[Asia Talk] Summer Vacation in Three Countries

[Asia Talk]
Summer Vacation in Three Countries


In the old days, many students were waiting for the summer vacation! Because they extricated from their school life and study. They visited their grandparents who were living in country side and they go to swimming, fishing and helping their grandparents to farm.

However, in these days, the kids don’t have those chance because more and more their grandparents are not living in country side any more. However, for those children, many country life experience programs cover it.

For example, Korean Folk Village in Yong-in programed “The Countryside Story in Summer”. Kids can experience swimming, handcraft and camping etc. through the program.

Also, summer vacation became a period to make up for their supplementary study. It means children are keep studying during their vacation or they participate to some camp related to their study such as English Camp, Science Camp or History Camp.

Especially, English Camp is one of the most famous experiences for the children during their vacation period. Many children are head to New Zealand, Australia and Philippine etc. to participate the camp. They not only lean English but also experience the culture and many activities there.

Many IT industry related company hold Science Camp for elementary and middle school students during the vacation. The students have chance to experiment by themselves as well as to visit labs of the company.

Moreover, many historical museums and institutions organize “History Experience Camp” as well. Especially, Gyeongju is the most famous destination for the students to study the ancient history of Korea.

They visit from “Cheomseongdae” which is the oldest observatory in the world, built in 7th Century and to Bulguksa and Seokfulam Temple. Also, visiting Gyeongju National Museum offers them the experience to learn more about the artistries of Silla dynasty.

But the most recommendation is the performance “Silla” in Jeongdong Theater in Gyeongju. The students will learn about the myth from Silla from the performance as well as learn about Korean traditional performing arts! You can reserve the ticket on:




Taiwan summer vacation is usually on July 1st to August 31. It’s for elementary school to senior high school and every university has different time for summer vacation.

just in elementary school to senior high school have summer vacation homework.

In the university didn’t have any vacation homework.

In the summer vacation some students will go to the cram school or with family have a trip.

In the summer vacation amusement park and beach are popular and in the summer vacation amusement park always will have a sale for students.

About the trip we will go to another country or just have trip in Taiwan and in summer, Kenting will be the hot place.



In Japan, many schools last from the middle of July to the end of August. Universities have longer summer holiday until the end of September.


Usually Japanese students of elementary school, junior high school and high school get homework from school to do during the summer holidays. The level is different for each grade, but everybody has to, for example, solve problems in their workbooks, create something with clay or wood, write and essay about a book, and make a picture diary.


One of the unique homework for elementary school students is radio exercise. They have to take their roll call card and get it stamped every day after doing physical exercise to music and MC’s voice on the radio. The toughest part is that the exercises start from six thirty in the morning all over Japan, so they have to get up early. This homework is also supposed to be help them keep getting up early in the morning during summer holiday.

(They are doing radio exercise in school, park or temple)

(radio exercise card)

In addition, most of elementary schools have swimming lessons for their students during summer holiday. So many students go to school even though they are on holiday.


Japanese junior high school students and high school students are very busy with club activities such as soccer, baseball, tennis, volleyball and brass band. There are lots of competitions around summer. Students practice very hard to do their performance well.

Then most of students do club activities and go to a cramming school. Cramming schools have summer programs and classes.

(high school students-baseball club. Big competition called”甲子園”(Ko-shien))

(cramming school- summer class)


University students have more free time. They need to research their study but enjoy travelling and doing part-time job.


The Costumes of Silla


Today, I would like to look into the concept of the costume in the performance <Silla>!

‘Silla’ which was created in 2015 keep being staged through 2016 and 2017.

And it is developed time to time and the costume is one of the developments.

Then, how the 2017 version of the costume look like?

Let’s look into the costume of the protagonists- Abitin, Frarang and Peridun.


The basic concept of the costumes.

‘Silla’ is a performance which tells about the encounter of two cultures- Persia and silla-
through the silk-road in 1,500 years ago.

It is based on ‘Kush-Nama’, a Persian myth.

Once upon a time, the Persian prince Abitin made a emergency lending in Silla.

He met and fell in love with Frarang, the princess of Silla and they gave birth to Peridun.

Then, it is possible to feel the culture of ‘Persia’ and ‘Silla’.

The costume which contains the Persian culture is Abitin’s clothes.

The costume which contains the culture of Silla is Frarang’s clothes.

And the collaboration of the two culture is Peridun’s clothes.

