[The Palace: Jang Nok-su-jeon] aka. ‘the story of dangerous Cinderella in Joseon Dynasty’ will be kick off on 5th April 2018!!


Hi everyone ๐Ÿ™‚
We are Jeong Dong Theater, Koreaโ€™s traditional theater.
We would like to introduce our new series performance from 2018!
2018 Jeong Dong Theaterโ€™s series performance : <The Palace: Jang Nok-su-jeon>

Since Jeong Dong Theater established on 1995, Jeong Dong Theater presented 7,721 times of Korean traditional performances in 21 years. Especially the unique performance of Jeong Dong Theater, which is story-telling drama presented through Korean dance, without any speech, but impressed people around the world through music and gorgeous danceโ€™s motion.
We are going to present you <The Palace: Jang Nok-su-jeon> , also known as โ€˜the story of dangerous Cinderella in Joseon Dynasty โ€™, introducing you the Koreanโ€™s traditional entertainment culture and the palaceโ€™s culture by Jang Nok-suโ€™s gorgeous gestures.

The introduction of synopsis and characters are in the following~

This show will be kick off on 5th of April 2018, every Tuesday to Saturday, 4pm.

Ticket price:
VIP 60,000won
R zone 50,000won
S zone 40,000won

Ticketing/reservation will be available from March.

For more information, please find out at our homepage (www.jeongdong.com) or email us (cs1500@jeongdong.or.kr) for inquiries.
Please look forward to <The Palace: Jang Nok-su-jeon> and come to support us!

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