[EMILE] Viewing ‘EMILE’ Through Photos

Viewing Jeongdong Theater Gyeongju Brand Performance ‘EMILE’ Through Photos


Let’s go back to an ancient time of the Silla period.

This is a heart-wrenching yet beautiful love story.

Here’s the love story between Hyegong, the king of a kingdom, and an innocent woman named Emile.

First, Birth

A shaman is a woman who receives orders from the heavens.

The shaman administered a ritual to announce the birth of the king as arranged by the heavens.

The shaman, Sohwa, is announcing the birth of Hyegong to the world. The atmosphere is still yet heavy!

Second, Time

Winter past by unknowingly and we are now awaiting the arrival of spring. Time is passing by.

In front of the majestic scenery of Bulguksa Temple, countless numbers of people are dancing merrily with Lady Emile.

Third, Coronation

This is the coronation of the matured Hyegong. People have gathered around and are enjoying the ceremony.

The hwarang, an elite warrior group of male youth representative of Silla, are performing their skilful sword dance. Can you spot Emile who is watching them? The eyes of the curious Emile are shining!

Fourth, Rivalry

Can you see Yung who appeared in Hyegong’s quarters after he left?

The rivalry between the royalty who supports King Hyegong and the anti-Hyegong Yung begins.

Yung’s greed for authority is starting to show.

Fifth, Love

Hyegong, who is anguishing about the rivalry with Yung, stumbled on Emile who was strolling on the Woljeonggyo bridge.

The bright and genuine Emile provides a source of comfort for Hyegong and the two of them fell in love.

The way they look at each other shows how much affection they have for each other.

Sixth, Greed

This is a scene of the drunk Yung entering the king’s quarters and the plain and outright display of his desire for the throne.

Yung threatens Emile and Hyegong with all kinds of schemes and methods.

Seventh, Destiny

In order to escape from Yung’s grip, Emile wanders to the Buddha statue at Seokguram Grotto and the destined reunion between Emile and Hyegong is realised.

The pitifulness of this scene showing the pair who keep missing each other can be felt ever more strongly.

Eighth, Return

Emile, who awaits Hyegong, is dragged away miserably by the soldiers..

At the scene of the offering ceremony, Emile, fearing that Hyegong may be injured, abandons everything and sacrifices herself.

Hyegong, who witnessed everything that had happened, breaks down and wails.


The Emile Bell is finally constructed.

The joyous people are carrying lanterns and dancing while striking the bell at the centre, and the clear yet sad sound of the bell can be heard.

The impressive stage setup and extravagant videography can only be truly felt when viewing the performance in person.

Watch the beautiful yet heart-wrenching love story <EMILE> at Jeongdong Theater.

2018 Jeongdong Theater Gyeongju Brand Performance


2018.05.22 ~ OPEN RUN

Tue – Sat 7.30PM (Closed on Sun & Mon)

Gyeongju World Culture Expo’s Cultural Center Performance Hall


Choreographer·Director_Kim Chunghan, Writer_Lee Byeongjun, Composer_Kim Taegeun, Stage·Prop Design_Im Il-jin, Lighting_Won Donggyu, Video_Kim Jangyeon, Costume_Yeo Jihye, Makeup_So Ingyeong



R : 30,000₩

S : 20,000₩



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