‘The Palace: Tale of Jang Noksu’ Testimonials from audience

Hello everyone! Jeong Dong Theater is here.

Thank you for the testimonials written by ‘The Palace: Tale of Jang Noksu’s audience.

“It’s really AMAZING! great storyline, and dances performance was so cool!” – instagram @kanob***

“The appearance of Noksu that I have never seen, a lady get to survived just by her talent in entertaining, she was striving hard which showed us her another insider face.”

– by Kim Ki Beom reporter

“Including my parents, were watching this show with me,

we had our great time until we had forgot our daily worries.

…I will keep the memory of this great performance in my heart”

– Interpark ID: publicag***

“…before this I knew the relationship between Noksu and King Yeonsan, this show presented the story in a simple way, and it was really interesting”

– KONEST ID: por***


“the participation session with audience from the beginning, along with the beautiful dances, I was too focused into the performance until my eyes were pain…I’m willing to watch this show 3 times again in the future.”

– Interpark ID: rincommii***

“the performance was great that make me had goose bumps, and the stage design was really amazing!”

-Hanyou QW131***

“Frankly speaking, it’s SUPER AMAZING!! It’s a show that suitable for foreigners, actors and actresses’ performance is very details, we can understand easily even this is a non-verbal performance.”

-Hanyou ski***

“Music, costume, dances, actors and actresses, all is the BEST!

If you visit Seoul, this is a MUST-watch performance!”

– instagram @jalchi**

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the testimonials!

and please support us always!!

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