‘The Palace:Tale of Jang Noksu’ Pre-sale STARTED ! Regular discount as well as special discount from April to June!

Hello everyone! JeongDong Theater is here 🙂

Finally the pre-sale tickets of ‘The Palace: Jang Noksu’ is available NOW at official homepage!

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JeongDong Theater homepage: http://www.jeongdongtheater.com

Interpark Ticketing site:  https://goo.gl/dQLeyu

There’s regular discount and special discount for the show of ‘The Palace: Tale of Jang Noksu’.

The following are the regular discount(s) :

 International students, senior citizen(foreigners) aged from 60 and the followers of JeongDong Theater SNS are allowed to get 20% discount!!

For those who are SNS followers, please select SNS discount’s ticket when you are purchasing the ticket(s). Then, please go to ticket office on that day, in order to let our staff to confirm the follow status.

and there’s limited special discount(s) from April to June!


If you purchase the ticket(s) before 30 April, you will be entitled to get early bird 40% discount.

You will be entitled to get ‘Special Wednesday’ 50% discount if you purchase the ticket on Wednesday.

Last but not least, you can also purchase the Cafe Jeongdam Package, to get a free drink!

5th April 2018!

The opening of ‘The Palace: Tale of Jang Noksu’ is just around the corner!

For more details, please refer to our homepage.

Hurry up! grab the limited ticket(s)  and don’t miss the discount chance!

JeongDong Theater Tradition Series Performance 
‘The Palace: Jang Noksu’

2018.04.05 ~ OPEN RUN 
Tue- Sat 4pm (Run time: 75 mins, closed on Sun & Mon) 

Kids aged from 48 months are permitted to watch this show. 


VIP : 60,000\won
R : 50,000\won
S : 40,000\won



[The Palace: Tale of Jang Noksu] Key Point of the Show, Ticket Open on 8th March!

@Nokstagram _about the making of [The Palace:tale of Jang Noksu]

2018 Jeong Dong Theater Tradition Series Performance!  Main image is public now!

Introducing you the poster of [The Palace:Tale of Jang Noksu].

There’s some hint of story line of ‘The Palace: Tale of JangNoksu’ in this poster, let’s have a guess!

◆ 2018 Jeong Dong Theater Tradition Series Performance [The Palace:Tale of Jang Noksu] Main Poster ◆

2018 Jeong Dong Theater Tradition Series Performance ‘The Palace: Tale of Jang Noksu’ Main Poster

The BEST gisaeng with tasteful arts in the Joseon Dynasty, Jang Noksu,

the another side of her smile…insatiable hunger for power and desire.

Can you see her two faces by first sight?

What’s your first image get to your mind of Jang Noksu?

Most of you might only remember her dangerous, salacious, irresistible seduction image.

So, which kind of Jang Noksu will be presented in Jeong Dong Theater this time?

Let’s come and check out the Key Point no.1.


#Point 1

What Jang Nok Su dances?

The soul of king snatched by Jang Noksu.

Jang Noksu was born in a poor family.

Generally, Jang Noksu’s appearance is not that good looking at others’ first sight.


If you get to see the ‘King Yeonsan 8 years diary’ in ‘The Annals of the Choson Dynasty’,

there’s a record regarding the appearance of Jang Noksu.

“the appearance of Jang Noksu is normal in general in society”

King Yeonsan loves to enjoy entertainment shows, and he falls in love with Jang Noksu.

Jang Noksu learns how to sing and dance by herself, and become a gisaeng one day.

Innate talent with work hard, she owns the amazing talent and grab the heart of King Yeonsan.

In 2018 Jeong Dong Theater Tradition Series Performance ‘The Palace:Tale of Jang Noksu’, the best star gisaeng, Jang Noksu will reenact her best dance and gorgeous gesture by her outstanding art skills.

Are you curious about her dance?

