Jeongdong Press Interview : Jin Hong Jeon

[Jeongdong Press Interview: Jin Hong Jeon]

<Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More> 

Interview with Jin Hong Jeon who plays role of ‘Dodam’

‘Seoryeon’, the best dancer of the court. ‘Dodam’, the best worrier of the court.

The love between them could be safe in Joseon era?

Dodam fell in love with Seoryeon who gained the favorite of the king.

He looks Seoryeon with pathetic express on his face because of the wall between the two.

Then, how he could keep his love in front of the greedy king?

I met Jin Hong Jeon who plays ‘Dodam’, the protagonist of <Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More>

Who describes sometimes the strong emotion as a worrier
and sometimes pathetic emotion as a man who falls in love.

I met Jin Hong Jeon who just finished 4 pm performance so he could not remove the makeup on his face.

It was very impressed that I could see the overlapped two faces : Dodam and the actor Jin Hong Jeon.

Q. I would like to know why you decided to join this performance.

My life as a dancer was started by Chunghan Kim who is the director/ choreographer of this performance.

By chance, I saw a dancer in dance competition and it was really impressive.

And later, I figured out that he was a student of Director Chunghan Kim.

I started ‘dance’ having respect for him naturally.

Therefore, I applied to a audition of <Chunhyang> which is one of the director Kim’s work in Jeongdong Theater

and I played the protagonist of the performance.

As the same reason, I would like to join this performance as director Kim’s work

and finally I play the role of Dodam after passing the audition.

Q. How did you feel when you meet Director Kim at the first time?

At the first time, it was very difficult to close to him because of his Charisma.

However, as I work with him more and more, he gave me a lot of suggestion time to time.

Therefore I could easily depend on him.

I always have a lot of thing to learn from him.

Q. The character of Dodam is focused on ‘the love toward Seoryoen’.

Therefore do you have any principal aim to describe Dodam?

Dodam is the best worrier in the court. Therefore I would like to describe the powerful figure.

Because I thought that the love of the strong man could be emphasized deeply and sorrowfully.

Therefore I aim at showing the strong figure as a worrier and it is well shown in the scene of the battle.

I strongly describe the motion of the worrier putting power on body when I take the sword.

Those kinds of scene well show ‘Worrier Dodam’.

And also, there are many choreograph where I need to life the female protagonist in the scenes with Seoryeon.

I think that those kinds of scenes show well the male attraction.

I personally would like to make my character ​stand out as an actor.

However, for the whole performance, it is important to make balance with others.

▲ Scene of Dodam in training with his colleagues_”Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More”

Q.Who do you think Dodam is?

Dodam is a worrier who get favorite of the King like Seoryeon.

He is the closest person of the king like king’s family.

Therefore the King gets angry of the love between the two people who are the favorites of the king.

Dodam is devoted to the King but also he is very pure to fall in love.

The figure of pure is the order of Director Kim.

“Strong man outwardly but romanticist internally.”

The figure of a Romanticist looks like ‘Mongryong’ in Chunghyang.

▲ Dodam’s Deaguem play _”Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More”

Q. If there are similar things between Dodam and Mongryong, is it easy to describe Dodam?

My answer is No.

Only for the love, they are similar. However Dodam is a worrier so I need to describe totally differently.

Director Kim ordered me to have ‘step of warrior’.

However, It was very difficult to remove the Mongryong’s character by my self.

I even don’t know if I describe the step of warrior having the pure mind toward the love at the same time.

Q. Which scene is the most difficult for you?

The duet scene with Seoryeon is most difficult for me.

This is the scene where I need to show the deep love and the relation
but it is not easy to express the emotion in the calm music.

If I have mistake, it is shown well in the quiet music.

Therefore we need to have completely well matched motion

and also we need to show ‘a beautiful love’ at the same time.

It is the reason why the scene is the most difficult.

▲ Duet Dance with Seoryeon_’Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More’

Q. What is the emotion that you would like to deliver to the audience?

And How do would you like to be memorized in the performance?

Everyone has the memory of love.

Therefore I would like to make this performance where the audience could remember their love.

Many elder audiences have told me like :

“I used to have a love like Dodam and Seoryeon….”

Therefore this performance is beautiful.

I want the audience can be moved by the beauty.

Also, I would like to show a performance where the public could think that ‘The beauty of the Korean traditional dance is a genre which can deliver the impression.’

