The love between a court dance and an warrior could be safe in Joseon court?

In early morning,

Mohwa, a shaman of court set the altar at the garden of the palace.

Praying for the stability and the good harvest,
She starts a ritual.

The company of the kind and the queen appears on the stage.

Dancers present ‘Parilmu’, one of the ritual dance
and the festival begins.​​


▲ Parilmu_Korean traditional ritual dance

Praying for the reign of peace, queen dances ‘Taepyeongmu”.

▲ Taepyeongmu_Dance for “Reign of peace”

Answering the queen’s dance, court dancers present “Sonbuk-chum”(a handy percussion dance)

and warriors present a sward dance.​

▲ Sonbuk-chum_a handy percussion dance

▲ Sword dance(Gum-mu)


The best dancer in the court is Seoryeon.

And the best warrior is Dodam.

They lead the ceremony in the center of the stage.​​


As Seoryeon starts dance playing Haeguem,
the king fascinated by Seoryon.

▲ The best dancer, Seoryeon, in her Haegeum dance.

​In addition,

the king reveals his greedy toward Seoryeon dancing with her.

Therefore, the queen leaves the place with a big jealous.

The queen couldn’t bear the jealous.

Finally, she drives Seoryeon of the palace.

In a forest,

​Dodam recalls Seoryeon’s face seeing Lotus while his training in the forest.

He has loved Soryeon since he was young.

However, he is now very mixed up as he saw the king’s greedy and the queen’s jealous toward Seoryeon.​​

After the training is finished and his company leave,
he hears a little sound of Haeguem from some where.​

Dodam realizes that it is Seoryeon’s music and he starts to find her in the forest.

And finally the two face to each other.

Soryeon who played Haeguem in her sorrow, set her heart at ease due to Dodam
and they confirm their love.

Seoryeon presents her love playing Haeguem
and Dodam answers the love playing Daeguem.

The love song fills in the forest.​

“A Love Song”

In a warm spring day

We brighten each other up

like a sunshine


The touched hands

The connected eyes

Full of Romance


Love made in heaven

My love at first sight

All around world is charming and beautiful


It is joyful

The sound flew by a breeze


Oh, sad

Because of the time which flies like a cloud



Don’t worry

Don’t be sad

The destiny is always with you

It is joyful

The sound flew by a breeze

Oh, sad

Because of the time which flies like a cloud

Don’t worry

Don’t be sad

The destiny protects them

Oh, Destiny

After confirming their love, Dodam and Seoryeong kiss under the moonshine.

At that time,

in other part of the forest, King is hunting.

Seoryeon and Dodam walk through the forest and across King’s path.

King is upset because he see Seoryeon and Dodam is together
and the king approach to Seoryeon but Dodam stop him.

The King is angry because of Dodam
and he aim arrow toward Dodam.

Dodam falls down from the attack of King’s soldier.

King and his company go back to the palace hauling Seoryeon.

After Seoryeon has been hauled to the palace,
she swallows down lots of insult.

However she overcomes the fear and keeps her heart toward her lover.

Therefore, King prisons Seoryeon in a jail.

Seoryeon misses her lover in the jail.

Dodam steals into the palace with her army.

Finally, the battle of the king and Dodam starts.

King takes up a swords and starts the battle.​

Seoryeon defended her lover throwing her body to the sword of the king
and she meets her death instead of her lover, Dodam.

Dodam sobs facing the death of his lover.​

The court shaman, Mohwa appears with ritual dance.

Seoryeon is laid on Mohwa’s altar.

Mohwa and her company starts the ritual of revivification.

Group dance praying for the life starts and everyone’s wish for the life leads the dance.

The ritual becomes more and more strong.

At a moment,

Mohwa’s dance stops and silence comes.

In a short silence..

Seoryeon will revive answering everyone’s wish?

In palace of Joseon,
The love of Seoryeon and Dodam is not allowed from the king.

Does their love work out?​

2017 Jeongdong Theater Tradition Serise

<Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More>

​Period : April. 6th – October 29th

Time & Day : Tue-Sun 4 pm / 8 pm (No performance on Mondays)

Venue : Jeongdong Theater

​Ticket : VIP 60,000 KRW / R 50,000 KRW / S 30,000 KRW

Inquiry : 02-751-1500

Reservation link :

A beautiful Storytelling Through Korean Traditional Dance

Bloom, please bloom again.
Today is the day forgetting the withered days.

