[EMILE] Jeongdong Theater Gyeongju Brand Performance ‘EMILE’ Premiere Day!

2018 Jeongdong Theater Gyeongju Brand Performance <EMILE>

Visiting the venue of the premiere!

On the day of Buddha’s Birthday, 22 May!

Jeongdong Theater Gyeongju Brand Performance <EMILE> launched its premiere on this day and we visited the actual venue of the premiere!

Jeongdong Theater <EMILE> is an ongoing performance held at Gyeongju World Culture Expo’s Cultural Center Performance Hall!

Despite the cloudy weather, the thought of watching the performance lifted my spirits! 

To collect the ticket I reserved, I went to the ticket box and it was crowded.

The easiest way to book the tickets is to buy them through the Internet.

You can purchase tickets to Jeongdong Theater <EMILE> through the homepage of Jeongdong Theater or other online ticket reservation websites.

Alternatively, you can also purchase tickets through phone reservation (054-740-3800).

Now that I’ve got the ticket, I also took the pamphlet as it caught my eye.

Whenever I watch a performance, I would take a pamphlet as it helps me to understand the overall plot of the performance while watching it.

In addition, the pamphlet is not only in Korean, but Chinese, Japanese and English translations are all included in the pamphlet as well so foreign spectators will have no problem understanding the performance!

Can you see this??

There were so many people waiting to enter to see Jeongdong Theater <EMILE> !

Bursting with excitement for the premiere, I entered the venue together with the other spectators~

Snapped a photo at my assigned seat! Do keep in mind the rules of the audience etiquette when the performance starts!

A great performance is one achieved through the efforts of both the audience and the performers!

Photography and food is not allowed! Avoid kicking the seat in front of you!

Jeongdong Theater <EMILE> is a theatrical dance performance set in the Silla period.

The true story of the tragic birth of King Hyegong and Bell of King Seongdeok, and the fictional character ‘Emile’ created from the folklore of the Emile Bell.

The love story between a royalty and a lowly-born person is written.

In <EMILE>, the intricacy and splendidness of Silla is reflected wholly in the dance.

The scene where Hyegong and Emile fell in love is still deeply etched in my mind.

Emile, the bright and pure woman, and Hyegong who has the position of the king.

Both fell in love with each other and began their dance. Every single one of their gestures during the dance was lovely and beautiful!

This scene was exactly to my liking♥

(If I’m watching the performance again, it is definitely due to this scene!!!)

Yung, the ambitious royalty who reveals his obsessive greed for the throne.

Sohwa, the shaman who administers the rites, captures the attention of the audience with her prominent and stately aura.

The 70-minute performance flew by in the blink of an eye.

To comfort those who feeling sad after the end of the performance, a photo session had been prepared for spectators to take photos with the main characters of the cast.

The hawk-eyed cast!!

The broadcasting company also came to film the premiere~

Hoping that through this broadcast, more people across the nation will know that Gyeongju has amazing performances such as <EMILE>!

The Legend of Love Encompassing a Millennium, <EMILE>.

From May 22, the love story between King Hyegong and Emile will be performed at Gyeongju World Culture Expo’s Cultural Center Performance Hall!

How about watching <EMILE> when you’re coming over to Gyeongju? 🙂

2018 Jeongdong Theater Gyeongju Brand Performance


2018.05.22 ~ OPEN RUN

Tue – Sat 7.30PM (Closed on Sun & Mon)

Gyeongju World Culture Expo’s Cultural Center Performance Hall


Choreographer·Director_Kim Chunghan, Writer_Lee Byeongjun, Composer_Kim Taegeun, Stage·Prop Design_Im Il-jin, Lighting_Won Donggyu, Video_Kim Jangyeon, Costume_Yeo Jihye, Makeup_So Ingyeong



R : 30,000₩

S : 20,000₩



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