[EMILE] Gyeongju’s Spectacular Cultural Assets Seen in EMILE! ② Woljeonggyo Bridge

2018 Jeongdong Theater Gyeongju Brand Performance


The representative performance of Gyeongju, <EMILE>, where you can feel the grandeur and culture of the spectacular Silla!!

Silla’s precious cultural assets are hidden within the <EMILE> performance!

This is a time to appreciate <EMILE> together with these cultural assets!

When you think about Gyeongju, cultural assets such as Bulguksa Temple, Cheomseongdae Observatory and Donggung Palace and Wolji Pond will come to mind.

Did you know that Gyeongju has been designated as a national park of Korea because of its diverse historical sites?

In this post, we will be introducing one of the historical sites seen in <EMILE> that forms the main stage of the show, the Woljeonggyo Bridge!

The Woljeonggyo Bridge

Credit: Naver Blog – 레드폭스

It is said that Woljeonggyo Bridge is an ancient site of Silla where the Korean Monk Wonhyo had crossed and entered Yosokkoong.

The following statement was recorded in the Three Kingdoms of Korea.

“In 760, during the reign of King Gyeongdeok, the father of Hyegong, two bridges known as the Iljeonggyo Bridge (日淨橋) and the Woljeonggyo Bridge (月淨橋) were built.”

Source: [Naver Encyclopedia] Woljeonggyo Bridge (www.culturecontent.com)

The construction of Woljeonggyo Bridge and Iljeonggyo Bridge in 760, during the 19th year of the reign of Gyeongdeok, the 35th King of Silla, was first recorded in the Three Kingdoms of Korea

It endured the Mongol invasions of Korea and has existed for at least 520 years, making it an impressive architecture.

The restoration works of Woljeonggyo Bridge began in May 2008 and would be completed in October 2018!

2014 The Sceneries of Sorabol Contest Third Place ‘Woljeonggyo Bridge’s Sunset’ (Choi Ilwon) Credit: www.gyeongjuimage.or.kr

The representative performance of Gyeongju, <EMILE>, uses Woljeonggyo Bridge as the background and portrays the heart-wrenching love story between the 36th King of Silla, Hyegong, and Emile, a woman with a lowly status, with the focus placed on the Emile Bell.

Gyeongju Brand Performance [EMILE] Scene 7: Destiny

It is not an overstatement to say that Woljeonggyo Bridge occupies the majority of the actual performance of <EMILE>!


The scene which depicts the moment when Hyegong and Emile fall in love, as well as the ending scene where Hyegong witnesses Emile’s sacrifice happen on Woljeonggyo Bridge!

Gyeongju Brand Performance [EMILE] Scene 4: Love

Gyeongju Brand Performance [EMILE] Scene 4: Love

The sorrowful love story of Hyegong and Emile, combined with the myth of the Emile Bell, make up <EMILE>!

You can feel the sorrow of this legend of love encompassing a millenium as well as Silla’s splendid and majestic grandeur!

Come and meet Jeongdong Theater <EMILE> at Gyeongju World Culture Expo’s Cultural Center Performance Hall today!! 🙂

2018 Jeongdong Theater Gyeongju Brand Performance


2018.05.22 ~ OPEN RUN

Tue – Sat 7.30PM (Closed on Sun & Mon)

Gyeongju World Culture Expo’s Cultural Center Performance Hall


Choreographer·Director_Kim Chunghan, Writer_Lee Byeongjun, Composer_Kim Taegeun, Stage·Prop Design_Im Il-jin, Lighting_Won Donggyu, Video_Kim Jangyeon, Costume_Yeo Jihye, Makeup_So Ingyeong



R : 30,000₩

S : 20,000₩



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