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Etiquette in the Theater

Hello! Today, I would like to inform you about the Etiquette in the Theater~! ​ 1. Please enter to the auditorium before the performance begins. It would be great to have relaxed mind before the performance reading the program information or the replete! ​ ​ 2. Please sit your assigned seat.   Please refrain from […]

For the beginners of Talchum Episode.1.5

[Creation-ing_Original Talchum Play <Dong-Dong>] For the beginners of Talchum. Episode 1.5! #The Categories of Talchum_Summarized Instruction We could meet ‘Mask’ in every countries. In Korea, it is called ‘Tal(탈)’. ​ ​Photo from: http://blog.joins.com/media/folderlistslide.asp?uid=gangbk&folder=186&list_id=8919562 Likewise, ‘Mask’ has been used as a decoration but it was developed as a genre of Performance in the world. ​ As “Masque […]

Jeongdong Culture Tour

[Jeongdong Culture Tour] Let’s travel to Modern Cultural Heritage in Jeongdong-gil with a  Cultural commentator. Jeongdong Culture Tour There are locations that you could meet walking through Deoksugung-palace stonewall(Doldam-gil). ​ Seoul Museum of Arts, Jungmyeongjeon, Jeongdong Theater, Baejae Hakdang, the site of Sontak Hotel and Canadian Ambassy.. “Jeongdong” is place where the representative cultural heritages […]

Jeongdong City Project in Gyeongju

Jeongdong City Project in Gyeongju Since 2014  ​ F.E.S.T.I.V.A.L.   Do you like festival? It is always excited that even I just thinking to enjoy the music of famous singers and the delicious food! This is special time to which Jeongdong theater prepared!            Here I would like to introduce you […]

[Creation-ing] Original Talchum(Mask Dance) Play “Dong-Dong”

[Creation-ing] Original Talchum(Mask Dance )Play “Dong-Dong” Exciting Talchum! Drama in Talchum! For the beginners of Talchum, “Dong-Dong”! ▲ Jeongdong Theater’s Original Talchum Drama <Dong-Dong> Episode #1 : Call for becoming fans – Audition November 9th 2017. in the up coming fall! An exciting ‘Original Talchum Drama’ is looking forward to meeting the audience! ​ March. Jeongdong Theater Creation-ing […]

Jeongdong Press Interview : Jin Hong Jeon

[Jeongdong Press Interview: Jin Hong Jeon] ​ ​ <Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More>  Interview with Jin Hong Jeon who plays role of ‘Dodam’ ‘Seoryeon’, the best dancer of the court. ‘Dodam’, the best worrier of the court. The love between them could be safe in Joseon era? ​ Dodam fell in love with […]