Hello, this is Jeongdong Theater.
We have been blessed with extremely beautiful skies. Looking at the bright autumn sky, seeing the autumn leaves and yellow ginkgo leaves scattered in the wind, excites the heart. So today’s theme is an autumn leaves outing. On a clear autumn day, there are many spots where you can enjoy the shadow of trees decorated with beautiful colors in the center of Seoul.

After viewing the autumn leaves, why don’t you take a look at the dance theater, which starts every Tuesday-Saturday at 4 pm at Jeongdong Theater? The permanent performance of the Jeongdong Theater is a creative dance drama that shows the story of Jang Nok-soo who lived a dramatic life such as a slave, a court girl and a concubine in the Joseon Dynasty through traditional dance and art.

Then, let’s introduce the colorful autumn leaves in Seoul.

Romantic Deoksugung Palace Stone Wall and Jeongdong-gil in Autumn
Address: Jeong-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul

Jeongdong-gil is good at any time, but Jeongdong-gil in autumn is full of romantic seasonal light. The scenery of the streets, combined with Deoksugung Palace’s stone walls, is calm and beautiful, creating a resting place for autumn days. There are benches around the stone walls to help you relax.
The promenade leading to Deoksugung Stonewall and Jeongdong-gil is different from alleys. It’s in the middle of Gwanghwamun city center but it’s not a crowded atmosphere but good. Deoksugung Palace, the modern and historical buildings of the flowering period, and modern skyscrapers add a touch of color to the autumn foliage road. Cheongdong First Church, Seoul Museum of Art, Jungmyeongjeon, Seoul Bishop’s Cathedral, Ewha High School 100th Anniversary Memorial, Baejae Institute History Museum, Observation Tower of the former Russian Corporation. If you want to see Deoksugung Palace in autumn and autumn, the Jeongdong Observation Deck on the 13th floor of Seosomun Government Building in Seoul is recommended. You can fill Seoul’s beautiful skyline with autumn leaves, forbidden city, Inwangsan, and Buraksan.

Maple Path Meets with Park, Olympic Park Mongchontoseong Promenade
Address: 424 Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul

Olympic Park has more than 30 years of park forests, and there are many dense trees, so you can enjoy autumn leaves. In particular, Wiryeseong-gil, the entrance to the Olympic Park, is famous for its ginkgo trees. There are about 1300 ginkgo trees on both sides of the road, 2.7km long, which looks like a yellow umbrella.
In addition to Wiryeseong-gil, we recommend the Mongchontoseong promenade and its surroundings for autumn leaves in the park. Exit at Olympic Park Station (Line 5) and go to East 2 Gate. Finely colored autumn leaves are welcome on every route from the meeting plaza to Mongchontoseong. When you walk in admiration of the beautiful light, you will come to the Rose Plaza and you will see the streets of fallen leaves opposite the Rose Square. You can fully enjoy the emotion of the sound of bright leaves.

Autumn mist spews along the wind, Seoul Forest Ginkgo Forest Trail
Address: 273 Ttukseom-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul

Seoul Forest is the first park where citizens participated in the park’s creation and operation. It consists of spaces such as Culture and Arts Park, Experience Learning Center, Ecological Forest, and Wetland Ecological Park. The total area is 1.2 million ㎡ (420,000 pyeong), and 420,000 trees form a dense forest.
The Ginkgo Forest Trail in Seoul Forest in late autumn is a famous spot for autumn leaves.
Did you have colorful autumn leaves in your mind? After the outing, if you watch the permanent performance at Jeongdong Theater, your heart will be colored with more light. Every Tuesday through Saturday at 4pm, please visit !