sword of the king instead of Dodam. In this scene, I need to describe the acting of dying like a real so I’m practicing the scene imagining the real feeling and emotion if I was stabbed in the heart.

The acting is difficult in general so I mostly take care of the scene as it is an acting of dying.

Q: What is the viewing point and the best scene you think in the performance?
A: In this performance, most of scene are the best but personally I think the scenes where the Seo-ryeon is described as a flower from her difficulties and death are the viewing point and the best scene.

I expect that the audiences will sympathize to it and they could enjoy the performance like seeing a movie.

Q: What is the meaning of this performance for you as a dancer? 

A: This performance has many dramatic parts and it asked me a lot the acting skill as the main character.

Acting this role, I could feel that I have matured by my self.

Also, I desired to describe various emotion through acting.

The meaningful part is that I take a part of the work of Chunghan Kim, the directer.
It is really honor for me as a dancer.

Q: Do you have any comment to the audience?

A: Now all the staffs and the actors trying to make a great performance. Please give us more interest of the performance.