Audience Meeting Party of Musical Dong-Dong

Have you seen the musical ‘Dong-Dong’ which is the second project of ‘Creation-ing’?

In the night of November 10, after the second show of Dong-Dong,
the audience meeting party of Musical Dong-Dong was held in Jeongdong Maru.

스티커 이미지

It was time to be with the audience and the production team having traditional alcohol

in order to have various conversation on the musical.

This is the scene from the beginning of the event.

After the performance finished, many audiences came to Jeongdong Maru.

 From the number of the people, it is assumed how exciting the musical was.

In the corner, many cookies and rice cakes are ready.

And next to them, there were alcohols!

The alcohols were so special. They are signature cocktails made of the traditional alcohols sponsored by ‘Woori Soolbang’.

And Jung hyun Seo, the ambassador of Korean traditional alcohol, made the cocktails in the venue!

It is ssso cooool!!!

The left one is ‘Cocktail Hyeonjong’ based on Lemon and the right one is ‘Cocktail Kanggamchan’ based on grapefruit’.

The taste was so good as much as the color.

With the great cocktails, the conversation session was started.

For the conversation session, director Yukji, Choreographer Jaeseung Kim,
Changryeol Heo and Actor Hyuncheol Jeong appeared on the stage.

Jaeseung Kim told,

“Thanks to Changryeol, I could work with great actors.
At the first time, I was wondering if the actors could complete the Korean traditional mask dance.
However, as time goes by, I was happy to see the actors changed.”

For the question of “Who changed most?”,

He said “Hyeoncheol Jeong. I was surprised today.”

Changryeol Heo, who taught the actors the Korean traditional mask dance, said

“I would like to give a big hand to the actors who mastered the dance in the short time”

And the director Yukji said,

“I’m very proud of the actors. They confirmed that I’m not wrong.”

For the question about the usage of umbrella for the war,

The director said, “I hope not to have stress from the war with swords.
And I would like to describe the meaning of the war as defensing and saving somebody not as cutting others”

“Also, I thought that the umbrella goes with the image of the full moon.”

The director’s intention was very impressive.

The events proceeded on under an atmosphere of freedom.

The MC, Hyeoncheol Jeong was so funny.

Also, ‘contest of 2 line poem’ added more fun.

Here below the 2 line poem by actor Hyeoncheol Park.

Actor Jaehyeon Lee and Yongnam Kim also took a part in the events.

Jaehyeon Lee acted a role of ‘Cao Cao’ in ‘Red Cliff’ and he sang a song for Dong-Dong in the event.

Here is the beat box by Actor Yongnam Kim!

He told that he is so sad because he doesn’t have any song in this musical even if he is a musical actor.

I also so sad about that.

스티커 이미지

The event was finished in the hot atmosphere.
At the end of the events, the actors took photos or communicated with the audiences.

Please come and see the musical!


Interview with Han, Sung , the Persian prince of Musical ‘Silla’


Interview with Han, Sung.

An actor in the role of Abitin, the strong Persian prince.

The hero of musical ‘Silla’, Abitin is the Persian prince.

He is swept and is shipwrecked in Silla.

Finally, he falls in love with the princess of Silla; Frarang.

However, he has to go back to Persia and meets his death in his home because of the attack by the devil, Jahak.

Here below the interview with Han, Sung, who plays the role of Abitin!


1. Why and when did you start dancing?

Actually, I didn’t have any special reason to start dancing.

 I just decided to go a high school of arts with my friend

and I keep dancing for 17 years.


2. How meaningful the musical ‘Silla’ and the role ‘Abitin’ is for you?

Actually, I have thought a lot about this after receiving this question.

As for Silla, it is a new history which is not well-know to the world!

And I think Abitin is the storyteller of the history.

Actually, this role is a new challenge and new experience for me.

Personally, this role is a chance to show my potential power and energy as a dancer.

3. What was your preparation to describe the role?

I just concentrate to the acting, thinking that my role is a story teller.

Because I think it is more important to deliver the story to the audience than to show something special.

And this character has various images in a time sequence so I concentrate to show them as well.

4. Do you have any thing have to do or have not to do before going on the stage?

Yes, I have. Actually it is not for me but for others.

I try to remind the sequence before going on the stage.

This is time for self-checking and for condition checking. Also, checking the dance note!

