Interview with Goun Lee


<Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More> 

Absolute Charisma, ‘Mowha’ the court shaman.

Interview with ‘Goun Lee’, the actress.

Various attractive characters appear such as the court dancer ‘Seoryeon’ and the court worrier ‘Dodam’

in ‘Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More’, the performance of Jeongdong Theater.

Among the characters, there is a very impressive character,
There is ‘Mohwa’ who is the court shaman with very strong charisma and she is charge of all of ritual in the court.

I met ‘Goun Lee’ who plays ‘Mohwa'(Double casted),
the important character who lead the highlight scene -Seoryeon’s revivification.  ​

​Q. Please introduce your self and Mohwa

Hello. My name is Goun Lee . I graduated college just now and  made the first stage appearance.

My role ‘Mohwa’ is a character of a court shaman
who prays for the peace in the court and defends the nation from the evil energy.

​Q. <Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More> is a performance with story but it has no line.

Do you have any difficulties to act or to describe the story.

I have never dance with story line.

Therefore, personally, I have difficulties to describe and to express the emotion
and I felt that I was not familiar with it

During the rehearsal time, I had time alone to concentrate and to throw out this unfamiliar felling.

However, as the performance started, I could focus naturally on the story which is leaded by the protagonists.

​I described the emotion and acted without awareness it.

Therefore, now I more and more focus on the story and try to find the face act and the emotion.

​Q. For the beginning to the highlight scene of the last part, Mohwa has a central role.

The ritual seems like have the form but doesn’t look like the tradition.

Did you mind or try anything for this?

You might imagine a gut(Shaman ritual) of Mudang(shaman) or of chief priest.

But I don’t think that it is not the concept of this performance.

Just from the time setting, it is required to present the shamanism and folk religion in the cultural aspect.

I think that the scene of Mohwa’s ritual might be the open at the beginning and the close of the end.

I hope the audience to see this scenes not with the perspective of shamanic religion but with the cultural perspective.

Also, when I studied about the scene and the character, I have referred to many video clips on the contemporary shamanic ritual and the traditional ritual.

I have tried to learn the motion and emotion of them.​

​Especially, as it has abstract aspect of praying in the middle of nothing,

I tried to find the message of this story.​

​Q. We can not skip to talk about the scene of ‘Revivification’ when we talk about ‘Mohwa’.

What do you think the attraction of the scene is?

In the scene of ‘Revivification’, everything is played on the stage such as music and acting in live  and all of the characters appear on the stage.

It is enough to say the attraction.

​But sound of percussion, which raised more and more describes the heart sound of Seoryeon.

I think the percussion play describes well this whole atmosphere of this scene.

As this scene is the very important, we had lots of rehearsal for it.

For me, it felt pressured as I need to lead this scene.

However, all the actors and actress have one mind on the stage

and it brought result of the great scene.

​Q. <Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More> is played by double cast actors.

So please introduce your ‘Mohwa’ comparing with the other.

I think that Mohwa is a character who cherishes ‘Dodam’.

Therefore, Director Kim asked me to have a mother’s heart like Dodam’s mother explaining me about the character.

I could not understand the ‘mother’s heart and it was not easy as my first acting.

I tried to express an understated affection rather than unconditional love.

Describing rational feeling ​rather than emotional feeling.
This is the attraction of Mohwa which is played by me.

​Q. Do you have any behind story during the performance?

This is my first stage outside of the college.

Therefore, I run busy as a hen with a chicken and did many mistakes.

I have miss a lot the props but now I have ability to handle these mistake.

​Q. Do you have any commentary to the audiences?

I perform everyday but it is the first time for the audience.

Therefore, I tried not to fall into mannerism.

Everyday, I try to change the motion and expression so I could perform like very first time.

And I hope many people come to the theater.

More audience, more complete the performance.

Therefore, I hope many people come to see the performance and make it together.

And when the audiences love my character, Mohwa, I also have a promise to my self to do my best.

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