Stage Installation of “Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More”

Stage Installation of
“Lotus, A Flower Come Out Once More”

I visited to the site of installation before the performance <Lotus, A Flower Come Out Once More> is opened.

From my report, I hope you will get some information of the performance concept and background etc!


This is the panorama of the stage!

It seems bigger than usual stage of Jeongdong theater.

Because the orchestra seats were removed for this performance so the stage is expended.

Also, there are some more space behind the arch.

I expect that the stage places are used very effectively as it is dance-theater.

There are three points of the feature on the stage!


1st point : Painted pond by hand work

​Can you see the working staff of the stage arts team?

To make a live atmosphere of pond, she draw on the stage.

Usually, the stage floor has one color
but the stage of Jeongdong Theater has changed as a pond and it became very colorful.​

It seems to deliver the symbol of pond where the lotus comes out.​

2nd Point : Mirrors

Can you see the transparent wall at the side of the stage?

There are not glasses but mirrors.

Can you imagine the scene which is reflected on the mirror?

It might give an effect of expended stage as well as the atmosphere surrounded by a pond.!

​3rd Point :  Korean traditional columns

The Korean traditional columns located behind of the stage show​ the background of the story.

The stage floor with pond paint gave the atmosphere of out doors
but the columns give the atmosphere of in doors.

Also, it has a detailed design of columns in Korean traditional housing.


​It seemed like another world for me.

Very Korean traditional but very imaginary at the same time.

I hope this helps you to understand more about the performance.​​

“Lotus, A Flower Come Out Once More” runs till Oct. 29th.

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