Also, I put a sole of my foots on the stage to feel it.

During the time, I recognize the weather, my condition, the air and temperature on the stage

and decide how to use the energy.

And I try not to be effected by the situation and try to concentrate my self.

5. What is the best scene for you?

Actually, I have some scenes but I would like to talk about the scene of the battle with ‘Jahak’.

This scene is crucial because Abitin meet the death here.

This scene consists of the collaborative dance with other dancers.

Therefore it is important to be considerate to others.

Also, in this scene the dense energies exploded so it could be the best scene.

6. Musical ‘Silla’ is developed for 3 years and the performance of this year is also upgraded comparing with last year.

What do you think the viewing point is?

First of all, it became easier to understand.

Also, costume changes, media arts and magics are added in to the performance.

And the scene of Samul-nori is the viewing point to fell the Korean beauty and excitement.

I hope the audience enjoy this parts.

7. Do you have any method to act? 

Actually it is hard to say exactly. 

I just don’t think to be the character but make my own character.

And I think that it is the method to have the truth for acting.

It is hard to do something that I didn’t know about.

Therefore, to act a character, it is needed to have long time and process to make it clear.

8. Please give a last word for the audience!

It is been already 3 years that I perform for Silla in Gyeongju.

This city has not a big demand for culture and arts but I think this performance is worth.

Because many actors and staffs work for this faithfully and they keep working!

Therefore please come and see the performance more!


2017 Jeongdong Theater Gyeongju Brand

Performing Art <Silla>

▶Period : Until December 31

▶Performance time : Mon-Sat 7.30 pm (No performance on Sundays)

▶Performance Venue : Cultural Center, Gyeongju World Culture Expo

​Tickets : VIP 50,000 won / R 30,000 won / S 20,000 won

▶Inquiry : +82-(0)54-740-3800

 Please click to access the reservation page.


[PANN: The Stage] Musical “Pann: The Stage” is re-staged! A story of the best story tellers in Joseon era!

Musical “Pann: The Stage” was selected as the third performance of “Creation-ing” project .

This musical was the best performance of ‘Stage-up’ project organized by  CJ cultural foundation.

And it is re-staged in coming December, in Jeongdong Theater!

Musical <Pann: The stage>is an well-made contents which is developed through many steps.

After having the premier in march, it became popular.

It is story about “Jeon-gisu” which is the professional storyteller in Joseon era.

Here below the brief synopsis.

Dal-su, a noble man is attracted by story telling
after having met Hotae, a professional story teller who receives loves from all around the country.

Later, Dal-su lives a double life; a noble man in the day time and a story teller in the night time.

The story is presented with lots of humors and satires.

Most of the production team and of the actors involve again in the re-staged performance!

Jichul Kim in the role of Dal-su and Jihun Kim in the role of Hotae also involve again in the performance!

Here below the introduction of the two actors!

This is Jichul Kim who acts as Dal-su.

He have had active work for musicals and plays.

He has acted for Musical Bathman(2017), Little Jack(2017), The great Gatsby(2017), Pyro-sonata(2017).

And this is Jihun Kim, who acts as Hotae.

He acts various kinds of characters.

He has acted for Musical Laundry(2009-2017), Romance in Luck (2017), The good youth(2015), Late night restaurant(2014).

It is expected to be also “new” performance with the two actors!

This performance will make the end of the year memorable!

I hope you enjoy the performance for your end of year!

Good bye Lotus!

The performance “Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More” which started on April 6 2017 finished on October 29.

“Lotus..” is a fiction which is set in the court of Joseon Dynasty
and it is story about the love and parting between Seoryon, the best dancer in the court, and Dodam, the best worrier in the court.

The story is described by the colorful dance of Korean tradition.

As it has the dignity of Korean traditional description and traditional dance, beautiful spectacle and wonderful music,
it has been well-received by the audience from April to October.

On the day of the last performance, October 29 | Jeongdong Theater

The scene where Soryeon dances playing a Korean traditional instrument, ‘Haeguem’, was the best impressive. The melody played by protagonist, Seoryeon, made a beautiful atmosphere and sensation of immersion. 

On the day of the last performance, October 29 | Jeongdong Theater

At 8pm, on Sunday, October 29.
It was very touching to see the last scene of the last performance. 

<Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More> had totally 381 times of performances during 6 months.

I can not imagine how was the feeling of the actors preparing the last performance today.

The last photo time, on October 29 | Jeongdong Theater

After the last performance was finished, the ‘photo time’ service of Jeongdong Theater was offered as usual.
It was very interesting for the foreign audiences so there were many foreign audiences including Japanese on the last day.
Even though the story was based on the Korean traditional tale, the performance was very interpretable for the foreign audiences.
Also, it was a performance to feel the colorful dance of the Korean tradition
from the smooth motion of female dancers to the powerful group dance of male dancers.  

The last photo time, on October 29 | Jeongdong Theater

The actors showed big smile for the last photo time.
It seems like that they keep comforting their sorrow of parting with laughing.

On the stage after finishing the performance on October 29 | Jeongdong Theater

After finishing the performance and the photo time, all of the actors gathered on the stage.
And for the last performance, Chunghan Kim, the director and choreographer  of the performance came and join.
 The actors and dancers embraced each other with the sorrow of  parting.

On the stage after finishing the performance on October 29 | Jeongdong Theater

I feel very sad to think that I can not see the performance which had has been staged from April to October any more.
However, I can keep the memories in my mind and I think it is the merit of the performance.

For the memory, the actors took pictures on the stage.

The long journey of “Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More” from April 6 to October 29 was finished.
 “Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More” may blossom in the heart of the audiences and the actors as a beautiful memory.

Thanks to the actors and staffs who involved in the performance! And Thanks to the audiences!
Good bye Lotus!

On the stage after finishing the performance on October 29 | Jeongdong Theater

The showcase of ‘Dong-Dong’

The Script Reading Rehearsal of ‘Dong-Dong’


Finally, The original Korean mask dance musical, Dong-Dong opened on November 9!!

As it is a original musical, much of expectations are on it!!

Last October 14, there was a script reading rehearsal in the rehearsal room of Jeongdong Theater.

Therefore, I could meet the story before its premiere.


It was first time for me to see the ‘script reading rehearsal’.

It was more than ‘reading’ because of the actor’s powerful acting.

I thought that the script reading rehearsal is a place for deeply understanding the story.

When I heard the reading without any action of the actor, I could more concentrate to the story and lines.

As ‘Dong-Dong’ is a musical, I could also hear the songs.

In the singing part, the actors danced and  expressed through their face so It was like seeing the real musical.

The background of the story of ‘Dong-Dong’ is in Goryeo,
when the 8th King Hyeonjong’ governed the country and the Palgwanhoe was held.

Palgwanhoe was a religious event but it became a national festival in the three kingdom period.

And it was enjoyed until Goryeo Dynasty.

However, in early Goryeo, it was abolished by King Seongjong.

Later, it was reintroduced by King Hyeonjong.

Hyeongjong concerns about the invasion of the Khitan externally, and he also travels to find a courage and confidence internally.

It is resemble to the story of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ because it also is about the people who dreamed aberrant life.

The most impressive part from the rehearsal was ‘Music’.

 As Goryeo is the background of the story, some songs consist the Goryeo Gayo(Song of Goryeo era).

The songs such as ‘Dong-Dong’ and ‘Cheongsan Byeolgok’ that I learned in my school like came very differently to me.

After meeting the story through the script reading rehearsal, I have more expectation of the performance!


King Hyeonjong of Goryeo, who took other’s face!

The best General, Gang Gam-chan who got stolen his face!

Find your face hidden behind other’s face!


Once upon a time in 1010, Goryeo Gaegyeong..

After acceding to 8th King of Goryeo, King Hyeonjong tries to restore ‘Palgwanheo’ as a national festival but the Khitan warns the second invasion with 400 thousands of the army. Goryeo has already been damaged by the first invasion. The ministers including Master Jingwan(a monk) argue to give a part of the north and have war damage. However, Genernal Gang Gam-chan only argues to fight with the northern country.

The vulnerable King Hyeonjong runs out the palace with the oppression without any decision. At the time, The sea god who wakes up due to Palgwanheo comes and pass away and the mask of General Gang Gam-chan replaces the god in the place. The king takes the mask and gets into the adventure feeling an intrepidness.

