[PANN: The Stage] Musical “Pann: The Stage” is re-staged! A story of the best story tellers in Joseon era!

Musical “Pann: The Stage” was selected as the third performance of “Creation-ing” project .

This musical was the best performance of ‘Stage-up’ project organized by  CJ cultural foundation.

And it is re-staged in coming December, in Jeongdong Theater!

Musical <Pann: The stage>is an well-made contents which is developed through many steps.

After having the premier in march, it became popular.

It is story about “Jeon-gisu” which is the professional storyteller in Joseon era.

Here below the brief synopsis.

Dal-su, a noble man is attracted by story telling
after having met Hotae, a professional story teller who receives loves from all around the country.

Later, Dal-su lives a double life; a noble man in the day time and a story teller in the night time.

The story is presented with lots of humors and satires.

Most of the production team and of the actors involve again in the re-staged performance!

Jichul Kim in the role of Dal-su and Jihun Kim in the role of Hotae also involve again in the performance!

Here below the introduction of the two actors!

This is Jichul Kim who acts as Dal-su.

He have had active work for musicals and plays.

He has acted for Musical Bathman(2017), Little Jack(2017), The great Gatsby(2017), Pyro-sonata(2017).

And this is Jihun Kim, who acts as Hotae.

He acts various kinds of characters.

He has acted for Musical Laundry(2009-2017), Romance in Luck (2017), The good youth(2015), Late night restaurant(2014).

It is expected to be also “new” performance with the two actors!

This performance will make the end of the year memorable!

I hope you enjoy the performance for your end of year!

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