‘Silla’ Interview with ‘Byeol-yi Seo’ playing role in Frarang

‘Silla’ Interview with ‘Byeol-yi Seo’ Playing role in Frarang

Hi ๐Ÿ™‚

I finally have had an interview with Frarang!

Thanks for Byeol-yi to join the interview!

1. ย Please explain the character of ‘Frarang’ in one word.

As I act Frarang, one word ‘Lady’ is reminded.

A word ‘Mother’ also came up but ‘woman’ is more fit to it.

‘Woman’ literally means ‘ A woman who became an adult’.

Sometimes she is alone but finally strongly overcomes the loneliness.

Therefore, I would like to give the word ‘Lady’ to Frarang.

‘Lady’ has strong meaning.

It is an word to explain ‘to become a real adult having a wide heart to embrace everything’.

2. Which part do you have concern to describe Frarang?

I think that it is important to describe the change of Frarang through the time and her age.

I have focus on acting to show the Frarang’s growth in the whole story.

At the first scene, she is 16 years old who falls in love with Abitin and has separation with her lover.

And it takes very long time to have her baby, Feridun.

As going to the rest of part, Frarang is not presented on the scene but she have her ages as the time flows.

Therefore it is difficult to act each different ages in the short times.ย 

3. ย I think you have difficulty to describe the emotion through the change of Frarang’s ages.

I think that it is not easy to describe one’s whole life in the short time.

The figure is changed time to time and the emotion as well.

For example, right after having love, the scene changes to separation so the emotion is needed to change very fast.

It is difficult to play controlling the emotion.

4. Which scene do you think that you could describe the emotion more if it has line or song?

If I could say in the scene, I could describe more even with the sound of breath.

For example, at Feridun’s coronation ceremony, before her son rises to the throne,

Fararang sobs as she lets her father go.

As I have monitoring to the scene, I found that I could not describe my emotion in 100%.

If I could have sound of crying, it could be better I think.

Most scenes of Frarang is almost like this.

If I could have line or song, I could explain more as it is restrained character.

5.ย Is there any change from the first act of Frarang?

The character of Frarang has not only dancing but also acting so I need to put the emotion in each time.

In the first period, it was awkward to describe the emotion only with dance without line
and it was very difficult but now I became free from this.

I have tried to explain the scene as a real in the formation.
It was very hard at the first but now I’m very comfortable from this.

6. Which scene do you think to be remembered by the audiences?

<Silla> is very colorful and spectacle.

But there is a scene with a deep emotion.

It is the scene of separation between Frarang and Abitine.

They try to be calm but they have huge sorrow in their heart.

Frarang dances to explain her emotion under the moon enduring sadness.

I hope the audience remember Frarang in the scene with their heart.


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