[The Palace:Jang Nok-su-jeon] Artist Jang Nok-su is coming! The ONLY Kisaeng who able to step into palace in Joseon dynasty, (5th April 2018@Jeong Dong Theater)

The making of <The Palace: Jang Nok-su-jeon>

2018, the traditional theater which represents Korea!

What’s kind of show(s) will be presented by Jeong Dong Theater?

If you curious about that, please~~ pay attention!!

Have you check the poster which a lady is lifting her green hanbok?


2018 Jeong Dong Theater’s series performance <The Palace: Jang Nok-su-jeon>

From now, you can check out the performance’s making related information through @Noksustagram

Since 1995.

Jeong Dong Theater as a Korea’s traditional theater, had 20 years experience in presenting Korean traditional theater performance and presented 7,721 times of shows. We had been 65 countries and 120 cities to having our Korean traditional performances all around the world.


Korean dance as a basis and presented through drama way is an unique performance of Jeong Dong Theater. Even though there’s no speech, our perforrmance(s) is able to express the touching expression and pride of Korean through our music and dances.

Posters of Jeong Dong Theater’s series performance

Jeong Deong Theater presented the classical theater performance such as “Love songs of Chun-hyang”, “Baebijang-jeon”, through our performance brand [Miso] series.

Baebijang-jeon had been presented at Fuzhou and Shanghai, China in 2014 and Taiwan tour in 2015, and we received a lots of love from audiences like Asian traditional Hallyu-wave.

Jeong Dong Theater, overseas tour and audiences


Other than the pride of Jeong Dong Theater’s contents, even there’s no speech in the perfomance, Jeong Dong Theater still capable to express the plot of drama and touching scenes with beautiful dances.



you could enjoy to see those dynamic dances steps in the performance like a musical show.






what kind of  theater performance that Jeong Dong Theater would be presented in 2018?



2018 Jeong Dong Theater series performance

<The Palace: Jang Nok-su-jeon>


From a lowly servant,

climbs up to the position of King’s consort

the only Kisaeng (Kisaeng: who works to entertain gentry and Kings)

who capable to step into Palace in Joseon dynasty.


The best artist ever in Korea’s history,

with barefaced ambition, Jang Nok-su!


How Jang Nok-su dances?

How Jang Nok-su able to grab the attention of King?

Why she left a bad image to posterity?

The story of dangerous Cinderella in Joseon dynasty

2018 Jeong Deong Theater’s series performance <The Palace: Jang Nok-su>


The hidden face of Jang Nok-su comes along with glamorous gestures,

lest’s check it out!


5th April 2018 ,4pm @ Jeong Deong theater

Please look forward to the reborn of Jang Nok-su!

<The Palace: Jang Nok-su>

Period: from 5th April 2018 – OPEN RUN

Day/ Time: Tuesday to Saturday  4pm

Location: Jeong Dong Theater

Organizer: Jeong Dong Theater



Choreography: Jang Hyea Jin

Director: Oh Kyeong Taek

Writer: Kyeong Min Seon

Composer: Kim Cheol Hwan







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