[Silla] Must-visited-places in Gyeongju for your Autumn!

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Today, I would like to introduce “Must-Visited-Places” in Gyeongju for your Autum!

First of all, the hot and hot, hot place in Gyeongju for now,

1. Cheomseongdae Observatory(첨성대),
Pink Muhly Grass & Cosmos Flower!

Cheomseongdae Observatory is the must-visit place in Gyeongju Now!

Full of Pink Muhly Grass~!

This is place for the best photos for the life! Many people came here to take photos.

You will have the best photo for the life here!

BUT!! You know, it is not allowed to go inside and to trample flower down!

After the Pink Muhly Grass, we can not miss the Cosmos flower!

Around the Cheomseongdae Observatory, Cosmos flowers are in bloom.

Full scenery shot for Pink Muhly Grass


Closer shot for Cosmos flower.

Don’t miss the Cosmos flowers!


2. Forest Environment Research Institute 

You may have seen “Forest Environment Research Institue” on Social Network.

Many couples have a picture on this log on the tiny lake.

I was alone….T_T(Crying)

You can feel the nice air from a number of trees and grasses.

I would love to recommend here if you want to do nothing and do rest!

3. Hwangridan Street(Hwangridan-gil/황리단길)

For the travel, nice restaurants and nice cafes are not missed.

You may have heard about Hwangridan Street when you prepare the travel to Gyeongju.

This place is still so hot!!!

Pizza, Ice Cream, Brunch, Cafe, Select Shop and Hanbok Rental Shop!

There are so many shops on the street!

It is very close to Cheomseongdae Observatory
so I would like to recommend you to visit here
after seeing the Pink Muhly Grass and Cosmos Flower at Cheomseongdae Observatory.

Gyeongju has lots of beautiful places because of the good weather !

4. 2017 Jeongdong Theater Gyeongju Brand Performance

Performing Art <Silla>

And the most important thing to do in Gyeongju is seeing <Silla> at Jeongdong Theater!

The story of <Silla> is based on “Kush-nama”, a Persian epic poem.

Therefore this performance has the hidden story about the history for 500 years of the cultural exchange between Silla and Persia.

Seeing the Performance “Silla” is the first thing to do in Gyeongju!


Inquiry : +82-(0)54-740-3800

 Many people will visit Gyeongju during this autumn season as well!!

There are also many places which are not known to the public!

I hope you enjoy Gyeongju in this Autumn with Jeongdong Theater’s performance!


2017  Jeongdong Theater Gyeongju Brand

Performing Art <Silla>

▶Performance Period : Until Dec.31

▶Performance Time : Mon-Sat 7.30 pm (No performance on Sundays)

▶Performance Venue : Cultural Center in Gyeongju World Culture Expo

​Tickets : VIP 50,000 won / R 30,000 won / S 20,000 won

▶Inquiry : 02-751-1500

Please click to below for the reservation (No reservation fees)


Healing Project for the salary men! “Art Garden in Luch Time”


Healing Project for the Salary Men!

Art Garden in Lunch Time

Every Fridays of September and October,
It starts at 12.20 pm!

Now is September. The autumn has begun.

‘Jeongdong-gil’ is so-called as ‘The street of the autumn”
and the atmosphere of autumn leads people’s step to here.

The yellow Ginkgo tree adds the picturesque beauty of the Jeongdong-gil.

It is definitely to say: “Jeongdong-gil” is the Best.1 of Pedestrian-Friendly Street in Seoul.​

▲The Autumn Sky at the Former Russian Legation.

In this autumn period,
we easily would like to move the steps to other place, to listen to the beautiful music
and to spend the time in the nature.

▲Jeongdong-gil in Autumn

For the salary men in Gwangwhamu near by the Jeongdong-gil,

What time is their healing time?

The answer is “Lunch Time”!!!

“Art Garden in Lunch Time” of Jeongdong Theater comes again
and it will make the lunch time as a healing time!

Since 2017, this program has been held in Spring(April) and Summer(June).

The version of the autumn will be run on every Fridays from September to October!

▲The posters of Art Garden in Lunch Time (Versions of Spring/Summer/Autumn)

The Theme of this autumn version is “Young Artists in the Garden”.

The program of September is to  introduce indie-musicians
so  you can meet various genre of music like Rock-n-roll, Electronic, Blues and Pork pop.

The Program of October is to introduce young Gukak(Korean traditional music) musicians
who have played on the “Full Bloom of Youth” Stage.

This is for free!!!

I definitely recommend you to come to get some energy!

▲Art Garden in Lunch, Spring & Summer

Looking forward to meeting you soon!:)

▲Doldam-gil in Autumn