(SCENE PLAYBILL) Let’s jive and juke on that play!

Musical ‘Pann: the stage’, which hit the Deahakro last march, is coming back
and it will hit again the Jeongdong Theater!

Editor. Jihye Jeong

In Joseon era, there were professional storytellers. Do you know who they are?
They were the people who called ‘Jeongi-su’. Jeongi-su were payed giving reading stories.
They appeared after the number of novels increased in the last of Joseon era.

Musical ‘Pann: The Stage’ is a satirical drama on the story of  men who are Jeongi-su.
The author and the music director of this musical were incubated by CJ Creative Minds project. It got an opportunity for the premier through the first project of CJ Cultural Foundation’s STAGE UP and the premier was held in CJ Azit, last march.
The encore in Jeongdong theater is really meaningful because it is the first collaboration project between Jeongdong Theater and CJ Cultural Foundation.

Musical ‘Pann: The Stage’ is coming again.

The musical ‘Pann: The Stage’ is set in the last of Joseon era
and it describes the process where a noble man, ‘Dalsu’ becomes a storyteller
after meeting the best storyteller in Joseon, ‘Hotae’.
This musical describes the double life of ‘Dalsu’;
a life of nobleman during the day and a life of storyteller during the night.

The play presents the traditional ways of  satirical drama which could be found in the Pansori and novels in last Joseon era.
However, it satirizes the contemporary issues so it is well received by the audiences who live the 21 century.

Also, the music consist of the traditional aspect.
Narimea Lee, the musical director joined this musical and she will add the traditional aspect into the usual musical format.
For example, the song titled ‘Storyteller’ which is written on the swing music has Korean traditional beauty adding Jajinmori Jangdan(one of the Korean traditional rythm which is fast).

Furthermore, the actors also made an effort to have the Korean traditional attraction.
They had had motion workshop on Yangju Byeolsandae and Gyeonggi Minyo.
The two main actors join again into this encore play.
Dalsu : Jicheol Kim, Hotae : Jihoon Kim, Choonseom: Eunsil Choi, I-deok: Juhye Yoo.
Director : Jeongju Byeon.

Don’ miss it!

Musical ‘Pann: The Stage’
Period: December 7 to December 31, 2017
Time: Tue-Fri 8 pm / Sat 3 pm, 7 pm / Sun 3 pm
Venue: Jeongdong Theater
Written by Eunyoung Jeong, Music by Yoonseul Park, Directed by Jeongju Byeon
Actors: Jicheol Kim, Jihoon Kim, Eunsil Choi, Juhye Yoo,
Jinyoung Yoon, Sori Im, Youngseok Choi.
Inquiry : +82-(0)2-751-1500

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