You can find the encounter of the cultures.

The first protagonist is ‘Abitin’, the Persian prince!

He is a strong character who witnessed his father’s death
but he fall in love with the Princess of Silla and reestablished his nation.

The costume of Abitin describes the strong character with the detailed design.

His patterned headband redounds to Abitin.

The left is general Abitin’s costume and the right is the costume of Abitin’s ghost.

The second protagonist is Frarang, the beautiful princess of Silla!

She became a woman from a girl and also the heroin who save the Persia from the crisis.

And finally she became a mother of the nation.

She show various figures by herself.

Her top is disrobing-friendly so her skirt redounds to her beautiful dancing.

Also, we can say that the change of her clothes describes her growth profess from a girl to a mother.

The left is the girl’s costume and the right is the heroin’s costume.

The third protagonist is Peridun!

He is the fruit of the love between Frarang and Abitin
and the hero of the two countries!!

The splendid crown and the blue top describe well Peridun’s boyhood!

Beyond the Abitin, Frarang and Peridun,

the story had various characters such as Kush, Zahak and the cat.

Therefore, please come and see the rest of the colorful costume in the performance! 🙂

2017 Jeongdong Theater Gyeongju Brand Performance

Performing Art <Silla>

▶Performance Period : December. 31

▶Performance Time : Mon-Sat 7:30 pm (No performance on Sundays)

▶Venue : Gyeongju World Culture Expo Theater

​Ticket : VIP 50,000KRW / R 30,000KRW / S 20,000KRW

▶Inquiry : 02-751-1500

 Click to reservation!!


Interview with Narea who plays role in ‘Mohwa’, the court shaman


<Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More> 

Absolute Charisma, ‘Mowha’ the court shaman.

Interview with ‘Narea’, the actress.

Various attractive characters appear such as the court dancer ‘Seoryeon’ and the court worrier ‘Dodam’

in ‘Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More’, the performance of Jeongdong Theater.

Among the characters, there is a very impressive character,
There is ‘Mohwa’ who is the court shaman with very strong charisma and she is charge of all of ritual in the court.

I met ‘Narea’ who plays ‘Mohwa'(Double casted),
the important character who lead the highlight scene -Seoryeon’s revivification.  ​

Q. Please introduce ‘Mohwa’ and what do you think Mohwa’s magnetism.

‘Mohwa’ is the court shaman and she performs the national ritual praying for the peaceful reigns of the nation and the court.

Comparing with ‘Seoryeon’, the best dancer of the court who has a beauty like a flower,

I think ‘Mohwa’ shows absolute charisma outwardly but she she deeply warm heart inside so she has unexpected charm.

Therefore, her charm is felt absolutely.

Q. Actually ‘Shaman’ has negative connotation and it is very strange.
But what is your motive to do this role?

Actually, ‘Shaman’ has negative connotation like uncomfortable or fear in these days.

And it is felt like unfamiliar thing.​

However, in this work, ‘Mohwa’ is a character who fulfills her duties in the court and I, myself, considered this character as a bridge-building role between the God and the human.

I interpreted this mysterious character who tells somebody’s fortune and grant a wish
rather than who controls curse and dark energy.​

In the performance, actually, she has charisma but she embraces many people at the same time.

It is like a Mother’s tolerance and strength.

Therefore, I would like to have this role and I’m very happy to have it.

Q. In this performance, there is not lines as it is dance drama.
However it is possible to understand the story following the dancers motion.
Therefore, do you have any difficulties to storytelling as a dancer? 

Lines and talking contain world and various predicates.

However, for the dance, it was difficult to find connections between motions like a sentences.

However, for making this dance drama, I have many practice to make a dance like a sentence.

For example, I dance reciting the lines in my mind
and repeated it many time to express the feeling and to make people understand it.

During the rehearsal time, the director Kim, emphasizes on this part.

Through this training of the dancers,
the audiences will have experience the beautiful  ‘Body Language’ without the lines.

Q. Do you have any behind story during the performance period?

Few days ago, we have a senior audience group.

All the auditorium is filled with elderly men and women.

They gave sympathetic responses and I was very surprised of it.

It was very impressive that they made exclamations like ‘Oh may’, ‘Don’t do that’

and it seemed like they watched soap opera.

Therefore I could find that the audiences followed the story lines.

I figured out that it is not necessary to be calm as it is a dance drama.

