Interview with Narea who plays role in ‘Mohwa’, the court shaman


<Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More> 

Absolute Charisma, ‘Mowha’ the court shaman.

Interview with ‘Narea’, the actress.

Various attractive characters appear such as the court dancer ‘Seoryeon’ and the court worrier ‘Dodam’

in ‘Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More’, the performance of Jeongdong Theater.

Among the characters, there is a very impressive character,
There is ‘Mohwa’ who is the court shaman with very strong charisma and she is charge of all of ritual in the court.

I met ‘Narea’ who plays ‘Mohwa'(Double casted),
the important character who lead the highlight scene -Seoryeon’s revivification.  ​

Q. Please introduce ‘Mohwa’ and what do you think Mohwa’s magnetism.

‘Mohwa’ is the court shaman and she performs the national ritual praying for the peaceful reigns of the nation and the court.

Comparing with ‘Seoryeon’, the best dancer of the court who has a beauty like a flower,

I think ‘Mohwa’ shows absolute charisma outwardly but she she deeply warm heart inside so she has unexpected charm.

Therefore, her charm is felt absolutely.

Q. Actually ‘Shaman’ has negative connotation and it is very strange.
But what is your motive to do this role?

Actually, ‘Shaman’ has negative connotation like uncomfortable or fear in these days.

And it is felt like unfamiliar thing.​

However, in this work, ‘Mohwa’ is a character who fulfills her duties in the court and I, myself, considered this character as a bridge-building role between the God and the human.

I interpreted this mysterious character who tells somebody’s fortune and grant a wish
rather than who controls curse and dark energy.​

In the performance, actually, she has charisma but she embraces many people at the same time.

It is like a Mother’s tolerance and strength.

Therefore, I would like to have this role and I’m very happy to have it.

Q. In this performance, there is not lines as it is dance drama.
However it is possible to understand the story following the dancers motion.
Therefore, do you have any difficulties to storytelling as a dancer? 

Lines and talking contain world and various predicates.

However, for the dance, it was difficult to find connections between motions like a sentences.

However, for making this dance drama, I have many practice to make a dance like a sentence.

For example, I dance reciting the lines in my mind
and repeated it many time to express the feeling and to make people understand it.

During the rehearsal time, the director Kim, emphasizes on this part.

Through this training of the dancers,
the audiences will have experience the beautiful  ‘Body Language’ without the lines.

Q. Do you have any behind story during the performance period?

Few days ago, we have a senior audience group.

All the auditorium is filled with elderly men and women.

They gave sympathetic responses and I was very surprised of it.

It was very impressive that they made exclamations like ‘Oh may’, ‘Don’t do that’

and it seemed like they watched soap opera.

Therefore I could find that the audiences followed the story lines.

I figured out that it is not necessary to be calm as it is a dance drama.

Like Pansori, Maddangguek(Korean mask dance drama) or Changguek(Traditional Korean Opera),

‘Korean dance drama’ could be a performance where the audience freely join in.

At the curtain call, I had a lump in my through when I heard the sound of hand clapping.

I will never forget this experience.

Q. The scene of ‘ritual for revivification’ is the best part of the performance.

Please explain about this scene.

Only seeing this scene, it looks like a ritual to revive the Seoryeon who was dead.

However, in the first part of the story,
you can find a hint that Mohwa has perceived this tragedy and has tried to prevent the incidence.

I think ‘Mohwa’ is a character who wanted to prevent the huge tragedy with her love toward not only one person but everyone and the nation.

I was tried to describe all the emotion

such as misunderstanding and rage which is revealed by people’s jealous,

piercing sadness when they faced to the death of Seoryeon,

and the anger toward Mohwa her self as she could not prevent the tradegy

but the reliance on belief to save Seoryeon’s life.

Through this scene, I would like to give the message that we need to have not only the death and the life

but also a tolerance.

▲Mohwa preparing the ritual_’Narea’

▲Performing the ritual of revivification for Seoryeon_Narea

▲The best scene, Mohwa finally save Seoryeon’s life._Narea

Q. Do you have any comment to the audience?

I think there are stereo type toward the Korean traditional Dance Drama.

But I’m sure that you will change your mind after seeing this performance.

This performance has strong structure like a soap opera or a movie even if it has no line.

You might change your perspective on the ‘Korean traditional dance drama’ after experience this performance.

Please have interest in this performance and please meet Mohwa at once in the theater.

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