Cafe Jeong Dam & Jeong Dong Maru

Café Jeong Dam is just next to the entrance of Jeong Dong Theater.

Modern café atmosphere blending with Korean traditional interior~~~

you can have your time to enjoy a drink here 🙂

Let’s check it out~~

Cafe Jeong Dam

There’s coffee and non-coffee drinks available in Cafe Jeong Dam . Let’s check the menu here:

  • Traditional Tea, Organic Tea, Ade and etc.

  • Coffee drinks, non-coffee drinks and Korea’s special tea

Operation hours: 10am – 10pm 

So, please feel free to visit cafe Jeong dam before or after watching the show of Jeong Dong Theater. 🙂


Stairs to 2nd floor which is Jeong Dong MARU, a space for Jang-gu experience program

  • Entrance of Jeong Dong Maru

For those who are going for Jang-gu experience program,  please take note that Jeong Dong Maru (space for Jang-gu experience program ) is located at 2nd floor of the cafe.

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