Musical Pann: The Stage! Promotional photo shooting day!


Visiting the studio where “musical Pann: The Stage”‘s promotional photo has been taken.

In December! A chatter man from the Joseon era will be stage on the Jeongdong Theater!

It is collaboration of CJ cultural foundation and Jeongdong Theater and will be staged from December 9 to December 31.

This musical was selected as the Stage-up best performance by CJ cultural foundation

so the quality of the performance is guaranteed!

Musical Pann: The Stage is a story about ‘Dalsu’, a noble man who is charmed by ‘Hotae’ the best story teller in Joseon era.

And the musical’s casting is confirmed!

Jicheol Kim, for the role of ‘Dalsu’

Jihoon Kim, for the role of ‘Hotae’!

In the last week of September, there was a promotional photo shooting so I visited the studio.

When I arrived in the studio, the two actors were taking the photo together.

And the atmosphere was so freely!

They gave much of poses, gestures and humors for the photo of posters.

And the two actors worked in the perfect harmony!!


In the solo shootings, the actors presented more about the characters.

Jicheol Kim described ‘Dalsu’ as an elegance of the noble man as well as the curiosity and fashion that the Dalsu has.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the character on the stage!

 And the Jihoon Kim gave more funny poses to describe the best storyteller in Joseon era!

The musical Pann : the stage will be staged in Jeongdong Theater, in December.

Really looking forward to seeing the performance!!

Ticket Open on October 30!!

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