The First Production & Rehearsal Meeting of Dong-Dong!

[Jeongdong Theater Korean Mask Dance <Dong-Dong>]

Korean Mask Dance “Dong-Dong”, The first meeting 

*The first production meeting*

The first production meeting of “Dong-Dong”, September, 29 @Jeongdong Theater Rehearsal room ​

The first step of the production is “Encountering”.

Encountering of the production team, encountering of actors and audiences and encountering of the performance and the audiences!

Here below the scenes from the first production meeting of Dong-Dong!

It was the first day of the rehearsal.

And it is the day when the production team and actors introduce each other.

Jeongdong Theater Korean Mask Dance <Dong-Dong> has “Talchum Workshop”

before having the first production.

Anyway, It was Friday, September 29, the first rehearsal meeting!

September. 29, The first production & rehearsal meeting @ Jeongdong Theater Rehearsal Room ​

Jeongdong Theater’s production team, stage arts team, and marketing team were gathering together.

And the actors and all crews were also gathering here.

It began with the greeting of the chairman, Sang-won Song.


There was an awkward silence from the first meeting.

However it finished with hot atmosphere!

CJ Hanpuri supported the first meeting and rehearsal!​

How do you expect the performance?

We are waiting for your support!.

     ◇ Performance Information ◇

Title : Korean Mask Dance “Dong-Dong”
Period : November 9 – November 26. 2017
Time : Weekdays 8 am, Weekend 3 pm (No Performance on Mondays)
Venue : Jeongdong Theater
Inquiry / Reservation : Jeongdong Theater +82-(0)2-751-1500 / Interpark +82- 1544-1555
Held and organized by Jeongdong Theater
*Please click to reservation*

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