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[The Palace: Tale of Jang Noksu] Key Point of the Show, Ticket Open on 8th March!

@Nokstagram _about the making of [The Palace:tale of Jang Noksu] 2018 Jeong Dong Theater Tradition Series Performance!  Main image is public now! Introducing you the poster of [The Palace:Tale of Jang Noksu]. There’s some hint of story line of ‘The Palace: Tale of JangNoksu’ in this poster, let’s have a guess! ◆ 2018 Jeong Dong Theater […]

The RETURN of Jeokbyeok (Red Cliff) !!

Hello! This is Jeong Dong Theater. Today we are proud to introduce you another performance series of Jeong Dong Theater! which is <Red Cliff>! Jeokbyeok  (Red Cliff) Jeokbyeok (Red Cliff) is coming back with sensational Pansori ensemble and dynamic Korean dances! “with dances of fire” and the song of winds blow” -The music fits with story, […]

[The Palace: Jang Nok-su-jeon] aka. ‘the story of dangerous Cinderella in Joseon Dynasty’ will be kick off on 5th April 2018!!

  Hi everyone 🙂 We are Jeong Dong Theater, Korea’s traditional theater. We would like to introduce our new series performance from 2018! 2018 Jeong Dong Theater’s series performance : <The Palace: Jang Nok-su-jeon> Since Jeong Dong Theater established on 1995, Jeong Dong Theater presented 7,721 times of Korean traditional performances in 21 years. Especially […]

[The Palace:Jang Nok-su-jeon] Artist Jang Nok-su is coming! The ONLY Kisaeng who able to step into palace in Joseon dynasty, (5th April 2018@Jeong Dong Theater)

The making of <The Palace: Jang Nok-su-jeon> 2018, the traditional theater which represents Korea! What’s kind of show(s) will be presented by Jeong Dong Theater? If you curious about that, please~~ pay attention!! Have you check the poster which a lady is lifting her green hanbok?   2018 Jeong Dong Theater’s series performance <The Palace: Jang Nok-su-jeon> From now, […]

Welcome First Time in Jeongdong Jang-gu Class!

Two travelers from Kuwait and Bahrain visited Jeongdong Theater to experience Korean traditional culture. This event was the  collaboration of the Middle East Branch of Korea Tourism Organism and Jeongdong Theater. The two participants are very famous Youtubers in their countries. They looked around the theater receiving explanation about Jeongdong Theater’s performance and experience programs […]

(Culture Photo) Korean Traditional Storytellers Sing a Satire on Musical ‘PANN’

▲ Musical ‘PANN(Directed by Jeongju Byeon)’, The actors(from the left: Jinyoung Yoon, Jihoon Kim, Joohye Yoo, Eunsil Choi, Sora Im, Jicheol Kim) are holding books.(NewsCulture)     ©Hyeonji Yoon A Press-call of Musical ‘PANN: The Stage'(Directed by Jeongju Byeon)’ was held in Jeongdong Theater, last December 7. Musical ‘PANN: The Stage’ is set in the last of Joseon […]