‘Silla’ through the photos

[Jeongdong Press: <Silla> Review]

A Seouler visits Jeongdong Theater in Gyeongju!

<Silla> through the photos 

Jeongdong Theater, one is located in Seoul and one another in Gyeongju.

Today, as a Seouler, I visited Jeongdong Theater in Gyeongju!

And will show you it through the photos!

<Silla> is a hidden story about Silla and Persia for a thousand years.

King Jamshid who was attacked by Arab harbors his son Abitin with the national treasures and heirlooms.

King Jamshid meets his death while he depends the palace and Abitin  swears to come back to Persia.

Abitin falls in love with Frarang, the tomboy princess of Silla at the beach.

They have a secret wedding but they part
as Abitin has to go back to Persia with his army in order to keep the promise with his father.

Parting from her lover, Frarang recalls of the memories with Abitin and hopes for him to be safely back to Persia.

After coming back to Persia, Abitin became the King after defeating the enemy and rehabilitating the country.

The joy of the victory does not last long,

Zahak, the dark devil appears and Abitin meets his death by the attack of the dark devil.

And Zahak usurps the throne.

Frarang who is left alone in Silla gives birth to her son ‘Peridun’ by her self.

Peridun takes after curious Frarang and strong Abitin and he leave to his father’s home town Persia with his mother
escorted by the army of Silla.

Persia dominated by Zahak is too dark.

Frarang and Feridun find the corpse of Abitin and fight a battle.

Feridun becoes the King after beating off Zahak and having a funeral of Abitin.​

However, Zahak calls another dark devil ‘Kush’

and attack to Silla where is the paradise..

Silla gets a huge damage because of Kush’s attack.

However, Frarang and Peridun have a victory due to the Persian army.

Peridun on the throne of Silla

and Silla again on the peace.

The musical ‘Silla’ comes to the end with the peace of Silla.​

The performance is with colorful costume and wonderful stage affects.

It was worthwhile to go to Gyeongju from Seoul!​

I would like to recommend you to travel in Gyeongju in this good Autumn days.

It would be very memorable day with the performance.

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