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Good bye Lotus!

The performance “Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More” which started on April 6 2017 finished on October 29. “Lotus..” is a fiction which is set in the court of Joseon Dynasty and it is story about the love and parting between Seoryon, the best dancer in the court, and Dodam, the best worrier in […]

The showcase of ‘Dong-Dong’

The Script Reading Rehearsal of ‘Dong-Dong’   ​ ​ Finally, The original Korean mask dance musical, Dong-Dong opened on November 9!! ​ As it is a original musical, much of expectations are on it!! Last October 14, there was a script reading rehearsal in the rehearsal room of Jeongdong Theater. Therefore, I could meet the […]

The Civil Workshop of Korean Mask Dance!

  I’m the mania of Korean mask dance! Original Korean mask dance drama “Dong-Dong”, The Civil workshop of Korean Mask Dance. ​ Jeongdong Theater The Civil Workshop of Korean Mask Dance-October.21. @Jeongdong Theater Rehearsal Hall ⓒPhotographer, Yoo A-ra​ In the coming up November, The sounds of “Ul-soo” and “Jeol-soo” fill in the Jeongdong Theater! Because, […]

The First Production & Rehearsal Meeting of Dong-Dong!

[Jeongdong Theater Korean Mask Dance <Dong-Dong>] Korean Mask Dance “Dong-Dong”, The first meeting  *The first production meeting* ​ The first production meeting of “Dong-Dong”, September, 29 @Jeongdong Theater Rehearsal room ​ ​ The first step of the production is “Encountering”. ​ Encountering of the production team, encountering of actors and audiences and encountering of the […]

Ulsoo(Yoo Hoo)! The 900 minutes to bring up the excitement!

[The Korean traditional Mask Dance Drama <Dong-Dong>] Ulsoo(Yoo hoo)! The 900 minutes to bring up the excitement! *Korean Mask Dance Workshop of the actors instructed by Changryeol Heo, the professional mask dancer.*  Actor’s Korean traditional mask dance workshop @Jeongdong Theater rehearsal hall From August. 30 to September. 8, the actors of ‘Korean Mask Dance Darama Dong-Dong’ had […]

[Silla] Must-visited-places in Gyeongju for your Autumn!

Hello : ) This is the hottest and fastest news, Jeongdong Press!! Today, I would like to introduce “Must-Visited-Places” in Gyeongju for your Autum! First of all, the hot and hot, hot place in Gyeongju for now, 1. Cheomseongdae Observatory(첨성대), Pink Muhly Grass & Cosmos Flower! Cheomseongdae Observatory is the must-visit place in Gyeongju Now! […]

‘Silla’ through the photos

[Jeongdong Press: <Silla> Review] A Seouler visits Jeongdong Theater in Gyeongju! <Silla> through the photos ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Jeongdong Theater, one is located in Seoul and one another in Gyeongju. Today, as a Seouler, I visited Jeongdong Theater in Gyeongju! And will show you it through the photos! ​ ​ <Silla> is a hidden […]