– Lotus, A Flower Come Out Once More-

The elegant and graceful dance is on the stage of Jeongdong Theater as the part of the performance “Lotus, A Flower Come Out Once More” which is opened on April. 6th.

The performance will be on the stage till October 29th and it is presenting the Korean traditional arts such as court entertainment, sword dance etc.

Two traditional tales are combined for the new story.

[▲Court ceremony and entertainment ⒸJeongdong Theater]

The story consists of two Korean traditional folk tales. One is “The tale of Ms. Domi” and the other is “Igongbonpuri” which is shamanic storytelling.

“The tale of Ms. Domi” is a story about that the king desire Ms. Domi but she overcomes the differences with her wisdom and finally she confirm her love to her husband. and “Igongbonpuri” is a story about Wongangami who revived by a flower of revivification.

[▲The love of Dodam and Seoryeon ⒸJeongdong Theater]

The two folk tales was retold by the story of the love of Dodam and Seoryeon and their difficulties and overcome.
Through the story, the audiences can understand easily even if there are on lines and enjoy the colorful traditional dance of Korea. Also, it is a huge merit for the foreign audiences so it is easy to find them in the auditorium.

The essence of Korean traditional dance

[▲Hunting of the king ⒸJeongdong Theater]

You can meet all kinds of Korean traditional dance on the stage such as Taepyeongmu, Parilmu and sword dance etc.
The director of the performance, Chunghan Kim, said,
“I focused on the essence of the Korean traditional dance as well as the contemporary sense.”
It is a great opportunity to see the colorful Korean traditional dances which have traditional and contemporary sense at the same time.
Also, the music is remarkable as well as the dance. Especially, the music of Pansori in the peak scene helps your understanding.

If you want to feel the exciting Korean tradition, you should see the show.

[▲ Dance of Seoryoen, the best dancer of the court. ⒸJeongdong Theater]

Under the colorful light, the motions of the actors has elegance like wings of  cranes.

[▲The altar of Mohwa ⒸJeongdong Theater]

Especially, the scene of ‘the altar of Mowha’ is the best. Many actors hit Buk(Korean traditional percussion) praying for revivification of Seoryeon and the group dance makes the audiences falling into a trance.

Eunhee Kang, an audience of the performance who came with her daughter said,
“I loosed my mind from the beautiful dance and hope many people see this performance to learn more about Korean traditional dance.”

[▲Revivification of Seoryeon ⒸJeongdong Theater]

<Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More> offers an opportunity to meet a new sense of Korean traditional dance.
If you want to experience the colorful traditional dance and music, you should visit to Jeongdong Theater.

Stage Installation of “Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More”

Stage Installation of
“Lotus, A Flower Come Out Once More”

I visited to the site of installation before the performance <Lotus, A Flower Come Out Once More> is opened.

From my report, I hope you will get some information of the performance concept and background etc!


This is the panorama of the stage!

It seems bigger than usual stage of Jeongdong theater.

Because the orchestra seats were removed for this performance so the stage is expended.

Also, there are some more space behind the arch.

I expect that the stage places are used very effectively as it is dance-theater.

There are three points of the feature on the stage!


1st point : Painted pond by hand work

​Can you see the working staff of the stage arts team?

To make a live atmosphere of pond, she draw on the stage.

Usually, the stage floor has one color
but the stage of Jeongdong Theater has changed as a pond and it became very colorful.​

It seems to deliver the symbol of pond where the lotus comes out.​

2nd Point : Mirrors

Can you see the transparent wall at the side of the stage?

There are not glasses but mirrors.

Can you imagine the scene which is reflected on the mirror?

It might give an effect of expended stage as well as the atmosphere surrounded by a pond.!

​3rd Point :  Korean traditional columns

The Korean traditional columns located behind of the stage show​ the background of the story.

The stage floor with pond paint gave the atmosphere of out doors
but the columns give the atmosphere of in doors.

Also, it has a detailed design of columns in Korean traditional housing.


​It seemed like another world for me.

Very Korean traditional but very imaginary at the same time.

I hope this helps you to understand more about the performance.​​

“Lotus, A Flower Come Out Once More” runs till Oct. 29th.

