“Jeongdong Maru”, People Encounter the Culture

[Jeongdong Theater’s New Space : Jeongdong Maru]

“People encounter the culture”

Jeongdong Maru


In this year, 2017, new cultural space is opened in Jeongdong Theater.

Jeongdong Maru is renewed space of Cafe “길들여지기”

Jeongdong Maru is borrowed the concept of ‘Maru’ in Korean traditional housing
and it aims to be a space where various encounters happened.

It is space for from Business-culture event to young artists’ creative work.

Here below, the various “Encounters” which have happened in Jeongdong Maru from the opening in April.

* Introduction of Jeongdong Maru *

When the window is opened, you can get the view of Jeongdong Theater’s garden at a glance.

Also, in the terrace, you can see Jeongdong-gil there.

Also, the soft light which make the space’s atmosphere is also one feature of the space.

Also, performance system is arranged for house-concert-like performance,

Jeongdong Maru has it’s own programs.

*The program of Jeongdong Maru Series*

Jeongdong Maru Series presents various kind of performance such as house concert and youth Gugak performer incubating program <Young Artist in Full Bloom>

Last April, House Talk Concert <Artist’s Workroom> is staged.

It is a project with Pansori performers and they talked about their work and presented 4 representative Pansoris.

[Chunhyang-ga] April.8_Inhye Park <Same or Different with Chunhyang-ga>

[Simcheong-ga] April. 15_Bongyeong Kim <A blind man>, Songhee Kwon <Modern Simcheong>

[Heungbo-ga] April. 22_Minjung Park <Jang Tae Bong>

[Sugung-ga] April.29_A-ra Cho <I like Sugung-ga(수궁가가 조아라)>​

Especially, <Artist’s workroom> is well present the feature of Jeongdong Maru as the stage is designed like artist’s workroom.

Every time, I can feel the interaction between the artists and the audiences thanks to non divided auditorium with the stage.

In the last half of the year, <Artist’s workroom> is coming soon with new concept!

▲ Jeongdong Maru Series <Artist’s Workroom> Various concept of the stages

<Young Artist in Full Bloom> presented another kind of the stage.

 <Yeong Artist in Full Bloom(靑春滿發)> is a stage
where young Gugak performers encounter the audience to share their story and music.​

For the audiences, it was non-forgettable experience for listening to meet traditional instruments without microphone.

For the artists, it is thankful time to meet the audiences.

<Young Artist in Full Bloom> is continued to August!

▲ Jeongdong Maru Series <Young Artist in Full Bloom(靑春滿發)> First stage with ‘Dal-some’

*Jeongdong Maru – Well-made business-cultural event*

Jeongdong Maru changes for various events.

#Jeongdong Theater’s <Red Cliff> VIP Reception

#Handon Promotional Ambassador Appointment Ceremony

#Collaboration with KHIDI, “Feel Korea and It’s Unique Tradition”

#Seoul MICE Future Talented People Starting Ceremony

Various meetings have been in Jeongdong Maru.

Especially, we have had various cultural experience programs of <Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More>
in Jeongdong Maru as well.

▲ Jeongdong Maru Business-Cultural Events

▲ Jeongdong Maru Cultural Experience Programs (Jang-gu Class, Han-bok wearing event)

Jeongdong Maru changes it’s form every time and it makes its’ own value as a cultural space.

Jeongdong Maru is fulled with various encounters.

Please visit to Jeongdong Maru anytime.

You can meet another beauty of Jeongdong Theater.

Jeongdong Maru is supported by Fursys.

Jeongdong Maru


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