Like Pansori, Maddangguek(Korean mask dance drama) or Changguek(Traditional Korean Opera),

‘Korean dance drama’ could be a performance where the audience freely join in.

At the curtain call, I had a lump in my through when I heard the sound of hand clapping.

I will never forget this experience.

Q. The scene of ‘ritual for revivification’ is the best part of the performance.

Please explain about this scene.

Only seeing this scene, it looks like a ritual to revive the Seoryeon who was dead.

However, in the first part of the story,
you can find a hint that Mohwa has perceived this tragedy and has tried to prevent the incidence.

I think ‘Mohwa’ is a character who wanted to prevent the huge tragedy with her love toward not only one person but everyone and the nation.

I was tried to describe all the emotion

such as misunderstanding and rage which is revealed by people’s jealous,

piercing sadness when they faced to the death of Seoryeon,

and the anger toward Mohwa her self as she could not prevent the tradegy

but the reliance on belief to save Seoryeon’s life.

Through this scene, I would like to give the message that we need to have not only the death and the life

but also a tolerance.

▲Mohwa preparing the ritual_’Narea’

▲Performing the ritual of revivification for Seoryeon_Narea

▲The best scene, Mohwa finally save Seoryeon’s life._Narea

Q. Do you have any comment to the audience?

I think there are stereo type toward the Korean traditional Dance Drama.

But I’m sure that you will change your mind after seeing this performance.

This performance has strong structure like a soap opera or a movie even if it has no line.

You might change your perspective on the ‘Korean traditional dance drama’ after experience this performance.

Please have interest in this performance and please meet Mohwa at once in the theater.

Interview with Hyuk Lee

<Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More> 

A single-hearted man, the role of ‘Dodam’, a court worrier

Interview with ‘Hyuk Lee’

Here is a man.

A single-hearted devotion. A worrier who loves only one woman.

Dadam, we can call him a romantist.​

I met Hyuk Lee who has role of ‘Dodam’, the pioneer of <Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More>.

<Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More> has double casting.

The main characters are the king, queen, the best court dancer ‘Seoryeon’, the best worrier in the court ‘Dodam’
and shaman of the court, ‘Mohwa’.

The relationship of the characters is very simple.

Seoryeon and Dodam are loved to each other.

The king has desire of Seoryeon and the queen is jealous to it.

Dodam is a worrier of the court but he loses his allegiance toward the King to protect his love.

A battle between the King and Dodam unfolds

Through the interview, let’s hear from Hyuk Lee, one of the double casted Dodam.

Q.How was your first feeling of the performance <Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More>

I was used to  respect Chunghan Kim, the director and choreographer of this performance.

He was director of <Chunhyang> of Jeongdong Theater in 2012 and I acted the main characters Mongryong and Byeon for the performance.

And now I’m very glad to join his work again at the very first time.

Q. What is your best scene of <Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More>?

In this work, there are various scenes.

They include an entertainment of the Joseon court, the scene of worriers’ training
and the scene of court ritual which contains Korean traditional aspect.

​Among these scenes, I like the Romantic scene.

You must meet the ‘Romance’ in director Kim’s work.​

In this performance, there is a very beautiful duet scene of lovely man and woman.

In the scene, Seoryeon who was thrown of the court plays Haeguem
and Dodam who was training in a forest suddenly hears the music and starts to look for her.

Finally, the two meet each other and play music together.

After confirming their love, they dance.

The dance under the moonlight is the best scene I think.

Q. What is your favorite role exclude ‘Dodam’?

I think ‘Mohwa’, the court shaman is very attractive character.

She has very huge charisma and she is very similar with the message of this story.

As we have male shaman, I think that I can show very powerful and different shaman character.

Therefore, I would like to act Mohwa.

Q. What is the similarity of the character ‘Dodam’ and you, your self?

I think this story has the things which could happen in our reality.

Love, Jealous and unexpected incidences are included.

Dodam is a man who throw out his allegiance to protect his love.

It is a man’s devotion and sacrifice.

Whoever, Men dream to help their lover to overcome difficulties and to protect her sacrificing themselves.

I think this is similarity between the character and me.

Q. Jeongdong Theater is trying to present new traditional performance.

What is the merit of <Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More> as a future-traditional performance?

The dance of this work is based on Korean tradition but it newly created.

In the opening scene, it shows various court dances such as ritual group dance, Taepyeongmu of the queen and the sword dance.