Jeongdong Theater Jang-gu Workshop

[Jeongdong Theater Jang-gu Workshop]

Exciting Jang-gu Rhythm which awakening the lazy afternoon!

In Jungdong Maru, a new place of Jeongdong Theater, some experience programs are running to give you an opportunity to experience Korean traditional culture.

Among them, Jang-gu Workshop is running from 3 pm to 3.30 pm (Tue-Sat)!

It a 30 minutes program where various kind of audience from children to foreigners can join.

It is very good to have the workshop before you get in the performance at 4 pm.

And I visited the workshop as I’ve heard that some foreigners will join the program!


​When I heard the sound from the workshop at the entrance of Jeongdong Maru,

I thought that the play might be by a professional musicians.

However, I was shocked that the players were foreigners.

It was very impressive that the participants play with vocal rhythm like ‘Dung Tta Kung Tta Kung’

All of then lid their body on the the rhythm and enjoy it while they play Jang-gu.

Also, it was very beautiful that the scene of participants concentrating on the program and enjoying it.

They were not familiar with Korean language but they repeat well the teacher’s words
such as “Kung Chae”, “Yeol Chae”.


“Dung” with left side and right side hitting

“Durururu” only with right side hitting.

It seems that they already mastered Jang-gu only during 30 minutes.

Words between the teacher and participants were only “Dung”, “Kung” and “Eolssu”.

But they didn’t need no more words because they have joy and smile during the 30 minutes.



30 minutes of program.

I thought that it is too short at the first time but it was even impressive as I joined them in the site..

​I expected they have got more impression from the following performance
as they have learned about the Korean traditional rhythm.

And I hope they have great memory in their travel in Korea.​

I would like recommend the Jang-gu Workshop
to those who wanted to learn Jang-gu but didn’t have any opportunity.​

The 30 minutes were enough to learn the emotion of Korean people through the traditional rhythm!

[Jeongdong Theater Jang-gu Workshp]



◐ Period :April. 6th – December. 31. 2017

◐ Date & Time : Tue-Sat 3 pm (Closed on Mondays)

◐ Running Time : 30 Minutes (15:00 – 15:30)

◐ Inquiry & Reservation :02-751-1944

Jeongdong Theater Ambassador : HighLight

[Jeongdong Theater Amabassador, HighLight]

Let’s enjoy Jeongdong Theater with ambassador HighLight!


Enjoy <Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More>!

On April. 6th,
celebrating the opening of <Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More>,
there was an appointment ceremony of Jeongdong Theater ambassador.

It was also appointment of “HighLight” that they will join to promote Korean traditional arts to the world
collaborating with Jeongdong Theater.

▲Yo-seob Yang of HighLight and Sangwon Song, the CEO of Jeongdong Theater

“HighLight” promised to go together for the great work.

From now on, I’ll introduce a way how to meet HighLight’s act in Jeongdong Theater!

#. <Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More> with HighLight

You will meet HighLight on the promotional Video of the performance!

Before, April, HighLight joined to the promotion,

Therefore, it is expected that the performance will be succeeded til October. 29th.


#. HighLight Seats! The special value!

In the auditorium, there are seats where HighLight seated!

In the VIP seat section, from B-41 to B-52,
the seats has imprinted name of HighLight’s members.​

You can also seat on it!

It gives you a feeling to see the show having a little bit gab of time with HighLight.​

The seats are called “HighLight Seats” and you can make reservation for the special seats!

As located in the middle of the auditorium,
the seats give you a great view for the stage.
Also, only  the audiences who seat on it will receive a special gift :
Program book signed by HighLight and Limited edition photos of HighLight.


#. Taking photo like HighLight!

In the lobby of the theater, a photo-zone similar with the performance stage is prepared.

HighLight also have taken a photo there to celebrate their visit in the theater.

Therefore, why don’t you take a picture like them?!

Also, there are photo time with the actors of <Lotus, A Flower Come Out Once More>
after the show of every single day!

Therefore I would like to suggest you to have two kind of photo:
One is like HighLight and the other is a souvenir photo with the actors.

#. Promoting the traditional performance with HighLight!

In the lobby, you can find a photo wall of HighLight wearing in Hanbok.​

​This photo wall is very famous for foreign audiences!


Also, HighLight recorded auditorium announcement with their voice.

Therefore, you will meet their voice in the auditorium before the performance starts.

Besides, they do other acts for promoting Korean traditional performance with Jeongdong Theater.

