Jeongdong City Project in Gyeongju

Jeongdong City Project in Gyeongju

Since 2014 



Do you like festival?

It is always excited that even I just thinking to enjoy the music of famous singers and the delicious food!

This is special time to which Jeongdong theater prepared!

           Here I would like to introduce you to Jeongdong City Project!!

Jeongdong City Project in Gyeongju

Jeongdong City Project have started in September 26. 2014

And this year, we welcome the 5th edition of the festival in 2017!

The aim and concept of the project is:

Extending the citizens’ experience of culture,

Activating the Culture and arts through improving quality of life,

Modern and unique indie-band’s concerts,

Extending the experience of various genre of culture,

And the communication between the artists and the audiences.

All for free to the public!​​

2014~2016 Jeongdong City Project

Let me introduce the previous city projects.

1. 2014  Jeongdong City Project in Gyeongju (ART FRONTIER FESTIVAL)

    – Dates : September 26(Fri), 27(Sat), October 3(Fri), 4(Sat) 2014

  – Line-up : Jaeduk Jeon, Juwon Park/ Oksang Dalbit, No.1 Korean/ Ensemble Sinawi, Sound Box/ Jihyeong Lee, Day Break

    – Venue: Gyeongju World Culture Expo Plaza

2. 2015 Jeongdong City Project in Gyeongju

 – Period : July 17. 2015 (Fri)~18(Sat) 19:00~22:00

 – Line-up : 10cm, Soran, Peter Pan Complex, Kimbanjang and Windycity, Day Break, Romantic Punch

  – Venue : Bomun Floating Stage in Bomun Complex

  – Events : Flea Market (Makamodi July 17th), Bomun Floating Stage Performance(July 18th)

3. 2016 Jeongdong City Project in Gyeongju (Spring)

 – Period :  14:00~22:00 May 27 (Fri)- 28(Sat) 2016. 

– Line-up : Urban Zakapa, Soran, Oriental Showcus, Junil Jeong, Peter Pan Complex, Beauty Handsome

 – Venue : Gyeongju World Culture Expo Park

  – Events : Flea Market, Food Avenue, Busking, Street Arks, Arts Zone, Local Arts Communities, Mission Game

4. 2016 Jeongdong City Project in Gyeongju (Autunm)

 – Period : 14:00~22:00 September 9(Fri)~ 10(Sat) 2016 

  – Line-up : 10cm, Day Break, Mongni, Oriental Showcus, Solutions, We are the night

  – Venue : Gyeongju World Culture Expo Park

  – Event : Flea Market, Food Avenue, Busking, Arts Zone, Book Zone, Local Arts Communities, After Party, Mission Game

4 times like above.

This festival opens to enjoy the freedom atmosphere anyone and anytime.

All of the audiences satisfied the concerts by Indie-band singers!

           Various Unit Events 

In City Project, there are various kind of things to see and enjoy!

For example,  Busking Performances in everywhere,

Various street arts attractive to kids.

And Jeongdong Mission Game with the staffs of Jeongdong Theater!


We can not miss the things to eat!

There are many food trucks around the Jeongdong Theater!


There are many events so that it is hard to enjoy all.


        2017 Jeongdong City Project

In this year as well, the festival is held for 2 days.


   I really looking forward to this year’s things to see such as indie-band etc!!

Jeongdong Theater to communicate with audiences!

​Please come and enjoy the Jeongdong City Project!

– 2017 Jeongdong City Project in Gyeongju –

                    Period  :   September 15th(Fri), 2017 – 16(Sat) ​

                    Time  :   18:00~22:00 

                    Venue  :  Bomun Floating Stage in Gyeongju Complex


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