[Creation-ing] Original Talchum(Mask Dance) Play “Dong-Dong”

[Creation-ing] Original Talchum(Mask Dance )Play “Dong-Dong”

Exciting Talchum! Drama in Talchum!

For the beginners of Talchum, “Dong-Dong”!

▲ Jeongdong Theater’s Original Talchum Drama <Dong-Dong> Episode #1 : Call for becoming fans – Audition

November 9th 2017. in the up coming fall!

An exciting ‘Original Talchum Drama’ is looking forward to meeting the audience!

March. Jeongdong Theater Creation-ing <Red Cliff>

April~October 29. Jeongdong Theater Tradition Series <Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More>

November 9. Jeongdong Theater Creation-ing Original Talchum Drama <Dong-Dong>

December 7. Jeongdong Theater Creation-ing <Paan>

The Jeongdong Theater’s line-up is completed like above!

Now, a exciting project of Jeongdong Theater is on preparation.

It is for preview of ‘Dong-Dong’ which will be staged right after ‘Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More’

Then let’s look into the project!


Now a days, even Korean people are more familiar with ‘Mask’ then ‘Tal'(Korean Traditional Mask).

And how about ‘Talchum’ which is a dance wearing ‘Tal’?

If you don’t know about ‘Tal’ and hesitate for learning about ‘Talchum’,

Please attention to it!

The original Talchum drama ‘Dong-Dong’ will make you become fans of the exciting genre!


But the performance is held in November 9.

It’s toooo long to have the performance!

But don’t worry!

Starting with the first teaser video in July, the series of promotional video will offer you the steps to join.

Also, Jeongdong Theater will offer the production process video to address the audience on the performance.

Jeongdong Theater will stage the original Talchum drama ‘Dong-Dong’
which is about that The 8 religious precepts and taboos are broken in the last day of Palgwanhoi
(A religious ritual in Goryeo Dynasty) .

However, as considering the audience who are not familiar with the genre,

the production team will present the monthly promotional video from July to October.

Starting with the promotional video of actor’s audition, it shows the introduction of the actors, introduction of Tal(Traditional Mast) and the production of the Tal.

The promotional video of actor’s audition is already published. ​

Then let’s look into the introduction of Talchum!


Chapter. 1

​*The regional features of Talchum *
​Northern Region:  Dance with long sleeves and huge motions like jumping.
Seoul-Gyeonggi Region: Small and cute motions.
Southern Region: Slow and smooth motions. Also pushing down motion.
by pro Talchumler Changryeol

​Chapter. 2

​*Origianl Talchum Drama ‘Dong-Dong’ ‘s historical background*
The time period of the story is the last day of Palgwanhoi in Goryeo dynasty.
The palgwanhoi was religious ritual where people need to observe the 8 taboos(taking of life, theft, lewd acts, lying, drinking alcohol, arrogance, dancing and extravagance and gluttony) during 3 days.
For the purpose of presenting a new Talchum drama, a new story is required.
And for the new story, the encountering of new era and ‘Talchum’ was required.
It is combination of ‘Palgwanhoi’ which was the most colorful festival in Korean history
and festival features of ‘Talchum’ .
by the author and director Yookji

Chapter. 3

*Why? Now talking about ‘Talchum’? : the present aspect of ‘Talchum’*
Talchum was a honest dance which was played in the ground.
But as it is played in the mask,
it is similar with the contemporary people who is honest but want to hide the inside.
by Honest Contemporary Choreographer Jeaseung Kim

We could understand about the regional features of Korean Talchum

and the historical background of the story through the promotional video!

The introduction of the actors will be presented in the 2nd episode of the promotional video.

Which story of the video are looking forward to meet us?

[Original Talchum Drama ‘Dong-Dong’ promotional video series]

Episode #2


Casting of ‘Dong-Dong’

 Introduction of the actors and characters!


Episode #3

 Production of Tal.  Introduce the Origianl tal of



Episode #4

 ‘Dong-Dong’ is staged soon!  The process of the whole production!

November. 9 Open!


The video series are on the Jeongdong Theater Youtube page, Facebook and Naver TV.

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