It is very good to promote the traditional arts with HighLight
as they are very familiar with young generation.​

So, Please come to meet HighLight as well as the great performance of Korean tradition in Jeongdong Theater!​

‘Silla’ Interview with ‘Byeol-yi Seo’ playing role in Frarang

‘Silla’ Interview with ‘Byeol-yi Seo’ Playing role in Frarang

Hi 🙂

I finally have had an interview with Frarang!

Thanks for Byeol-yi to join the interview!

1.  Please explain the character of ‘Frarang’ in one word.

As I act Frarang, one word ‘Lady’ is reminded.

A word ‘Mother’ also came up but ‘woman’ is more fit to it.

‘Woman’ literally means ‘ A woman who became an adult’.

Sometimes she is alone but finally strongly overcomes the loneliness.

Therefore, I would like to give the word ‘Lady’ to Frarang.

‘Lady’ has strong meaning.

It is an word to explain ‘to become a real adult having a wide heart to embrace everything’.

2. Which part do you have concern to describe Frarang?

I think that it is important to describe the change of Frarang through the time and her age.

I have focus on acting to show the Frarang’s growth in the whole story.

At the first scene, she is 16 years old who falls in love with Abitin and has separation with her lover.

And it takes very long time to have her baby, Feridun.

As going to the rest of part, Frarang is not presented on the scene but she have her ages as the time flows.

Therefore it is difficult to act each different ages in the short times. 

3.  I think you have difficulty to describe the emotion through the change of Frarang’s ages.

I think that it is not easy to describe one’s whole life in the short time.

The figure is changed time to time and the emotion as well.

For example, right after having love, the scene changes to separation so the emotion is needed to change very fast.

It is difficult to play controlling the emotion.

4. Which scene do you think that you could describe the emotion more if it has line or song?

If I could say in the scene, I could describe more even with the sound of breath.

For example, at Feridun’s coronation ceremony, before her son rises to the throne,

Fararang sobs as she lets her father go.

As I have monitoring to the scene, I found that I could not describe my emotion in 100%.

If I could have sound of crying, it could be better I think.

Most scenes of Frarang is almost like this.

If I could have line or song, I could explain more as it is restrained character.

5. Is there any change from the first act of Frarang?

The character of Frarang has not only dancing but also acting so I need to put the emotion in each time.

In the first period, it was awkward to describe the emotion only with dance without line
and it was very difficult but now I became free from this.

I have tried to explain the scene as a real in the formation.
It was very hard at the first but now I’m very comfortable from this.

6. Which scene do you think to be remembered by the audiences?

<Silla> is very colorful and spectacle.

But there is a scene with a deep emotion.

It is the scene of separation between Frarang and Abitine.

They try to be calm but they have huge sorrow in their heart.

Frarang dances to explain her emotion under the moon enduring sadness.

I hope the audience remember Frarang in the scene with their heart.


[Asia Talk] Wedding in the Three different Countries

[Asia Talk]
Wedding in the Three different Countries.

Part 1 The traditional wedding in Taiwan

Taiwanese will choose a nice day and even thought the good time to exchange ceremony.

Before the bridegroom come to the bride’s house, need to prepare the red envelopes.
You need to put the Double number of the money in the envelopes. (2000NT, 1600NT)


In front of the car need to hand up a pair of animals or people that means the couple will together forever.
If the car is near the bride’s house, Taiwanese set off strings of firecrackers out of the car
that means we are so happy to come here and marry the bride.

The bride will be in her bedroom to waiting
and before the bridegroom meet the bride
he needs to have some kind of experience test from the bride’s friends or family.

For example: What’s bride’s favorite food? How long have you been together?

Or play some games like in the 5 minutes you need to give us 8888NT.

When the bridegroom meat the bright, he need to read the marriage oath to the bride.
At the next the couple needs to say goodbye from bride’s parents.
The parents will them some good advice and they go out of the house.


 When they go out of the house, someone needs to hold an umbrella for the bride.

Someone must be who have a good family and the older female in bride family.



Before the car move the bride need to put the fan out of the window,
that means don’t bring the bad temper or habit to their home.
The person of the bride family needs to pick up the fan and also need to splash a bowl of water.
It means the daughter is already marrying to anther person.

When they arriving the bridegroom’s house also need some to hold an umbrella for the bride.


