Art Garden in Lunch Time : Indie-musician from Estonia – I wear*Experiment.

[Art Garden in Lunch Time]

Indie-musician from Estonia.

I Wear* Experiment

12.20pm, It is time to be lazy after having lunch.

Art Garden in Lunch Time is coming back!

This Autumn session of the Art Garden in Lunch Time consists of concerts
to communicate with the audiences through the music.​

Every Fridays, 30 minutes long- street performances are staged in Jeongdong Theater Garden.

Today’s artist is :​ I Wear* Experiment .

The band presents very experimental movie sounds and the two concerts in Estonia were sold out.

Also the band has participated various festival in Baltic states

and was selected as the official Christmas music for the president of Estonia.

After I Wear* Experiment started the concert, the audiences became full.

The Art Garden in Lunch Time has very short distance between the stage and the audiences.

It is very nice to enjoy the live concert!!


The band kept communicating with the audiences during the concert.

It was short time in lunch time

but it is enough time to healing for the salary men in Jeongdong-gil!

The next concert is highly expected!!!

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