This performance presents beautiful Korean court ceremony with new interpretation for foreign and local audiences.

As it has created piece, the audiences who have no experience about Korean tradition also easily accept it.

​Also, it shows a hopeless love story like Korean version of  ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

Therefore it easily get the sympathy from the audiences.

I’m sure that it is a performance where you can experience the contemporary and modern arts of Korean tradition with the essence of Korean culture through the music which is featured by Aeri Park, one of the best Korean traditional vocalists.​

Q. Before closing the interview, please give some comment to the audience who have never experienced Korean traditional dance.

Korean dance has a connotation as a boring arts.

However, through this performance, you can finally meet various attraction of Korean dance.

 <Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More> Double Cast 

​▲Seoryeon_ Haneul Cho / Jiyeon Park

​▲Dodam_ Jinheung Jun / Hyuk Lee​

​▲King_ Euiyeon Cho / Hyunwoo Kim​

​​▲Queen_ Jinkyeon Park / Sumin Kim

​▲Mohwa_ Goun Lee / Narae​

Jeongdong Theater Tradition Series, <Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More>

+Period : Till Oct. 29th

 +Performance day : Tue-Sun 4 pm/ 8 pm (No performance on Mondays)

Interview with Hyun-seok Lee, Actor who plays role of Peridun in Silla

Hello 🙂

Today, we meet actor Hyun-seok Lee.

He plays role of Peridun who was used to be a boy but becomes a great worrier!

Q. Hello. Hyeon-Seok! Please introduce your role, Peridun in ‘Silla’.

Peridun is a princess who was born to Frarang, Princess of Silla and Abitin, Persian Prince.

He has very positive personality and looks like a naughty boy but finally he become a great hero after the battle with Zahak, the dark evil.

Q. I think that the best scene of Peridun is the battle scene. The tension and charisma of Peridun are really awesome. But what do you think best scene is?

I like the scene with Pungmul-nori in the market place while the Peridun is growing.

It shows the growth process of Peridun with funny situation and also you can enjoy the exciting dance and rhythm of other actors.

Especially, the scene gives me chances to enjoy the collaboration with other actors so I really like it.

▲ Scene of ‘Market Place’ in ‘Silla’


Q. You have two figures of Peridun. One is a childish boy and the other is highly evolved protecting the country. Then do you have any trouble to act the two personality?

 Well… I have some difficulties…

The little Peridun is very curious and has personality like a mischievous boy.

However, he finally becomes a hero of the country.

In this part, I would like to present the emotion for the audiences so I had worried a lot about it.

Therefore I have many talked with the actress who plays Frarang and also kept studying about the facial expression and motion.

Q. As I show the performance, I started to be interested in dancer’s job. What do I need to do to become a dancer and what is the good thing and difficult thing?

In my case, I dreamed to be a general salary-man but I was influenced by my sister who is a dancer. 

After entering the university, I focused on a work to find my style searching about the major.

Dancer is a job that you can experience various kinds of work and have communication with audiences.

I think it is the merit of the job.

However, it is very hard in physical part and you need to manage your figure.

Q. Could you please give a closing word to the audiences of Silla?

This performance has many characters. Therefore I would like to recommend to read the story from the program book before the performance. It will help you to understand not only about the story but also the emotion of each character.


Vacation in Gyeongju!!!

Hello 🙂

I would like to introduce you amusement parks and tourism spot in Gyeongju!

The first is ‘Gyeongju California Beach’

The California Beach is a part of Gyeonju Work and it is the representative water park in Gyeongju.

There are so many attractive rides such as Wave Pool, Wave Canyon and Triple Down etc!!!!

It is the best way to go to Gyeongju World after having water play in the California Beach!!

Gyeongju World, 544 Bomun-ro, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do.

Website : http://www.gjw.co.kr/california/

The Second is ‘Gyeongju Daemyeong Resort Aqua World’

​There is a promotional package of Jeongdong Theater and Aqua World!

It is a vacation package

<Silla> Performance Ticket 30% off + Daemyeong Resort Aqua World 40-50% OFF (Weekdays 50%, Weekend 40%)

*Trough either receipt or ticket, get the discount.

This pool is located in the resort and the rides are very safe for the kids.

Therefore it is recommended for the family vacation!

Daemyeong Resort, 402-12 Bomun-ro, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do.

Website : http://www.daemyungresort.com/gj/

The last is ‘Gyeongju Blue One Water Park’

Gyeongju Blue One Water Park is the biggest water park in the southern provinces.