And I would like to be remembered as a romanticist who devoted to his love.

I want to be remembered by the dance of ‘Dodam’.

As a Korean traditional dance major, Jin Hong Jeon has a big proud on Korean dance.

It was meeting that I could remind his dance from his talk about the beauty of the Korean dance.

I look forward Dodam of Jin Hong Jeon in the future of the performance!​


Interview with Hyuk Lee

<Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More> 

A single-hearted man, the role of ‘Dodam’, a court worrier

Interview with ‘Hyuk Lee’

Here is a man.

A single-hearted devotion. A worrier who loves only one woman.

Dadam, we can call him a romantist.​

I met Hyuk Lee who has role of ‘Dodam’, the pioneer of <Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More>.

<Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More> has double casting.

The main characters are the king, queen, the best court dancer ‘Seoryeon’, the best worrier in the court ‘Dodam’
and shaman of the court, ‘Mohwa’.

The relationship of the characters is very simple.

Seoryeon and Dodam are loved to each other.

The king has desire of Seoryeon and the queen is jealous to it.

Dodam is a worrier of the court but he loses his allegiance toward the King to protect his love.

A battle between the King and Dodam unfolds

Through the interview, let’s hear from Hyuk Lee, one of the double casted Dodam.

Q.How was your first feeling of the performance <Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More>

I was used to  respect Chunghan Kim, the director and choreographer of this performance.

He was director of <Chunhyang> of Jeongdong Theater in 2012 and I acted the main characters Mongryong and Byeon for the performance.

And now I’m very glad to join his work again at the very first time.

Q. What is your best scene of <Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More>?

In this work, there are various scenes.

They include an entertainment of the Joseon court, the scene of worriers’ training
and the scene of court ritual which contains Korean traditional aspect.

​Among these scenes, I like the Romantic scene.

You must meet the ‘Romance’ in director Kim’s work.​

In this performance, there is a very beautiful duet scene of lovely man and woman.

In the scene, Seoryeon who was thrown of the court plays Haeguem
and Dodam who was training in a forest suddenly hears the music and starts to look for her.

Finally, the two meet each other and play music together.

After confirming their love, they dance.

The dance under the moonlight is the best scene I think.

Q. What is your favorite role exclude ‘Dodam’?

I think ‘Mohwa’, the court shaman is very attractive character.

She has very huge charisma and she is very similar with the message of this story.

As we have male shaman, I think that I can show very powerful and different shaman character.

Therefore, I would like to act Mohwa.

Q. What is the similarity of the character ‘Dodam’ and you, your self?

I think this story has the things which could happen in our reality.

Love, Jealous and unexpected incidences are included.

Dodam is a man who throw out his allegiance to protect his love.

It is a man’s devotion and sacrifice.

Whoever, Men dream to help their lover to overcome difficulties and to protect her sacrificing themselves.

I think this is similarity between the character and me.

Q. Jeongdong Theater is trying to present new traditional performance.

What is the merit of <Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More> as a future-traditional performance?

The dance of this work is based on Korean tradition but it newly created.

In the opening scene, it shows various court dances such as ritual group dance, Taepyeongmu of the queen and the sword dance.

This performance presents beautiful Korean court ceremony with new interpretation for foreign and local audiences.

As it has created piece, the audiences who have no experience about Korean tradition also easily accept it.

​Also, it shows a hopeless love story like Korean version of  ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

Therefore it easily get the sympathy from the audiences.

I’m sure that it is a performance where you can experience the contemporary and modern arts of Korean tradition with the essence of Korean culture through the music which is featured by Aeri Park, one of the best Korean traditional vocalists.​

Q. Before closing the interview, please give some comment to the audience who have never experienced Korean traditional dance.

Korean dance has a connotation as a boring arts.

However, through this performance, you can finally meet various attraction of Korean dance.

 <Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More> Double Cast 

​▲Seoryeon_ Haneul Cho / Jiyeon Park

​▲Dodam_ Jinheung Jun / Hyuk Lee​

​▲King_ Euiyeon Cho / Hyunwoo Kim​

​​▲Queen_ Jinkyeon Park / Sumin Kim

​▲Mohwa_ Goun Lee / Narae​

Jeongdong Theater Tradition Series, <Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More>

+Period : Till Oct. 29th

 +Performance day : Tue-Sun 4 pm/ 8 pm (No performance on Mondays)

The love between a court dance and an warrior could be safe in Joseon court?