During the Palgwanheo, under the full moon, the people who dream of breaking away from the 8 precepts appears in front of the King’s eyes…


      ◇ Performance Information ◇

Title : Traditional Mask Dance ‘Dong-Dong’
Period : November 9 -November 26 2017
Time : Weekdays 8pm, Weekend 3pm (No performance on Mondays)
Venue : Jeongdong Theater
Inquiry & Revervation : Jeongdong Theater +82-(0)2-751-1500 / Interpark +82-1544-1555
Organized by Jeongdong Theater
*Please click the image below for the reservation*

International K-pop Fans experienced the Janggu Class!!

[Jeongdong Theater Traditional Culture Program_Janggu Class]

International K-pop Fans experienced the Janggu Class
in Jeongdong Theater!

Last October 23, the Sky was so high and the doldam-gil was so beautiful because of the autumn colors.

And Jeongdong Theater had special guests from all over the world!

They were 40 people of international K-pop fens from 12 countries.

They were selected by 32 branches of Korea Tourism Organisation(KRO)

because they all are contributors of social network or communities regarding K-pop.

They visited Jeongdong Theater to experience the traditional culture program.

After having seat in Jeongdong Maru, the venue of the Janggu Class,

they were so curious about the Korean traditional instrument so they took a pictures and touched Janggu.

First of all, they learned the basic information about the Janggu

such as how to call the part of the instrument and oral sound of the rhythm.

It was not familiar to them to pronounce but they were so excited to learn about the Korean traditional music.

When the participants became familiar with Janggu, they started to learn ‘Hwimori Jangdan(rhythm)’.

The instructor taught very smoothly for the K-pop fens who met Janggu for the first time.

It seemed like that all participants followed well the teacher.

After learning the ‘Hwimori Jangdan’, some participants demonstrated what they learned in front of others.

It was really surprising that they did very good job even it was the first time for them!!

Everybody gave them a big hand!

At the end, all participants and the instructor took a photo together!

They seemed like to feel the sorrow of parting but they leave photo and video as much as possible.

I guess that Korea they saw through the Janggu class is different with what they was through K-pop.

I hope they have this memory forever!

Musical Pann: The Stage! Promotional photo shooting day!


Visiting the studio where “musical Pann: The Stage”‘s promotional photo has been taken.

In December! A chatter man from the Joseon era will be stage on the Jeongdong Theater!

It is collaboration of CJ cultural foundation and Jeongdong Theater and will be staged from December 9 to December 31.

This musical was selected as the Stage-up best performance by CJ cultural foundation

so the quality of the performance is guaranteed!

Musical Pann: The Stage is a story about ‘Dalsu’, a noble man who is charmed by ‘Hotae’ the best story teller in Joseon era.

And the musical’s casting is confirmed!

Jicheol Kim, for the role of ‘Dalsu’

Jihoon Kim, for the role of ‘Hotae’!

In the last week of September, there was a promotional photo shooting so I visited the studio.

When I arrived in the studio, the two actors were taking the photo together.

And the atmosphere was so freely!

They gave much of poses, gestures and humors for the photo of posters.

And the two actors worked in the perfect harmony!!


In the solo shootings, the actors presented more about the characters.

Jicheol Kim described ‘Dalsu’ as an elegance of the noble man as well as the curiosity and fashion that the Dalsu has.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the character on the stage!

 And the Jihoon Kim gave more funny poses to describe the best storyteller in Joseon era!

The musical Pann : the stage will be staged in Jeongdong Theater, in December.

Really looking forward to seeing the performance!!

Ticket Open on October 30!!

The Civil Workshop of Korean Mask Dance!


I’m the mania of Korean mask dance!

Original Korean mask dance drama “Dong-Dong”, The Civil workshop of Korean Mask Dance.

Jeongdong Theater The Civil Workshop of Korean Mask Dance-October.21. @Jeongdong Theater Rehearsal Hall ⓒPhotographer, Yoo A-ra​

In the coming up November, The sounds of “Ul-soo” and “Jeol-soo” fill in the Jeongdong Theater!

Because, the original Korean mask dance drama “Dong-Dong” will be on the stage!!

And today, there was ‘The civil workshop of Korean mask dance” in Jeongdong Theater.

It was a chance to see the musical “Dong-Dong” which will be staged from November 9

as well as a chance to meet the actors and learn about the “Tal-chum(Korean traditional mask dance)!

The program consists of 2 parts.

