The Costumes of Silla


Today, I would like to look into the concept of the costume in the performance <Silla>!

‘Silla’ which was created in 2015 keep being staged through 2016 and 2017.

And it is developed time to time and the costume is one of the developments.

Then, how the 2017 version of the costume look like?

Let’s look into the costume of the protagonists- Abitin, Frarang and Peridun.


The basic concept of the costumes.

‘Silla’ is a performance which tells about the encounter of two cultures- Persia and silla-
through the silk-road in 1,500 years ago.

It is based on ‘Kush-Nama’, a Persian myth.

Once upon a time, the Persian prince Abitin made a emergency lending in Silla.

He met and fell in love with Frarang, the princess of Silla and they gave birth to Peridun.

Then, it is possible to feel the culture of ‘Persia’ and ‘Silla’.

The costume which contains the Persian culture is Abitin’s clothes.

The costume which contains the culture of Silla is Frarang’s clothes.

And the collaboration of the two culture is Peridun’s clothes.

You can find the encounter of the cultures.

The first protagonist is ‘Abitin’, the Persian prince!

He is a strong character who witnessed his father’s death
but he fall in love with the Princess of Silla and reestablished his nation.

The costume of Abitin describes the strong character with the detailed design.

His patterned headband redounds to Abitin.

The left is general Abitin’s costume and the right is the costume of Abitin’s ghost.

The second protagonist is Frarang, the beautiful princess of Silla!

She became a woman from a girl and also the heroin who save the Persia from the crisis.

And finally she became a mother of the nation.

She show various figures by herself.

Her top is disrobing-friendly so her skirt redounds to her beautiful dancing.

Also, we can say that the change of her clothes describes her growth profess from a girl to a mother.

The left is the girl’s costume and the right is the heroin’s costume.

The third protagonist is Peridun!

He is the fruit of the love between Frarang and Abitin
and the hero of the two countries!!

The splendid crown and the blue top describe well Peridun’s boyhood!

Beyond the Abitin, Frarang and Peridun,

the story had various characters such as Kush, Zahak and the cat.

Therefore, please come and see the rest of the colorful costume in the performance! 🙂

2017 Jeongdong Theater Gyeongju Brand Performance

Performing Art <Silla>

▶Performance Period : December. 31

▶Performance Time : Mon-Sat 7:30 pm (No performance on Sundays)

▶Venue : Gyeongju World Culture Expo Theater

​Ticket : VIP 50,000KRW / R 30,000KRW / S 20,000KRW

▶Inquiry : 02-751-1500

 Click to reservation!!


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