The first day of Jeongdong City Project! What a great Indie-music festival!!

[Jeongdong City Project in Gyeonju]

The first day!

What a great Indie-music festival!

On the second week of September, blue banners are every where in front of Sin Gyeongju Station.

Jeongdong City Project in Gyeongju is a outdoor festival which is held in Gyeongju, the City of history and culture.

Since 2014, Jeongdong Theater organized a Indie-music festival once a year

in order to support the cultural development in Gyeongju City.

That is “Jeongdong City Project in Gyeongju”!!!

In this year, the festival is held in Autumn.

Period : September 15-16. 2017 (Two days)

Venue : Bomun floating Theater in Gyeongju

Concept : Under the stars, be lost in Music

Sept 15 – Under the stars, let’s dance (Nametag, The KOXX, IDIOTAPE)

Sept  16 – Under the stars, be lost in Music (FLOWERPOT, The Barberettes, Kimbanjang and Windycity)


Here below the scenes from the first day of the festival!!

Walking through the lake park, I heard music from somewhere.

I walked following the music and I found the Jeongdong Theater’s event booth.

At the entrance of the auditorium, there were repletes which contains the information of the artists and the show.

Also, there were various events to give the audiences many gifts!!

Such as Korean Beef!!!  ​

Also, there was a giveaway event which has no fails!!

Various gifts such as Beef Jerky, Jinsaeng Drink, Amusement Park Ticket and ‘Silla’ Performance Ticket!!!

Also, there was some snack bars of Popcorn, drinks and coffee!

Let’s go inside of the stage!​

At 6 pm, the first stage of Jeongdong City Project in Gyeongju started.

The opening show was by ‘Chungang Jaeil Band’ who won the award of music competition in Gyeongju.

The audiences started to dance and many foreigners also joined to the concert.

During the stage change, the MC leaded a game!


Who will be the winner?!

The winner gained a voucher of The-K Hotel Spa.

In the following game, the performance ticket of ‘Silla’ was also presented.​

The next stage was ‘Nametag’ who plays dynamic and alternative Rock music.

Everyone shouted “Rock n’Roll”!!

After that, the KOXX, a modern rock band came on the stage.

As it was the first time in Gyeongju of the band, the Gyeongju citizens were welcoming the band!

​The last stage was ‘IDIOTAPE’.

IDIOTAPE is electronica band and they won the award of the best dance & electronic album.

The concert finished in the late night and it was like something is missing from the concert.

But also it left a high expectation for the concert of the next day..

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