[The Palace: Tale of Jang Noksu] Review of “The Palace: Tale of Jang Noksu”

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As the performance started, the witty and contemporary dance of the performers caught the attention of the audience and made the performance an entertaining one. The start of the show showed that this is a performance which can be enjoyed by everyone.

Gradually, elements of traditional Korean dance were presented and the stage became exquisitely decorated.
The feeling of novelty was so strong it made me wonder if I had not properly watched a performance related to traditional Korean dance in the past.

The beginning of the show included a segment for the participation of the audience and it felt as if the audience also had a part in leading the performance.
Especially since this is a non-verbal performance, it has an advantage which allows everyone to participate. Foreign viewers also participated and this added to the diversity of the performance.

If there is a Korean performance that attracts this many foreigners, wouldn’t that be <The Palace: Tale of Jang Noksu>? While waiting to enter the theater, I was surprised by the huge number of foreign viewers who were there as well.

I thought “although this is a non-verbal performance, wouldn’t it be difficult for foreigners to understand historical stories?” and I wondered how they are able to watch and understand the performance.

This performance has diverse elements such as high quality stage directing with the use of digital technology, and traditional dance, instruments and costumes which allow foreigners to sense the beauty of Korea.
As a Korean myself, the fact that I thought that the performance was this excellent made me think that this would be a worthy performance which will catch the eyes of foreigners.

Despite the lack of dialogues, the 75-minutes show was fully packed with dances and stage effects. Specifically, stage effects through the use of videos were able to give the effect of various backgrounds on the same stage.

Additionally, bright-coloured lightings emphasised the climax of different scenes effectively. This also played an important role in spicing up the fighting scenes between the royal subjects and Jang Noksu and Yeonsangu.

In addition to traditional Korean dance, drums and janggu as well as the masks stood out too. The props played an important role in the performance.

When the royal subjects held the drums and threatened Jang Noksu, the way Jang Noksu hit the drums and dealt with them gave a very real impression that she was doing her best to win this fight.

The scenes where masks were worn by the royal subjects to express these characters was one of the best scenes of the show. In a performance constrained by time, the opposition of the royal subjects to Yeonsangun was expressed easily and quickly.
Through the use of traditional Korean masks, combined with the lighting effects, the sense of crisis and climax were expressed in an entertaining way.

I hope that performances such as this which shows elements of traditional Korean culture will develop further and become popularised. Korea’s outstanding directing skills and stage effects should be shared with diverse groups of people and deserve recognition on the stages in different parts of the world. This was the <The Palace: Tale of Jang Noksu>, a performance so great that I want to share it with others.

– This review was made in collaboration with ARTinsight.

Jeongdong Theater Tradition Series Performance
<The Palace: Jang Noksu>

2018.04.05 ~ OPEN RUN
Tue – Sat 4PM (Closed on Sun & Mon)
Viewing age of 48 months and above

Choreographer_Jeong Hye Jin, Director_Oh Kyeong Taek, Writer_Kyeong Min Seon, Composer_Kim Cheol Hwan, Art Director_Park Dong Woo, Lighting Design_Sin Ho, Video Design_Jeong Jae Jin, Costume Design_Lee Ho Jun, Make-up_Kim Jong nn, Prop Design_Kim Sang Hee


VIP : 60,000₩
R : 50,000₩
S : 40,000₩


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