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Welcome First Time in Jeongdong Jang-gu Class!

Two travelers from Kuwait and Bahrain visited Jeongdong Theater to experience Korean traditional culture. This event was the  collaboration of the Middle East Branch of Korea Tourism Organism and Jeongdong Theater. The two participants are very famous Youtubers in their countries. They looked around the theater receiving explanation about Jeongdong Theater’s performance and experience programs […]

(Culture Photo) Korean Traditional Storytellers Sing a Satire on Musical ‘PANN’

▲ Musical ‘PANN(Directed by Jeongju Byeon)’, The actors(from the left: Jinyoung Yoon, Jihoon Kim, Joohye Yoo, Eunsil Choi, Sora Im, Jicheol Kim) are holding books.(NewsCulture)     ©Hyeonji Yoon A Press-call of Musical ‘PANN: The Stage'(Directed by Jeongju Byeon)’ was held in Jeongdong Theater, last December 7. Musical ‘PANN: The Stage’ is set in the last of Joseon […]

(SCENE PLAYBILL) Let’s jive and juke on that play!

Musical ‘Pann: the stage’, which hit the Deahakro last march, is coming back and it will hit again the Jeongdong Theater! Editor. Jihye Jeong In Joseon era, there were professional storytellers. Do you know who they are? They were the people who called ‘Jeongi-su’. Jeongi-su were payed giving reading stories. They appeared after the number […]

You Can Enjoy the Musical in Your Language with the Subtitling Service!

Jeongdong Theater started offering subtitling service on November 9, the premier day of “Dong-Dong” Giving appreciation to the overseas audiences, Jeongdong Theater executes test-operation of subtitling service by tablet devices.  This service is collaboration project with Korea Tourism Organization and it received a great interest from the public. I hope many audiences including overseas audiences […]

About the Masks of Musical Dong-Dong

In the musical ‘Dong-Dong’, 14 traditional masks appear.   The masks add colors to the characters. Also, the characters hide or show one’s personality wearing or taking off the mask. Masks show other personalities. Therefore, the story starts with a scene where King Hyeongjong wears the mask of General Gang Gam-chan. Then, lets check the […]