They need to worship heaven and earth first,
and then worship to the groom parents of family elders, the last bow to each other.



Go to the wedding banquet hall to have meal with a lot of families and friends.

Taiwanese can’t wear the black clothes in the wedding.

When we come to a wedding, we need to prepare the money red envelopes.

Money will be 2600NT, 3600NT, or more these.

If you are a single female and you want to marry, that should go to the stage.

That you have chance to compete for the bridal bouquet.

Recently have different kinds of way to compete for the bridal bouquet.

The traditional way is the bride wills the bridal bouquet.

Another one will be everyone will hold on a line
that the bride picks up only one and the one will get the bridal bouquet.


Part 2 Japanese wedding ceremonies and receptions

Marriage has traditionally been considered a matter between families rather than individuals,
and wedding ceremonies and receptions are conducted as such under the family names.
People used to invite matchmakers to witness the marriage.
However not so many people have a matchmaker these days.

A bride who chooses a Japanese style wedding will be in a white wedding kimono, shiromuku
and have a tall, elegant tied-up hairstyle, which will be covered with the bride’s hood.
The groom traditionally wears a haori and hakama, Japanese style kimono for men with family crest.


Shintonist is the most popular ceremony style in Japan.
However there are also Buddhist and Christian style weddings,
while some people prefer jinzenshiki ,which are nonreligious ceremonies.
Depending on the type of wedding, the ceremony is conducted at a shrine, temple, church and so on.
Also many hotels have a wedding center ,
which includes a ballroom where the reception can be held after a wedding ceremony.
The following is the typical course of events at wedding reception.
It usually takes for 2 or 3 hours to have a wedding reception in Japan.

1, congratulatory address by the main guest

2, Toasts

3, Speeches and entertainment by other guests

4, Cutting of the wedding cake

oironaoshi: the bride and groom both change out of their Japanese kimono style garments into an evening gown, a cocktail dress or a tuxedo and so on.

5, candle lighting , champagne tower and other entertainment

6, Presenting of bouquets of flowers to their parents.


In Japan, a bride who will marry in June is called ‘ June Bride’.
Many Japanese women want to have a wedding ceremony and reception in June.


Part 3 Korean Wedding

Marriage in South Korea is similar to that in the West, but has unique features of its own,
especially due to the influence of Korean Confucianism.

There are 2 kinds of wedding ceremony : One is traditional and the other is modern-westernized.

Traditional Wedding

Traditional Wedding in Korea is mostly practiced by international couple (between Korean-Non Korean).
It seems effected by Korean Confucianism
however some parts of the ceremony are made by contemporary people.
Bride and Groom wear traditional dress called Han-bok in the traditional wedding
but the guests wear modern suit.

Modern style wedding ceremonies

In larger cities, luxury hotels will have ‘wedding halls’ or ballrooms used specifically for wedding ceremonies.
These rooms are decorated with a wedding motif and are rented to couples.
Other wedding halls are independent facilities that can accommodate several different weddings at once.
Today, many couples will initially have a more ‘Westernized’ ceremony
with tuxedo attire and white wedding gown, then proceed with a smaller-scale,
traditional Korean wedding after the main ceremony.


#Congratulatory Money

In Korea, when you are invited to a wedding ceremony,
you have to pay ‘Congratulatory Money’(축의금) at the Robby.
There are two tables for the payment; groom’s side and brides’ side
so you will pay as from where you are invited.
Normally, the money is paid as 30,000KRW, 50,000KRW or 10,000KRW.
It depends on how much you are close to the groom or bride.

“Jeongdong Maru”, People Encounter the Culture

[Jeongdong Theater’s New Space : Jeongdong Maru]

“People encounter the culture”

Jeongdong Maru


In this year, 2017, new cultural space is opened in Jeongdong Theater.

Jeongdong Maru is renewed space of Cafe “길들여지기”

Jeongdong Maru is borrowed the concept of ‘Maru’ in Korean traditional housing
and it aims to be a space where various encounters happened.

It is space for from Business-culture event to young artists’ creative work.

Here below, the various “Encounters” which have happened in Jeongdong Maru from the opening in April.

* Introduction of Jeongdong Maru *

When the window is opened, you can get the view of Jeongdong Theater’s garden at a glance.

Also, in the terrace, you can see Jeongdong-gil there.

