[EMILE] The Stories of People Who Prepare the Stage of EMILE

Hello, this is Jeongdong Theater!

The topic of today’s post is to introduce the stories of people from various departments preparing for each show of 2018 Jeongdong Theater Gyeongju Brand Performance ‘EMILE’, a love story between King Hyegong and a lady born from a lower-class family.

To prepare for the performance, the stage has to be set up.

The grand stage and its depth allows cheers and applause from the audience to be captured.

The stage director, audio director, lighting director and machine director are in charge of the stage.

Thanks to these people, the stage of Jeongdong Theater <EMILE> is set up!

On the stage, the stage director seemed busy while preparing for the performance.

While observing the setting up of the stage, I realised something I did not know before. I thought the stage was set up using only machines but to my surprise, it was actually set up manually.

What’s more, during the performance, the stage is also set up manually and I was surprised for the second time!

The staff in charge of changing the stage setup during the performance is called ‘crew’.

Looking around the stage, I spotted people busy working at the back of the stage as well.

Then, I went to the place where the audio director and lighting director are located at!

Wow.. Isn’t it cool just by looking at their hands? 

During the performance, the lights have to switched on and off at the right timing and the audio also has to be played at the right timing of each scene. One can only wonder how much effort is put into harmonising their actions..

They probably practiced countless times to achieve perfection (clap)

We were there during the rehearsal which happens before the start of the performance.

It is energy-consuming and hindrances may occur if the entire performance was rehearsed. That is why only scenes not in sync will be rehearsed or depending on the day, only selected scenes would be rehearsed.

The photo above was taken with permission during the rehearsal!

Do you feel the passion and effort of the cast during the rehearsal through the photos??

I thought I was watching the actual performance rather than a rehearsal!

That concludes the end of the rehearsal!

After their individual practice time and their meals, the dancers have to put on their makeup before going up the stage.

For the venue of Jeongdong Theater at Gyeongju, the makeup room is located behind the stage!

This is where the dancers prepare their makeup and costumes!

Another surprising fact I realised is that the dancers put on their makeup by themselves! I thought there were makeup artists who put on their makeup since their makeup is so perfect!

I couldn’t contain my curiosity and I was told that before the premiere of EMILE, the dancers learnt to put on their makeup from professional makeup artists and the average time for putting on makeup is 20 minutes!

They are even good at makeup…

Despite the thick makeup, their skin still looks good and I raised a question on this!

They said that after the performance, they would immediately use a cleansing oil and cleansing foam to carefully clean the makeup off!

Seems like the myth that cleaning makeup off is more important that putting on makeup is true~

Makeup is done!

Music was played at the makeup room and people were singing along to it. The atmosphere before going up the stage was fun and cheerful!

Seeing the dancers putting on makeup up-close was a first for me and it was different from seeing them up on the stage!

Now that we have seen the actions inside the theater, let’s move on to the people outside the theater who meet the audience in person!

That is the ticket manager, house manager and ushers!

Ticket manager is in charge of issuing tickets and house manager is in charge of the theater seats during the performance. Ushers are the staff who guide the audience and maintain order in the theater.

Jeongdong Theater at Gyeongju is showing ‘EMILE’ which starts at 7.30PM for each show~

At 6PM, the ticket box for ticket reservation and payment will be open.

At the ticket box, you’ll just need to tell them the name the ticket was reserved under to collect your ticket!

At 7PM, you can enter the theater with your ticket and ushers will be at the entrance to welcome you!

Before entering the theater, the ushers will inform you that food and drinks are not allowed in the theater and photography is prohibited during the performance.

I’m sure you’re all aware of basic theater etiquette, right? 🙂

After checking the ticket and upon entering the theater, there are also ushers waiting to guide you to your seat!

They will check the ticket seat you reserved and guide you along!

The ushers were so friendly and I felt like a VIP there 🙂

After finding your seat, at 7.30PM, Jeongdong Theater ‘EMILE’ Performance will begin.

And now, prepare yourself to fall into the charm of ‘EMILE’!

This post depicts the situation of staff from various departments working hard at their respective positions for the stage of EMILE.

I hope everyone who reads this post will come and watch this brilliant performance prepared by so many people with so much effort put into it as you can see above!

How about watching Jeongdong Theater ‘EMILE’ to jazz up your cultural life this week?

2018 Jeongdong Theater Gyeongju Brand Performance


2018.05.22 ~ OPEN RUN

Tue – Sat 7.30PM (Closed on Sun & Mon)

Gyeongju World Culture Expo’s Cultural Center Performance Hall


Choreographer·Director_Kim Chunghan, Writer_Lee Byeongjun, Composer_Kim Taegeun, Stage·Prop Design_Im Il-jin, Lighting_Won Donggyu, Video_Kim Jangyeon, Costume_Yeo Jihye, Makeup_So Ingyeong



R : 30,000₩

S : 20,000₩



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