[Interview : Jiyeon Park, Main Dancer of Lotus, ‘A Flower Comes Out Once More’

[Interview : Jiyeon Park, Main Dancer of <Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More> ]

Jeongdong Theater Tradition Series 2017 

<Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More>

Interview with Jiyeon Park, the Main Dancer in role of ‘Seo-ryeon’

I visited the rehearsal room to have interview with Jiyeon Park,
who in charge of the main character of <Lotus, A flower Comes Out Once More>.

She take part of ‘Seo-ryoen’ and I have much interest of the character and the drama.

Q: Which character do you take in part?
A: Seo-ryeon is a character who is the best dancer and player in the court and she has beauty like a flower.

Q: Have you had any difficulty to prepare and act the character during your rehearsal time?
A: In the performance, Seo-ryeon supposed to play Hae-geum but actually I can not play the instrument.
Because I’m not a musician but a dancer. Therefore I need to play-synching to the music and to dance like I play the instrument.
But it is very difficult as it is not a real music playing.

Furthermore, I need to describe the emotion with the dance so I can feel the pressure from the Hae-geum.

Now I’m trying to make the balance between the dance and the motion of playing the instrument.

Q: I think you need to have acting skill as well as dancing skill in this performance.
Which scene is the most difficult to act by your self?

A: In a scene, Seo-ryeon is killed by the sword of the king instead of Dodam. In this scene, I need to describe the acting of dying like a real so I’m practicing the scene imagining the real feeling and emotion if I was stabbed in the heart.

The acting is difficult in general so I mostly take care of the scene as it is an acting of dying.

Q: What is the viewing point and the best scene you think in the performance?
A: In this performance, most of scene are the best but personally I think the scenes where the Seo-ryeon is described as a flower from her difficulties and death are the viewing point and the best scene.

I expect that the audiences will sympathize to it and they could enjoy the performance like seeing a movie.

Q: What is the meaning of this performance for you as a dancer? 

A: This performance has many dramatic parts and it asked me a lot the acting skill as the main character.

Acting this role, I could feel that I have matured by my self.

Also, I desired to describe various emotion through acting.

The meaningful part is that I take a part of the work of Chunghan Kim, the directer.
It is really honor for me as a dancer.

Q: Do you have any comment to the audience?

A: Now all the staffs and the actors trying to make a great performance. Please give us more interest of the performance.

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