Interview with Hyun-seok Lee, Actor who plays role of Peridun in Silla




Helloย ๐Ÿ™‚

Today, we meet actor Hyun-seok Lee.

He plays role of Peridun who was used to be a boy but becomes a great worrier!


Q. Hello. Hyeon-Seok! Please introduce your role, Peridun in ‘Silla’.

Peridunย is a princess who was born to Frarang, Princess of Silla and Abitin, Persian Prince.

He has very positive personality and looks like a naughty boy but finally he become a great hero after the battle with Zahak, the dark evil.

Q. I think that the best scene of Peridun is the battle scene. The tension and charisma of Peridun are really awesome. But what do you think best scene is?

I like the scene with Pungmul-nori in the market place while the Peridun is growing.

It shows the growth process of Peridun with funny situation and also you can enjoy the exciting dance and rhythm of other actors.

Especially, the scene gives me chances to enjoy the collaboration with other actors so I really like it.

โ–ฒย Scene of ‘Market Place’ in ‘Silla’


Q. You have two figures of Peridun. One is a childish boy and the other is highly evolved protecting the country. Then do you have any trouble to act the two personality?

ย Well… I have some difficulties…

The little Peridun is very curious and has personality like a mischievous boy.

However, he finally becomes a hero of the country.

In this part, I would like to present the emotion for the audiences so I had worried a lot about it.

Therefore I have many talked with the actress who plays Frarang and also kept studying about the facial expression and motion.

Q. As I show the performance, I started to be interested in dancer’s job. What do I need to do to become a dancer and what is the good thing and difficult thing?

In my case, I dreamed to be a general salary-man but I was influenced by my sister who is a dancer.ย 

After entering the university, I focused on a work to find my style searching about the major.

Dancer is a job that you can experience various kinds of work and have communication with audiences.

I think it is the merit of the job.

However, it is very hard in physical part and you need to manage your figure.

Q. Could you please give a closing word to the audiences of Silla?

This performance has many characters. Therefore I would like to recommend to read the story from the program book before the performance. It will help you to understand not only about the story but also the emotion of each character.โ€‹



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