[Asia Talk] Summer Vacation in Three Countries

[Asia Talk]
Summer Vacation in Three Countries


In the old days, many students were waiting for the summer vacation! Because they extricated from their school life and study. They visited their grandparents who were living in country side and they go to swimming, fishing and helping their grandparents to farm.

However, in these days, the kids don’t have those chance because more and more their grandparents are not living in country side any more. However, for those children, many country life experience programs cover it.

For example, Korean Folk Village in Yong-in programed “The Countryside Story in Summer”. Kids can experience swimming, handcraft and camping etc. through the program.

Also, summer vacation became a period to make up for their supplementary study. It means children are keep studying during their vacation or they participate to some camp related to their study such as English Camp, Science Camp or History Camp.

Especially, English Camp is one of the most famous experiences for the children during their vacation period. Many children are head to New Zealand, Australia and Philippine etc. to participate the camp. They not only lean English but also experience the culture and many activities there.

Many IT industry related company hold Science Camp for elementary and middle school students during the vacation. The students have chance to experiment by themselves as well as to visit labs of the company.

Moreover, many historical museums and institutions organize “History Experience Camp” as well. Especially, Gyeongju is the most famous destination for the students to study the ancient history of Korea.

They visit from “Cheomseongdae” which is the oldest observatory in the world, built in 7th Century and to Bulguksa and Seokfulam Temple. Also, visiting Gyeongju National Museum offers them the experience to learn more about the artistries of Silla dynasty.

But the most recommendation is the performance “Silla” in Jeongdong Theater in Gyeongju. The students will learn about the myth from Silla from the performance as well as learn about Korean traditional performing arts! You can reserve the ticket on:



Taiwan summer vacation is usually on July 1st to August 31. It’s for elementary school to senior high school and every university has different time for summer vacation.

just in elementary school to senior high school have summer vacation homework.

In the university didn’t have any vacation homework.

In the summer vacation some students will go to the cram school or with family have a trip.

In the summer vacation amusement park and beach are popular and in the summer vacation amusement park always will have a sale for students.

About the trip we will go to another country or just have trip in Taiwan and in summer, Kenting will be the hot place.



In Japan, many schools last from the middle of July to the end of August. Universities have longer summer holiday until the end of September.


Usually Japanese students of elementary school, junior high school and high school get homework from school to do during the summer holidays. The level is different for each grade, but everybody has to, for example, solve problems in their workbooks, create something with clay or wood, write and essay about a book, and make a picture diary.


One of the unique homework for elementary school students is radio exercise. They have to take their roll call card and get it stamped every day after doing physical exercise to music and MC’s voice on the radio. The toughest part is that the exercises start from six thirty in the morning all over Japan, so they have to get up early. This homework is also supposed to be help them keep getting up early in the morning during summer holiday.

(They are doing radio exercise in school, park or temple)

(radio exercise card)

In addition, most of elementary schools have swimming lessons for their students during summer holiday. So many students go to school even though they are on holiday.


Japanese junior high school students and high school students are very busy with club activities such as soccer, baseball, tennis, volleyball and brass band. There are lots of competitions around summer. Students practice very hard to do their performance well.

Then most of students do club activities and go to a cramming school. Cramming schools have summer programs and classes.

(high school students-baseball club. Big competition called”甲子園”(Ko-shien))

(cramming school- summer class)


University students have more free time. They need to research their study but enjoy travelling and doing part-time job.


Gyeongju One Day Trip Course with “Silla”

Gyeongju One Day Trip Course with <Silla>

Hello, everyone! 🙂

It is May to go out with nice weather!

I would like to introduce you to Gyeongju One Day Trip Course!

The Course is :

Hwangridan street –> Daereungwon –> Bomun Tourism Complex(Walkway, Bomun Jeong)

–> Performance <Silla> at Jeongdong Theater –> Donggung Palace & Wolji Pond–> Cheomseongdae Observatory

First of all, Hwangridan street!


The original name of this neighborhood is “Hwangnam-dong”.

But as it is also called “Hwangridan-gil”(Hwangridan Street)
because there are many delicious restaurants, pretty cafes, souvenir shops and Hanbok rental shops.

(It is like “Kyungridan-gil” in Iteawon, Seoul where is one of the hottest place in Seoul)

Wherever you go, you never fails here.

All of restaurants have great platting and delicious foods
and you can enjoy from Korean traditional foods to pizza and brunch here!


Also, we can not skip the pretty cafes!

Also, We bought many souvenir from Gyeongju for our friends!

Then, let’s go to Daereumwon which is located just in front of Hwangridan street?

Daeruenwon is a nice place to walk.

Also, it’s my favorite place!

Next, let’s go to Bomun Tourism Complex.

It is representative touristic spot in Gyeongju where many hotels and amusement parks are gathering.

Among the places, I would like to recommend you Bomun Walkway and Bomun-jeong !

Then, let’s go to Gyeongju World Culture Expo!

<Silla> is the must-see performance when you visit Gyeongju!

Everyday at 7:30 pm, the performance is staged at Jeongdong Theater in Gyeongju World Culture Expo.

There are also a promotional event for May!

“Gyeongju Tour Package Event” offers

“30% Price Off for the performance ticket + Free Admission to Donggung Palace & Wolji Pond or Daereungwon”

Buy ticket for the performance and get free admission to Donggung Palace & Wolji Pond or Deareungwon (Choose one)

The event period is from Apr.1 to May.31!

Any inquiry and reservation, call to 054-740-3800

The highlight of trip is “Night view”

The best place for “Night view” in Gyeongju is “Donggung Palace & Wolji Pond”.

You also can get free admission of the place by “Gyeongju Tour Package Event”
so why don’t you hurry to book the ticket?

Also, I would like to recommend “Cheomseongdae Observatory” for the night view!

It is really awesome to see the lightning Cheomseongdae.

Here is a Tip for nice photo!

Take the photo in front of the Cheomseongdae, then you can get a wonderful picture of you like this 🙂

What a wonderful place Gyeongju is!

Why don’t you go to Gyeongju in this weekend? 🙂