[EMILE] Introducing the Gyochon Village, a Famous Hot Place of Gyeongju!

2018 Jeongdong Theater Gyeongju Brand Performance


Hello, this is Jeongdong Theater!

In this post, we will be introducing Gyeongju Gyochon Traditional Village.

A national school during the Silla period, a university during the Goryeo period and a Confucian school during the Joseon period, Gyochon (校村) Village derived its name from being an educational institution in the old days, and is also called Gyodong or Gyori, where all the Confucian schools of the region were located.

A 15-minute walk to the southwest direction from Gyeongju Station, passing Daereungwon, Gyochon Village will be seen.

Gyochon Village is located at a place with many sites worth visiting such as Confucian schools, Woljeonggyo bridge, and the House of the Gyeongju Choi Clan so the village is one of the core tourist spots of Gyeongju where many tourists visit.

What’s more, surprisingly, the name of Kyochon Chicken was derived from Gyeongju Gyochon Village!

Taking Gyochon Village as the centre, surrounding attractions include Cheomseongdae Observatory, Gyerim, Gyeongju Donggung Palace and Wolji Pond and Wolseong Palace located in the east, the House of Samaso and Jaemaejeong Well in the west, Cheongwansa Temple and Gyeongju Namsan Mountain in the south, and Daereungwon and Hwanglidangil Street in the north. All of the above attractions is within a 10-minute walk from Gyochon Village.

Particularly, located in the eastern part, Silla’s Wolseong Palace can be seen. Taking the Wolseong Palace as the centre, the Donggung Palace and Wolji Pond is located in the east and Yosokkoong in the west. In the south, the Namcheon Stream, located beneath the Woljeonggyo Bridge, flows gently and the water, hills and trees paint a beautiful scenery.

Looking inside Gyochon Village

Park your car at the public parking lot beside the road, and a spacious plaza would appear after passing the cultural heritage information centre at the entrance of Gyochon Village.

From the plaza, you will find a confucian school and Yosokkoong restaurant if you head east, and Gyeongju Dog Donggyeongi Experience Centre as well as the backyard of the House of the Gyeongju Choi Clan if you head north.

Also, if you head south and follow the flow of the water of the Namcheon Stream where the love story between Wonhyo and Princess Yoseok unfolded, you can find the newly restored Woljeonggyo Bridge. You can begin your adventure of Gyochon Village from this plaza.

Heading to the east from the plaza, you will enter the central part of the village where a house with stone lanterns is located. This is a small house of the Gyeongju Choi Clan where there are plenty of stone lanterns and stone figures from the Silla period. This site is also famous for being a great phototaking spot.

And if you head towards Muncheon, you can find an elegant pavilion where various types of trees have been planted where you can feel the beauty of this yard.

After passing this place, the famous Gyori Kimbab can be found and you can smell the aromatic smell of sesame oil and fried eggs~

Located at the centre of Gyochon Village, the House of the Gyeongju Choi Clan has a 400-year history spanning across 12 generations, and it was built at a height lower than that of the Confucian school.

From the first generation till the twelfth generation, its history has remained intact.

Beside this house, there is the old hanok of Gyeongju Gyodong Beopju Liquor where the naturally sweet liquor with a rich smell which is made from a traditional recipe is sold.

The Choi clan moved to Gyochon and formed a complex relationship with Confucian schools and its scholars, significantly influencing the operations of the village.

Most visitors only visit the villa, the yard and the main building. However, the back garden located behind the main building is a must-go at the House of the Choi Clan!

You can get to the back garden through the back door of the kitchen in the main building. The spacious garden consists of pagoda trees of hundreds of years old and the vast space reveals just how wealthy the Choi clan was.

Now, only a few stumps of trees are left fluttering in the wind, as if they are telling stories of the past.

From this garden, you can reach the village’s plaza through an alleyway and visit the Gyeongju Dog Donggyeongi Experience Centre to try various experiences where you can gain a great experience by giving a small amount of fee. These activities are a hit among visitors!

Gyochon Village is a hot place of Gyeongju! Recently, cultural night tours have been rising in popularity in the weekdays and weekends. At night, the village is also a cultural space where tourists visit frequently.

During the day, you can learn historical and cultural knowledge at Gyeongju’s Gyochon Village and enjoy various experiences.

At night, you can also come and watch Jeongdong Theater <EMILE> at Gyeongju World Culture Expo’s Cultural Center Performance Hall 🙂

2018 Jeongdong Theater Gyeongju Brand Performance


2018.05.22 ~ OPEN RUN

Tue – Sat 7.30PM (Closed on Sun & Mon)

Gyeongju World Culture Expo’s Cultural Center Performance Hall


Choreographer·Director_Kim Chunghan, Writer_Lee Byeongjun, Composer_Kim Taegeun, Stage·Prop Design_Im Il-jin, Lighting_Won Donggyu, Video_Kim Jangyeon, Costume_Yeo Jihye, Makeup_So Ingyeong



R : 30,000₩

S : 20,000₩



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