And it has a huge Wave Pool of 2.6 m!!!!

This is the famous water park for 20s.

Blue One Resort 391, Bobul-ro, Gyeongju-si

Website : http://wp.blueone.com/

Three of the water parks are located in Bomun Tourism Complex and they are near by the Gyeongju Jeongdong Theater.

Why don’t you have a vacation in Gyeongju?

I recommend you it!!!



Interview with Goun Lee


<Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More> 

Absolute Charisma, ‘Mowha’ the court shaman.

Interview with ‘Goun Lee’, the actress.

Various attractive characters appear such as the court dancer ‘Seoryeon’ and the court worrier ‘Dodam’

in ‘Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More’, the performance of Jeongdong Theater.

Among the characters, there is a very impressive character,
There is ‘Mohwa’ who is the court shaman with very strong charisma and she is charge of all of ritual in the court.

I met ‘Goun Lee’ who plays ‘Mohwa'(Double casted),
the important character who lead the highlight scene -Seoryeon’s revivification.  ​

​Q. Please introduce your self and Mohwa

Hello. My name is Goun Lee . I graduated college just now and  made the first stage appearance.

My role ‘Mohwa’ is a character of a court shaman
who prays for the peace in the court and defends the nation from the evil energy.

​Q. <Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More> is a performance with story but it has no line.

Do you have any difficulties to act or to describe the story.

I have never dance with story line.

Therefore, personally, I have difficulties to describe and to express the emotion
and I felt that I was not familiar with it

During the rehearsal time, I had time alone to concentrate and to throw out this unfamiliar felling.

However, as the performance started, I could focus naturally on the story which is leaded by the protagonists.

​I described the emotion and acted without awareness it.

Therefore, now I more and more focus on the story and try to find the face act and the emotion.

​Q. For the beginning to the highlight scene of the last part, Mohwa has a central role.

The ritual seems like have the form but doesn’t look like the tradition.

Did you mind or try anything for this?

You might imagine a gut(Shaman ritual) of Mudang(shaman) or of chief priest.

But I don’t think that it is not the concept of this performance.

Just from the time setting, it is required to present the shamanism and folk religion in the cultural aspect.

I think that the scene of Mohwa’s ritual might be the open at the beginning and the close of the end.

I hope the audience to see this scenes not with the perspective of shamanic religion but with the cultural perspective.

Also, when I studied about the scene and the character, I have referred to many video clips on the contemporary shamanic ritual and the traditional ritual.

I have tried to learn the motion and emotion of them.​

​Especially, as it has abstract aspect of praying in the middle of nothing,

I tried to find the message of this story.​

​Q. We can not skip to talk about the scene of ‘Revivification’ when we talk about ‘Mohwa’.

What do you think the attraction of the scene is?

In the scene of ‘Revivification’, everything is played on the stage such as music and acting in live  and all of the characters appear on the stage.

It is enough to say the attraction.

​But sound of percussion, which raised more and more describes the heart sound of Seoryeon.

I think the percussion play describes well this whole atmosphere of this scene.

As this scene is the very important, we had lots of rehearsal for it.

For me, it felt pressured as I need to lead this scene.

However, all the actors and actress have one mind on the stage

and it brought result of the great scene.

​Q. <Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More> is played by double cast actors.

So please introduce your ‘Mohwa’ comparing with the other.

I think that Mohwa is a character who cherishes ‘Dodam’.

Therefore, Director Kim asked me to have a mother’s heart like Dodam’s mother explaining me about the character.

I could not understand the ‘mother’s heart and it was not easy as my first acting.

I tried to express an understated affection rather than unconditional love.

Describing rational feeling ​rather than emotional feeling.
This is the attraction of Mohwa which is played by me.

​Q. Do you have any behind story during the performance?

This is my first stage outside of the college.

Therefore, I run busy as a hen with a chicken and did many mistakes.

I have miss a lot the props but now I have ability to handle these mistake.

​Q. Do you have any commentary to the audiences?

I perform everyday but it is the first time for the audience.

Therefore, I tried not to fall into mannerism.

Everyday, I try to change the motion and expression so I could perform like very first time.

And I hope many people come to the theater.

More audience, more complete the performance.

Therefore, I hope many people come to see the performance and make it together.

And when the audiences love my character, Mohwa, I also have a promise to my self to do my best.