[Asia Talk] Wedding in the Three different Countries

[Asia Talk]
Wedding in the Three different Countries.

Part 1 The traditional wedding in Taiwan

Taiwanese will choose a nice day and even thought the good time to exchange ceremony.

Before the bridegroom come to the bride’s house, need to prepare the red envelopes.
You need to put the Double number of the money in the envelopes. (2000NT, 1600NT)


In front of the car need to hand up a pair of animals or people that means the couple will together forever.
If the car is near the bride’s house, Taiwanese set off strings of firecrackers out of the car
that means we are so happy to come here and marry the bride.

The bride will be in her bedroom to waiting
and before the bridegroom meet the bride
he needs to have some kind of experience test from the bride’s friends or family.

For example: What’s bride’s favorite food? How long have you been together?

Or play some games like in the 5 minutes you need to give us 8888NT.

When the bridegroom meat the bright, he need to read the marriage oath to the bride.
At the next the couple needs to say goodbye from bride’s parents.
The parents will them some good advice and they go out of the house.


 When they go out of the house, someone needs to hold an umbrella for the bride.

Someone must be who have a good family and the older female in bride family.



Before the car move the bride need to put the fan out of the window,
that means don’t bring the bad temper or habit to their home.
The person of the bride family needs to pick up the fan and also need to splash a bowl of water.
It means the daughter is already marrying to anther person.

When they arriving the bridegroom’s house also need some to hold an umbrella for the bride.


They need to worship heaven and earth first,
and then worship to the groom parents of family elders, the last bow to each other.



Go to the wedding banquet hall to have meal with a lot of families and friends.

Taiwanese can’t wear the black clothes in the wedding.

When we come to a wedding, we need to prepare the money red envelopes.

Money will be 2600NT, 3600NT, or more these.

If you are a single female and you want to marry, that should go to the stage.

That you have chance to compete for the bridal bouquet.

Recently have different kinds of way to compete for the bridal bouquet.

The traditional way is the bride wills the bridal bouquet.

Another one will be everyone will hold on a line
that the bride picks up only one and the one will get the bridal bouquet.


Part 2 Japanese wedding ceremonies and receptions

Marriage has traditionally been considered a matter between families rather than individuals,
and wedding ceremonies and receptions are conducted as such under the family names.
People used to invite matchmakers to witness the marriage.
However not so many people have a matchmaker these days.

A bride who chooses a Japanese style wedding will be in a white wedding kimono, shiromuku
and have a tall, elegant tied-up hairstyle, which will be covered with the bride’s hood.
The groom traditionally wears a haori and hakama, Japanese style kimono for men with family crest.


Shintonist is the most popular ceremony style in Japan.
However there are also Buddhist and Christian style weddings,
while some people prefer jinzenshiki ,which are nonreligious ceremonies.
Depending on the type of wedding, the ceremony is conducted at a shrine, temple, church and so on.
Also many hotels have a wedding center ,
which includes a ballroom where the reception can be held after a wedding ceremony.
The following is the typical course of events at wedding reception.
It usually takes for 2 or 3 hours to have a wedding reception in Japan.

1, congratulatory address by the main guest

2, Toasts

3, Speeches and entertainment by other guests

4, Cutting of the wedding cake

oironaoshi: the bride and groom both change out of their Japanese kimono style garments into an evening gown, a cocktail dress or a tuxedo and so on.

5, candle lighting , champagne tower and other entertainment

6, Presenting of bouquets of flowers to their parents.


In Japan, a bride who will marry in June is called ‘ June Bride’.
Many Japanese women want to have a wedding ceremony and reception in June.


Part 3 Korean Wedding

Marriage in South Korea is similar to that in the West, but has unique features of its own,
especially due to the influence of Korean Confucianism.

There are 2 kinds of wedding ceremony : One is traditional and the other is modern-westernized.

Traditional Wedding

Traditional Wedding in Korea is mostly practiced by international couple (between Korean-Non Korean).
It seems effected by Korean Confucianism
however some parts of the ceremony are made by contemporary people.
Bride and Groom wear traditional dress called Han-bok in the traditional wedding
but the guests wear modern suit.

Modern style wedding ceremonies

In larger cities, luxury hotels will have ‘wedding halls’ or ballrooms used specifically for wedding ceremonies.
These rooms are decorated with a wedding motif and are rented to couples.
Other wedding halls are independent facilities that can accommodate several different weddings at once.
Today, many couples will initially have a more ‘Westernized’ ceremony
with tuxedo attire and white wedding gown, then proceed with a smaller-scale,
traditional Korean wedding after the main ceremony.


#Congratulatory Money

In Korea, when you are invited to a wedding ceremony,
you have to pay ‘Congratulatory Money’(축의금) at the Robby.
There are two tables for the payment; groom’s side and brides’ side
so you will pay as from where you are invited.
Normally, the money is paid as 30,000KRW, 50,000KRW or 10,000KRW.
It depends on how much you are close to the groom or bride.

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