In the first part, the participants made Korean traditional masks by them self.

And in the second part, the actors of “Dong-Dong” introduces by them-selves and taught the Korean mask dance.

At the last part, all the participants and the actors danced together.


Jeongdong Theater The Civil Workshop of Korean Mask Dance-October.21. @Jeongdong Theater Rehearsal Hall ⓒPhotographer, Yoo A-ra​

Even it was the very nice weather of the fall,

many of participants came from every where in Korean including Busan and Ulsan.

Today’s aim is making one’s mask and dance the Korean mask dance!

Before starting, there were many materials to make the mask on the tables

and the participants enjoyed to choose the basic form of the mask beforehand.

Jeongdong Theater The Civil Workshop of Korean Mask Dance-October.21. @Jeongdong Theater Rehearsal Hall ⓒPhotographer, Yoo A-ra​

With the short introduction of the MC, the first part of the program started.

The participants looked like master craftsmen of the Korean traditional mask.

    Jeongdong Theater The Civil Workshop of Korean Mask Dance-October.21. @Jeongdong Theater Rehearsal Hall ⓒPhotographer, Yoo A-ra​

Jeongdong Theater The Civil Workshop of Korean Mask Dance-October.21. @Jeongdong Theater Rehearsal Hall ⓒPhotographer, Yoo A-ra​

Jeongdong Theater The Civil Workshop of Korean Mask Dance-October.21. @Jeongdong Theater Rehearsal Hall ⓒPhotographer, Yoo A-ra​

Then, let’s see the masks that participants had made!

Jeongdong Theater The Civil Workshop of Korean Mask Dance-October.21. @Jeongdong Theater Rehearsal Hall ⓒPhotographer, Yoo A-ra​

Jeongdong Theater The Civil Workshop of Korean Mask Dance-October.21. @Jeongdong Theater Rehearsal Hall ⓒPhotographer, Yoo A-ra​

Jeongdong Theater The Civil Workshop of Korean Mask Dance-October.21. @Jeongdong Theater Rehearsal Hall ⓒPhotographer, Yoo A-ra​

After making the mask,

the participants introduces their own mask by themselves

and the entire audience broke into loud and uncontrolled laughter.

In the break time, the participants took selfies with their own masks

and the atmosphere was very overwhelming.

The actors of “Dong-Dong” joined to the program in the second part.

The venue was the rehearsal room of the musical

so the participants also could learn the “Bongsan Tal-chum”
(Korean traditional mask dance of Northern region)​

Jeongdong Theater The Civil Workshop of Korean Mask Dance-October.21. @Jeongdong Theater Rehearsal Hall ⓒPhotographer, Yoo A-ra​

The participants wore the long sleeves for the Korean mask dance.

They looked like unfamiliar with the long sleeves but they were very excited.

Today’s mission was to learn the ‘Bongsan Tal-chum’.

Let’s see what it is!

*Bongsan Talchum*

It is a Korean traditional mask dance
which has been handed down in Bongsan area in Hwanghaedo province.

And it is registered as an intangible cultural property of Korea No. 17.

It contains the story about keeping off the misfortune
and praying for the harvest with much of humors.

Jeongdong Theater The Civil Workshop of Korean Mask Dance-October.21. @Jeongdong Theater Rehearsal Hall ⓒPhotographer, Yoo A-ra​

Today was the very best weekend for the participants

because they learned the Korean traditional mask dance from the actors of “Dong-Dong”

Jeongdong Theater The Civil Workshop of Korean Mask Dance-October.21. @Jeongdong Theater Rehearsal Hall ⓒPhotographer, Yoo A-ra​

At the end, every participants and actors danced what they learned in the day

and the participants saw the performance that the actors had prepared.

Now, I’m very looking forward the original Korean mask dance drama “Dong-Dong”!

You will meet the musical from November 9th!

​                 ◇ Performance Information ◇

 Title : Korean Mask Dance  “Dong-Dong”

Period : November 9 – November 26 2017
Time : 8 pm in Weekdays, 3 pm on Weekend (No performance on Mondays)
Venue : Jeongdong Theater
Inquiry & Reservation : Jeongdong Theater +82-(0)2-751-1500 / Interpark +82-1544-1555
Hosted and Organized by Jeongdong Theater
*Please click the image below for the reservation*