The love between a court dance and an warrior could be safe in Joseon court?

In early morning,

Mohwa, a shaman of court set the altar at the garden of the palace.

Praying for the stability and the good harvest,
She starts a ritual.

The company of the kind and the queen appears on the stage.

Dancers present ‘Parilmu’, one of the ritual dance
and the festival begins.​​


▲ Parilmu_Korean traditional ritual dance

Praying for the reign of peace, queen dances ‘Taepyeongmu”.

▲ Taepyeongmu_Dance for “Reign of peace”

Answering the queen’s dance, court dancers present “Sonbuk-chum”(a handy percussion dance)

and warriors present a sward dance.​

▲ Sonbuk-chum_a handy percussion dance

▲ Sword dance(Gum-mu)


The best dancer in the court is Seoryeon.

And the best warrior is Dodam.

They lead the ceremony in the center of the stage.​​


As Seoryeon starts dance playing Haeguem,
the king fascinated by Seoryon.

▲ The best dancer, Seoryeon, in her Haegeum dance.

​In addition,

the king reveals his greedy toward Seoryeon dancing with her.

Therefore, the queen leaves the place with a big jealous.

The queen couldn’t bear the jealous.

Finally, she drives Seoryeon of the palace.

In a forest,

​Dodam recalls Seoryeon’s face seeing Lotus while his training in the forest.

He has loved Soryeon since he was young.

However, he is now very mixed up as he saw the king’s greedy and the queen’s jealous toward Seoryeon.​​

After the training is finished and his company leave,
he hears a little sound of Haeguem from some where.​

Dodam realizes that it is Seoryeon’s music and he starts to find her in the forest.

And finally the two face to each other.

Soryeon who played Haeguem in her sorrow, set her heart at ease due to Dodam
and they confirm their love.

Seoryeon presents her love playing Haeguem
and Dodam answers the love playing Daeguem.

The love song fills in the forest.​

“A Love Song”

In a warm spring day

We brighten each other up

like a sunshine


The touched hands

The connected eyes

Full of Romance


Love made in heaven

My love at first sight

All around world is charming and beautiful


It is joyful

The sound flew by a breeze


Oh, sad

Because of the time which flies like a cloud



Don’t worry

Don’t be sad

The destiny is always with you

It is joyful

The sound flew by a breeze

Oh, sad

Because of the time which flies like a cloud

Don’t worry

Don’t be sad

The destiny protects them

Oh, Destiny

After confirming their love, Dodam and Seoryeong kiss under the moonshine.

At that time,

in other part of the forest, King is hunting.

Seoryeon and Dodam walk through the forest and across King’s path.

King is upset because he see Seoryeon and Dodam is together
and the king approach to Seoryeon but Dodam stop him.

The King is angry because of Dodam
and he aim arrow toward Dodam.

Dodam falls down from the attack of King’s soldier.

King and his company go back to the palace hauling Seoryeon.

After Seoryeon has been hauled to the palace,
she swallows down lots of insult.

However she overcomes the fear and keeps her heart toward her lover.

Therefore, King prisons Seoryeon in a jail.

Seoryeon misses her lover in the jail.

Dodam steals into the palace with her army.

Finally, the battle of the king and Dodam starts.

King takes up a swords and starts the battle.​

Seoryeon defended her lover throwing her body to the sword of the king
and she meets her death instead of her lover, Dodam.

Dodam sobs facing the death of his lover.​

The court shaman, Mohwa appears with ritual dance.

Seoryeon is laid on Mohwa’s altar.

Mohwa and her company starts the ritual of revivification.

Group dance praying for the life starts and everyone’s wish for the life leads the dance.

The ritual becomes more and more strong.

At a moment,

Mohwa’s dance stops and silence comes.

In a short silence..

Seoryeon will revive answering everyone’s wish?

In palace of Joseon,
The love of Seoryeon and Dodam is not allowed from the king.

Does their love work out?​

2017 Jeongdong Theater Tradition Serise

<Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More>

​Period : April. 6th – October 29th

Time & Day : Tue-Sun 4 pm / 8 pm (No performance on Mondays)

Venue : Jeongdong Theater

​Ticket : VIP 60,000 KRW / R 50,000 KRW / S 30,000 KRW

Inquiry : 02-751-1500

Reservation link :

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