In early morning,

Mohwa, a shaman of court set the altar at the garden of the palace.

Praying for the stability and the good harvest,
She starts a ritual.

The company of the kind and the queen appears on the stage.

Dancers present ‘Parilmu’, one of the ritual dance
and the festival begins.​​


▲ Parilmu_Korean traditional ritual dance

Praying for the reign of peace, queen dances ‘Taepyeongmu”.

▲ Taepyeongmu_Dance for “Reign of peace”

Answering the queen’s dance, court dancers present “Sonbuk-chum”(a handy percussion dance)

and warriors present a sward dance.​

▲ Sonbuk-chum_a handy percussion dance

▲ Sword dance(Gum-mu)


The best dancer in the court is Seoryeon.

And the best warrior is Dodam.

They lead the ceremony in the center of the stage.​​


As Seoryeon starts dance playing Haeguem,
the king fascinated by Seoryon.

▲ The best dancer, Seoryeon, in her Haegeum dance.

​In addition,

the king reveals his greedy toward Seoryeon dancing with her.

Therefore, the queen leaves the place with a big jealous.

The queen couldn’t bear the jealous.

Finally, she drives Seoryeon of the palace.

In a forest,

​Dodam recalls Seoryeon’s face seeing Lotus while his training in the forest.

He has loved Soryeon since he was young.

However, he is now very mixed up as he saw the king’s greedy and the queen’s jealous toward Seoryeon.​​

After the training is finished and his company leave,
he hears a little sound of Haeguem from some where.​

Dodam realizes that it is Seoryeon’s music and he starts to find her in the forest.

And finally the two face to each other.

Soryeon who played Haeguem in her sorrow, set her heart at ease due to Dodam
and they confirm their love.

Seoryeon presents her love playing Haeguem
and Dodam answers the love playing Daeguem.

The love song fills in the forest.​

“A Love Song”

In a warm spring day

We brighten each other up

like a sunshine


The touched hands

The connected eyes

Full of Romance


Love made in heaven

My love at first sight

All around world is charming and beautiful


It is joyful

The sound flew by a breeze


Oh, sad

Because of the time which flies like a cloud



Don’t worry

Don’t be sad

The destiny is always with you

It is joyful

The sound flew by a breeze

Oh, sad

Because of the time which flies like a cloud

Don’t worry

Don’t be sad

The destiny protects them

Oh, Destiny

After confirming their love, Dodam and Seoryeong kiss under the moonshine.

At that time,

in other part of the forest, King is hunting.

Seoryeon and Dodam walk through the forest and across King’s path.

King is upset because he see Seoryeon and Dodam is together
and the king approach to Seoryeon but Dodam stop him.

The King is angry because of Dodam
and he aim arrow toward Dodam.

Dodam falls down from the attack of King’s soldier.

King and his company go back to the palace hauling Seoryeon.

After Seoryeon has been hauled to the palace,
she swallows down lots of insult.

However she overcomes the fear and keeps her heart toward her lover.

Therefore, King prisons Seoryeon in a jail.

Seoryeon misses her lover in the jail.

Dodam steals into the palace with her army.

Finally, the battle of the king and Dodam starts.

King takes up a swords and starts the battle.​

Seoryeon defended her lover throwing her body to the sword of the king
and she meets her death instead of her lover, Dodam.

Dodam sobs facing the death of his lover.​

The court shaman, Mohwa appears with ritual dance.

Seoryeon is laid on Mohwa’s altar.

Mohwa and her company starts the ritual of revivification.

Group dance praying for the life starts and everyone’s wish for the life leads the dance.

The ritual becomes more and more strong.

At a moment,

Mohwa’s dance stops and silence comes.

In a short silence..

Seoryeon will revive answering everyone’s wish?

In palace of Joseon,
The love of Seoryeon and Dodam is not allowed from the king.

Does their love work out?​

2017 Jeongdong Theater Tradition Serise

<Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More>

​Period : April. 6th – October 29th

Time & Day : Tue-Sun 4 pm / 8 pm (No performance on Mondays)

Venue : Jeongdong Theater

​Ticket : VIP 60,000 KRW / R 50,000 KRW / S 30,000 KRW

Inquiry : 02-751-1500

Reservation link :