Also, the soft light which make the space’s atmosphere is also one feature of the space.

Also, performance system is arranged for house-concert-like performance,

Jeongdong Maru has it’s own programs.

*The program of Jeongdong Maru Series*

Jeongdong Maru Series presents various kind of performance such as house concert and youth Gugak performer incubating program <Young Artist in Full Bloom>

Last April, House Talk Concert <Artist’s Workroom> is staged.

It is a project with Pansori performers and they talked about their work and presented 4 representative Pansoris.

[Chunhyang-ga] April.8_Inhye Park <Same or Different with Chunhyang-ga>

[Simcheong-ga] April. 15_Bongyeong Kim <A blind man>, Songhee Kwon <Modern Simcheong>

[Heungbo-ga] April. 22_Minjung Park <Jang Tae Bong>

[Sugung-ga] April.29_A-ra Cho <I like Sugung-ga(수궁가가 조아라)>​

Especially, <Artist’s workroom> is well present the feature of Jeongdong Maru as the stage is designed like artist’s workroom.

Every time, I can feel the interaction between the artists and the audiences thanks to non divided auditorium with the stage.

In the last half of the year, <Artist’s workroom> is coming soon with new concept!

▲ Jeongdong Maru Series <Artist’s Workroom> Various concept of the stages

<Young Artist in Full Bloom> presented another kind of the stage.

 <Yeong Artist in Full Bloom(靑春滿發)> is a stage
where young Gugak performers encounter the audience to share their story and music.​

For the audiences, it was non-forgettable experience for listening to meet traditional instruments without microphone.

For the artists, it is thankful time to meet the audiences.

<Young Artist in Full Bloom> is continued to August!

▲ Jeongdong Maru Series <Young Artist in Full Bloom(靑春滿發)> First stage with ‘Dal-some’

*Jeongdong Maru – Well-made business-cultural event*

Jeongdong Maru changes for various events.

#Jeongdong Theater’s <Red Cliff> VIP Reception

#Handon Promotional Ambassador Appointment Ceremony

#Collaboration with KHIDI, “Feel Korea and It’s Unique Tradition”

#Seoul MICE Future Talented People Starting Ceremony

Various meetings have been in Jeongdong Maru.

Especially, we have had various cultural experience programs of <Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More>
in Jeongdong Maru as well.

▲ Jeongdong Maru Business-Cultural Events

▲ Jeongdong Maru Cultural Experience Programs (Jang-gu Class, Han-bok wearing event)

Jeongdong Maru changes it’s form every time and it makes its’ own value as a cultural space.

Jeongdong Maru is fulled with various encounters.

Please visit to Jeongdong Maru anytime.

You can meet another beauty of Jeongdong Theater.

Jeongdong Maru is supported by Fursys.

Jeongdong Maru


“Art Space for Lunch Time” Relaxing Time with Culture for Office Workers

[Art space for lunch time_Singing for youth!]

Relaxing Time with Culture for Office Workers

“Art Space for Lunch Time”

Always, I desire for enriched life with culture.

In the reality, however, it’s even hard to have breadth of mind because of the busy routines.

 In this June, you don’t need to try to make time for cultural experience during the late night time or weekend.

Just take 30 mins in your Friday’s lunch time for your self!

This is relaxing time with culture for office workers.

Friday’s lunch time.

Jeongdong-gil where has been so quite starts to be crowded by office workers for lunch.

They come to Jeongdong theater.

Usually, it’s quite during the lunch time in weekdays,

However, in Fridays’ lunch time of every spring and fall, it is crowded by many people!

It is because of “Art Space for Lunch Time”!

​”Art Space for Lunch Time” is organized for office worker who are tired from their work,

and it is staged on every Fridays during spring and fall.

For this spring stage, it started with Jazz Pop Double Lined’s stage on last April. 7.

Blues Beauty Handsome AU, Acoustic sing-a-song-writer Jung-A Lee, Jazz Nabalchung‘s stage is coming soon!

It is picture from Jazz Pop Double Lined‘s stage.

It was very great for fill the Friday’s lunch time.

Thanks to the sweet voice of Double Lined,

at the end of the stage, there were very many people joined.


It is the relaxing time with culture for office workers and citizens walking on Jeongdong-gil!

It was time to feel happy with all together, Jeongdong Theater’s “Art Space for Lunch Time”.