Ulsoo(Yoo Hoo)! The 900 minutes to bring up the excitement!

[The Korean traditional Mask Dance Drama <Dong-Dong>]

Ulsoo(Yoo hoo)! The 900 minutes to bring up the excitement!

*Korean Mask Dance Workshop of the actors instructed by Changryeol Heo, the professional mask dancer.*

 Actor’s Korean traditional mask dance workshop @Jeongdong Theater rehearsal hall

From August. 30 to September. 8, the actors of ‘Korean Mask Dance Darama Dong-Dong’ had time to  bring up the excitement.

It was 5 times workshops include the basic of Korean mask dance and intermediate course to make the bodies mask dance-friendly.

There were some actors who had never experienced the Korean mask dance.

Therefore, the workshop was focused on the basic of the Korean mask dance and it was instructed by Changryeol Heo who is the completer of Goseong ogwangdae, the seventh important intangible cultural property.

Same basic motions were repeated and repeated again

because it was important to practice the rhythms of mask dance in the short time.

Everyone was breathing hard after one part as ‘Bongsan Talchum’ has many jumping motions.

I found that Bongsan Talchum has many big and powerful motions while I was looking at the rehearsal.​

There were a big energy from the big and powerful motion.

Is that the attraction of Korean mask dance?

It was first time for me to see the Korean mask dance and I got some interest of it.

I’m very expecting the performance which will be open in November.

“Palgwanheo”, the festival of Goryeo dynasty has came down from the ‘Yeondeungheo’ of Silla.

And the ‘Yeondeungheo’ which is held on every Buddha’s birthday also came from the ‘Palgwanheo’

so it was not the new one.

The original Korean mask dance drama ‘Dong-Dong’ will give you the joy and energy!

Please don’t miss the performance to see the result of this 900 minutes!

               ◇ Performance Information◇

Title : The Korean Mask Dance ‘Dong-Dong’
Period : November. 9 – November. 26. 2017
Time: 8 pm on Weekdays, 3 pm on Weekend (No performance on Mondays)
Venue : Jeongdong Theater
Inquiry and Reservation: Jeongdong Theater +82-(0)2-751-1500 / Interpark : +82-1544-1555
Held and Organized by Jeongdong Theater
*Please click the image for the reservation*

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