Gyeongju One Day Trip Course with “Silla”

Gyeongju One Day Trip Course with <Silla>

Hello, everyone! 🙂

It is May to go out with nice weather!

I would like to introduce you to Gyeongju One Day Trip Course!

The Course is :

Hwangridan street –> Daereungwon –> Bomun Tourism Complex(Walkway, Bomun Jeong)

–> Performance <Silla> at Jeongdong Theater –> Donggung Palace & Wolji Pond–> Cheomseongdae Observatory

First of all, Hwangridan street!


The original name of this neighborhood is “Hwangnam-dong”.

But as it is also called “Hwangridan-gil”(Hwangridan Street)
because there are many delicious restaurants, pretty cafes, souvenir shops and Hanbok rental shops.

(It is like “Kyungridan-gil” in Iteawon, Seoul where is one of the hottest place in Seoul)

Wherever you go, you never fails here.

All of restaurants have great platting and delicious foods
and you can enjoy from Korean traditional foods to pizza and brunch here!


Also, we can not skip the pretty cafes!

Also, We bought many souvenir from Gyeongju for our friends!

Then, let’s go to Daereumwon which is located just in front of Hwangridan street?

Daeruenwon is a nice place to walk.

Also, it’s my favorite place!

Next, let’s go to Bomun Tourism Complex.

It is representative touristic spot in Gyeongju where many hotels and amusement parks are gathering.

Among the places, I would like to recommend you Bomun Walkway and Bomun-jeong !

Then, let’s go to Gyeongju World Culture Expo!

<Silla> is the must-see performance when you visit Gyeongju!

Everyday at 7:30 pm, the performance is staged at Jeongdong Theater in Gyeongju World Culture Expo.

There are also a promotional event for May!

“Gyeongju Tour Package Event” offers

“30% Price Off for the performance ticket + Free Admission to Donggung Palace & Wolji Pond or Daereungwon”

Buy ticket for the performance and get free admission to Donggung Palace & Wolji Pond or Deareungwon (Choose one)

The event period is from Apr.1 to May.31!

Any inquiry and reservation, call to 054-740-3800

The highlight of trip is “Night view”

The best place for “Night view” in Gyeongju is “Donggung Palace & Wolji Pond”.

You also can get free admission of the place by “Gyeongju Tour Package Event”
so why don’t you hurry to book the ticket?

Also, I would like to recommend “Cheomseongdae Observatory” for the night view!

It is really awesome to see the lightning Cheomseongdae.

Here is a Tip for nice photo!

Take the photo in front of the Cheomseongdae, then you can get a wonderful picture of you like this 🙂

What a wonderful place Gyeongju is!

Why don’t you go to Gyeongju in this weekend? 🙂

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