Cultural life in Bomun Tourist Complex

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I’ve posted about the travel spot in Gyeongju.

Especailly today, I would like to post about ‘Cultural Life’ in Bomun Tourist Complex!


As all of you are coming from out of Gyeongju,

Mostly, you might arrive in Sin Gyeongju Train Station, Express Bus Terminal or Gyeongju Train Station.

For the first, I would like to recommend you to have a great lunch on Hwangridan-gil,

which recently is very famous in Gyeongju.

After having lunch, you can hang around the Hwangridan-gil.

And you can come to Bomun Tourist Complex by bus.

Here below the bus numbers headed for Bomun Tourist Complex.

From Sin Gyeongju Station(KTX)

No. 700

Gyeongju Terminal(Express Bus Terminal)

No.10, No.700, No.18, No.100-1, No.150-1

Gyeongju Station(Train)

No.10, No700, No18, No.100-1, No.150-1

All right! After arriving in Bomun Tourist Complex,

You should visit to ‘Wooyang Museum’.

Wooyang Museum was founded in 1991
and it has presented various international exhibitions & artists inside and outside of Korea!

The museum is located in Hilton Hotel!

Current exhibition isย  ‘Meta-scape’ !

Do you know what ‘Meta-scape’ is?

Regarding the information on the museum web,

it means ‘Meta-reading of landscapes’.

In other words,the exhibition aims to highlight the meta-attitude of artists and the “identity of contemplation” involved in comtemporary, subjective landscape artworks.

Here, the prefix “meta”, originating from the Greek, means “beyond” or “after,” referring to a higher level of abstraction!


Exhibition Period โ€“ June 9.2017 ~ October 8.2017

Venue โ€“ Wooyang Museumย Second & Third Exhibition Hall

Open hours โ€“ 10:00 ~ 18:00 (Closed on Mondays)

Works โ€“ Painting, Photograph, Installation, Media

Admission โ€“ย Adult : 5,000 won / Under age of 20 : 3,000 won/ Under age of 7 : 2,000

*Discount โ€“ Gyeongju Citizen 20% OFF/ Seniors (Above 65), Person of National Merits, Disabled 50% OFF

Inquiry โ€“ +82-(0)54 745 7075

Good Quality of Cultural Experience with Reasonable Price!

For more information, here below the web of the Museum!!

The second place is Solgeo Art Museum

which is located in Gyeongju Expo, a 10 minutes walk.

The parking lot is located at West gate of the Expo so you would walk for 15 minutes.

I would like to recommend you to walk under the nice weather!

The current exhibitions are is ‘Real: Landscape _Jonghui Kim’.

Exhibition Period โ€“ September 12. 2017 ~ November 12. 2017

Venue โ€“ Solgeo Art Museum Exhibition Hall No.2 to 5

Open hours โ€“ 9:00 ~ 18:00 (Closed on Mondays)

Admission โ€“ Adult 5,000 won/ Student 3,000 won

*Free Admission โ€“ Under age of 7, Above age of 65, Disabled and Guardian

Inquiryย โ€“ +82-(0)54 740 3990

For more information :ย

Also, the museum runs Docent Program.

The Docent Program Hours :

Tue-Thu 11 am / 3 pm

It is run for 30 mins.

I recommend you to have the docent program!

ย The last one is ‘Silla’ of Jeongdong Theater!!

After visiting the Solgeo Art Museum, I would recommend you to have dinner at the restaurants

which are located in front of the Expo Park!

Then, it is time to see the performance! at 7.30 pm!

Jeongdong Theater’s ‘Silla’ presents the encounter of the Silla and the Persia.

Here below the synopsis!

Persian Prince Abitin went into exile after the Arab Conquest of Persia.

When he was on a long journey to a remote land of mystery, a storm hit the ship and Abtin felt himself sinking into the dark cold abyss. When he woke up, he realized he had been shipwrecked on a beautiful land called Basilla.

Princess Frarang happened to meet Abtin and fell in love with him at once. However, not long after, she had to say goodbye to Abtin shen he left for his country…

After saving the Persian Empire, Abtin became the new king.

In the middle of the banquet celebrating his victory, and accompanied by dancers, Abtin was assassinated byย  Zahhak and his followers, called Cats.

Frarang left for Persia with her son Faridun to take revenge for the murder of Abtin, and defeated Zahhak. Meanwhile, the Silla Kingdom was invaded by an evil forces of raiders let by Kush…

I highly recommend to see ‘Silla’!!

It runs until December 31, Mon to Sat at 7.30 pm!


2017 Jeongdong Theater Gyeongju Brand

Performing Art <Silla>


โ–ถPerformance Period : Until December 31

โ–ถPerformance Timeย : Mon-Sat 7.30 pm (Closed on Sundays)

โ–ถPerformance Venueย : Cultural Center in Gyeongju World Culture Expo

โ–ถโ€‹Ticket : VIP 50.000 won / R 30,000 won / S 20,000 won

โ–ถInquiryย : +82-(0)2-751-1500



Here below the link for the reservation!


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