Please check it out in 2018 Jeong Dong Theater Tradition Series Performance 

‘The Palace:Tale of Jang Noksu’


# Point 2 

The third character, Grand Prince Je-an !

As usual, Jang Noksu’s name always comes together with the name of King Yeonsan.

People know well about their relationship.

However, the key person who create the chance for their first meet is Grand Prince Je-an.

After King Seong Jong passed away, Grand Prince Je-an was the first candidate of the succession to the throne, but Grand Prince Je-an didn’t get to mount the throne, but King Yejo did.

Grand Prince Je-an also enjoys in music as a entertainment audience.

Jang Noksu was the house slave of  Grand Prince Je-an.

One day, King Yeonsan visited Grand Prince Je-an’s house.

A banquet was prepared for the King, and of course Jang Noksu catched the eye of King Yeonsan.

Grand Prince Je-an is a character of secret sponsor of Jang Noksu in 2018 Jeong Dong Theater Tradition Series Performance ‘The Palace:Tale of Jang Noksu”

 nobleman who loves entertainment arts culture gather at one place!

Please check the story of new relationship between the two artists who communicate each other by

singing and dancing~

2018 Jeong Dong Theater Tradition Series Performance ‘The Palace:Tale of Jang Noksu’ is going to kick-off on 5th April, 4pm. 

Ticketing open from 8th March! HURRY UP! Grab your early bird ticket at 50% discount. 

The RETURN of Jeokbyeok (Red Cliff) !!

Hello! This is Jeong Dong Theater.

Today we are proud to introduce you another performance series of Jeong Dong Theater!

which is <Red Cliff>!

Jeokbyeok  (Red Cliff)

Jeokbyeok (Red Cliff) is coming back with sensational Pansori ensemble and dynamic Korean dances!

“with dances of fire”

and the song of winds blow”

-The music fits with story, energetic dance,

and passionate performances with grand Pansori –


A long lingering impression still in heart like blossom

Lost track of time as being hooked on performance

Acting and singing, as well as the flawless dances by actor and actress.

the stage you wanna to see at second time.

Ticket(s) available at Naver (9.0) and Interpark’s site.

With Pansori ensemble, 90 minutes battle of red cliff!

The most dramatic and the grand song of red cliff in pansori, meet with modern dances! Other than traditional and modern aspect, 2018 < Jeokbyeok: Red Cliff > is coming back without a precedent, hits a higher level of completion.

Battle between the heroes of the Three Kingdoms of ancient China alive on the stage!

Jeokbyeokga (Song of the Red Cliffs) is one of the five surviving madang of the Korean pansori storytelling tradition, story follows characters Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei, who defeat Cao Cao in the Battle of Red Cliffs.

<Jeokbyeok (Red Cliff)> from Jeong Dong Theater presented by 20 actors and actresses, reenact the story of fierce battle perfectly. Choreograph like a painting, pansori ensemble like waterfall, mixture with the live band performance, the blend of these gush out the incredible energy.

The red cliffs dance, and the fire dances.

Dance after being shot by an arrow

Dance to avoid a sword

Dance after being speared

Dance of friendship, dance of oath

Dance of fidelity, Dance of blood

Dance, dance…

“winds blow, dance at red cliff”


A fierce battle for power is fought among the three kingdoms of Wei, Shu and Wu, from which the warlord Cao Cao emerges as victor. Prior to this, the three heroes Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei take an oath of fraternity in a peach garden, swearing to die together. After that, they seek out Zhuge Liang to consult him on matters of strategy. After the men make three visits, Zhuge Liang finally agrees and joins them as strategist. Meanwhile, Zhou Yu is preparing to attack Cao Cao with fire but it is unsuccessful because of the northeasterly wind. With this chance, Zhou Yu and his allies change their plans and decide to attack Cao Cao first. They finally succeed in the fire attack, and Cao Cao’s fleet is destroyed. Lost millions of allies, and stopping Cao Cao from fleeing……