[The Palace: Tale of Jang Noksu] Beautiful Autumn Foliage at Jeongdong-gil!

@noksutagram <The Palace: Tale of Jang Noksu> Beautiful Autumn Foliage at Jeongdong-gil

2018 Jeongdong Theater Tradition Series Performance

<The Palace: Tale of Jang Noksu>

Hello, this is Jeongdong Theater!

The weather in Seoul is becoming colder lately~

Fall has officially arrived and autumn foliage can be seen in Korea!

Jeongdong Theater is surrounded by the beautiful autumn foliage this time of the year~

We have included some information about the autumn foliage in Korea in this post~!

Also, if you book tickets to <The Palace: Tale of Jang Noksu> through KLOOK before the end of November, you will get free tickets to Deoksugung Palace!

Here’s your chance to tour around Deoksugung Palace and view the beautiful autumn foliage in the palace!

Link to KLOOK website – https://www.klook.com/activity/9596-the-palace-tale-of-jang-noksu-show-ticket-seoul/

This is the forecast for the autumn foliage in Korea

The forecast map also shows when the autumn foliage will start in different parts of Korea!

The foliage around Jeongdong Theater has already begun to change colour since last week~

The best time to view the autumn foliage is in the forecast map below and the foliage in Jeongdong-gil is expected to peak next week~

Jeongdong-gil is a great place for autumn walks as the scenery around the area is fantastic~

Walking under the autumn sky, surrounded by autumn leaves of ginkgo trees, the atmosphere is relaxing and serene~~

The autumn foliage in Deoksugung Palace is also lovely! Don’t miss your chance to get free tickets to Deoksugung Palace! 🙂

Around the theater, you can also do some historical exploration and visit some of the historical buildings in the area!

Here’s a brief introduction of the historical buildings where you can find beautiful autumn leaves~

① Seoul Former Russian Legation
② Simpson Memorial Hall of Ewha Girls’ High School
③ Deoksugung Palace Jungmyeongjeon Hall
④ Appenzeller Noble Memorial Museum
⑤ Seoul Museum of Art
⑥ Chungdong Church
⑦ Deoksugung Palace Seokjojeon Hall
⑧ Salvation Army History Museum
⑨ Deoksugung Palace
⑩ Seoul Anglican Cathedral

The opening screen of Jeongdong Theater Tradition Series Performance <The Palace: Tale of Jang Noksu> is also fall-themed~

Isn’t it beautiful?

This is the perfect time to catch <The Palace: Tale of Jang Noksu> at Jeongdong Theater in this beautiful period of fall foliage~

Come on down to witness the beauty of Jeongdong-gil yourself! 🙂

Jeongdong Theater Tradition Series Performance
<The Palace: Jang Noksu>

2018.04.05 ~ OPEN RUN
Tue – Sat 4PM (Closed on Sun & Mon)
Viewing age of 48 months and above

Choreographer_Jeong Hye Jin, Director_Oh Kyeong Taek, Writer_Kyeong Min Seon, Composer_Kim Cheol Hwan, Art Director_Park Dong Woo, Lighting Design_Sin Ho, Video Design_Jeong Jae Jin, Costume Design_Lee Ho Jun, Make-up_Kim Jong nn, Prop Design_Kim Sang Hee


VIP : 60,000₩
R : 50,000₩
S : 40,000₩


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