The showcase of ‘Dong-Dong’

The Script Reading Rehearsal of ‘Dong-Dong’


Finally, The original Korean mask dance musical, Dong-Dong opened on November 9!!

As it is a original musical, much of expectations are on it!!

Last October 14, there was a script reading rehearsal in the rehearsal room of Jeongdong Theater.

Therefore, I could meet the story before its premiere.


It was first time for me to see the ‘script reading rehearsal’.

It was more than ‘reading’ because of the actor’s powerful acting.

I thought that the script reading rehearsal is a place for deeply understanding the story.

When I heard the reading without any action of the actor, I could more concentrate to the story and lines.

As ‘Dong-Dong’ is a musical, I could also hear the songs.

In the singing part, the actors danced and  expressed through their face so It was like seeing the real musical.

The background of the story of ‘Dong-Dong’ is in Goryeo,
when the 8th King Hyeonjong’ governed the country and the Palgwanhoe was held.

Palgwanhoe was a religious event but it became a national festival in the three kingdom period.

And it was enjoyed until Goryeo Dynasty.

However, in early Goryeo, it was abolished by King Seongjong.

Later, it was reintroduced by King Hyeonjong.

Hyeongjong concerns about the invasion of the Khitan externally, and he also travels to find a courage and confidence internally.

It is resemble to the story of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ because it also is about the people who dreamed aberrant life.

The most impressive part from the rehearsal was ‘Music’.

 As Goryeo is the background of the story, some songs consist the Goryeo Gayo(Song of Goryeo era).

The songs such as ‘Dong-Dong’ and ‘Cheongsan Byeolgok’ that I learned in my school like came very differently to me.

After meeting the story through the script reading rehearsal, I have more expectation of the performance!


King Hyeonjong of Goryeo, who took other’s face!

The best General, Gang Gam-chan who got stolen his face!

Find your face hidden behind other’s face!


Once upon a time in 1010, Goryeo Gaegyeong..

After acceding to 8th King of Goryeo, King Hyeonjong tries to restore ‘Palgwanheo’ as a national festival but the Khitan warns the second invasion with 400 thousands of the army. Goryeo has already been damaged by the first invasion. The ministers including Master Jingwan(a monk) argue to give a part of the north and have war damage. However, Genernal Gang Gam-chan only argues to fight with the northern country.

The vulnerable King Hyeonjong runs out the palace with the oppression without any decision. At the time, The sea god who wakes up due to Palgwanheo comes and pass away and the mask of General Gang Gam-chan replaces the god in the place. The king takes the mask and gets into the adventure feeling an intrepidness.

During the Palgwanheo, under the full moon, the people who dream of breaking away from the 8 precepts appears in front of the King’s eyes…


      ◇ Performance Information ◇

Title : Traditional Mask Dance ‘Dong-Dong’
Period : November 9 -November 26 2017
Time : Weekdays 8pm, Weekend 3pm (No performance on Mondays)
Venue : Jeongdong Theater
Inquiry & Revervation : Jeongdong Theater +82-(0)2-751-1500 / Interpark +82-1544-1555
Organized by Jeongdong Theater
*Please click the image below for the reservation*

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