Interview with Yoonsoo Kim, Choreographer of “Silla”

Based on the ancient Persian epic, ‘Kush Nama’,

‘Silla’ is a performing arts that describe the great epic with the fantastic stage arts.

And Yoonsoo Kim, the choreographer of the show delivers the story through the arts of body

and his dance is mainly consist of Korean traditional dance which is very beautiful and dynamic.

Here below the interview with him.

Yoonsoo Kim, Choreographer of ‘Silla’
The top dancer of the National Dance Company
Awarded by ‘Kim Baikbong Arts Arward’

Q. What is your point on the choreography of “Silla”?
-I focused on the cause-and-effect in the story. In other words, the flow of the story and the fantasy.
Therefore, I have thought many times on the motions and description replacing dance to describe the changes of the character.
For example, at some point, the characters move all together like one person.
On the other hands, each character has its own personality and specific figure to show the crash of ideologies from one and another.
Also, I tried to complete it under the scrip and the direction of the director.
Q. You might have concerned a lot following the director’s structure of new genre and concepts. 
– Seongsin Choi, the director, is very creative person who always creats a new direction.
I think, therefore, he could created this performance which is created as new genre.
 New ideas from the staffs support the creative thinking of the director
and they complete the new genre and the structure of this performance.
The new genre which is so called ‘performance like a show’ is completed by the equipment including the stage and the light.
And the dance maximizes the story describing the flow.

Q. Then what is the role and the effect of the dance in the performance where the technology of stage is maximized?
– It is required to have a medium that connect the technology, the story and the characters.
I think, ‘Dance’ is the importance medium which give the connection.
Through the dance, the equipment and the space are explained.
While the stage equipment and the music attract audiences’ audio-visual sense,
the dance attracts their emotion and helps them to understand the story.

Q. Actually, the visual distinction between the people from Silla and the people from Persian is clear.
Do you have any distinction on the dance between the two ethnics?
– As you mentioned,
the two ethnics are distinguished from one and another one dimensional way including the stage, costumes, and lights.
In addition, it is required to consider there cultural communication tradition such as motion and language.
Unfortunately, there are not many resources regarding Persia.
Therefore, the imagination is required.
As Persia is masculine nation, it is described as military culture using dynamic and powerful motion.
On the other hands, Silla is described as the opposite style such as soft and tolerant world.
From the distinction of choreography describing the two nation,
it is clear to see the good and the evil when the two nation appear at the same time.

Q. I’ve heard that the choreography of upgraded ‘Silla’ is based on ‘Korean newly arts dance(신무용)’
Could you please explain about the ‘Korean newly arts dance’?
– The meaning of ‘Korean newly arts dance’ is  ‘a dance which is newly created from 1920 in Korea’.
The genre is a importance cultural asset for the history of modern dance in Korea.
Because it is a bridge between the traditional dance and contemporary creation.
Most distinguished part which shows ‘Korean newly arts dance’ is the finale which consists of ‘Hyangbalmu’.
It is really attractive dance in which dancers hold ‘Hyangbal(Small percussion)’.
I borrowed elements of the ‘Korean newly arts dance’
while the whole dance structure is distinguished from the ‘Korean newly arts dance’.
Also, every elements including stage, light, costumes and make-up are well harmonized in the finale.
The ‘Korean newly arts dance’ is reflected as ‘old styled dance’ or ‘traditional dance’ but it is still realized on the stage with new format.
I hope I could retain the dance for the future.
Q. Do you have any specific philosophy as a choreographer of Korean dance?
– Korean dance has a long history. Therefore, it is required to understand its history and meaning through the dance.
I  feel a call to present the dance with the deep value of Korean dance as well as to transform it contemporary value.

2017 Jeongdong Theater Gyeongju Brand Performance

Performing Art <Silla>

▶Period : Until December 31

▶Time : Mon-Sat 7.30 pm (No performance on Sundays)

▶Venue : Gyeongju World Cultural Expo Theater (Cultural Center)

▶Ticket : VIP 50,000 won / R 30,000 won / S 20,000 won

▶Inquiry : +82-(0)54-740-3800


Please click to access the reservation page


Interview with Han, Sung , the Persian prince of Musical ‘Silla’


Interview with Han, Sung.

An actor in the role of Abitin, the strong Persian prince.

The hero of musical ‘Silla’, Abitin is the Persian prince.

He is swept and is shipwrecked in Silla.

Finally, he falls in love with the princess of Silla; Frarang.

However, he has to go back to Persia and meets his death in his home because of the attack by the devil, Jahak.

Here below the interview with Han, Sung, who plays the role of Abitin!


1. Why and when did you start dancing?

Actually, I didn’t have any special reason to start dancing.

 I just decided to go a high school of arts with my friend

and I keep dancing for 17 years.


2. How meaningful the musical ‘Silla’ and the role ‘Abitin’ is for you?

Actually, I have thought a lot about this after receiving this question.

As for Silla, it is a new history which is not well-know to the world!

And I think Abitin is the storyteller of the history.

Actually, this role is a new challenge and new experience for me.

Personally, this role is a chance to show my potential power and energy as a dancer.

3. What was your preparation to describe the role?

I just concentrate to the acting, thinking that my role is a story teller.

Because I think it is more important to deliver the story to the audience than to show something special.

And this character has various images in a time sequence so I concentrate to show them as well.

4. Do you have any thing have to do or have not to do before going on the stage?

Yes, I have. Actually it is not for me but for others.

I try to remind the sequence before going on the stage.

This is time for self-checking and for condition checking. Also, checking the dance note!

Also, I put a sole of my foots on the stage to feel it.

During the time, I recognize the weather, my condition, the air and temperature on the stage

and decide how to use the energy.

And I try not to be effected by the situation and try to concentrate my self.

5. What is the best scene for you?

Actually, I have some scenes but I would like to talk about the scene of the battle with ‘Jahak’.

This scene is crucial because Abitin meet the death here.

This scene consists of the collaborative dance with other dancers.

Therefore it is important to be considerate to others.

Also, in this scene the dense energies exploded so it could be the best scene.

6. Musical ‘Silla’ is developed for 3 years and the performance of this year is also upgraded comparing with last year.

What do you think the viewing point is?

First of all, it became easier to understand.

Also, costume changes, media arts and magics are added in to the performance.

And the scene of Samul-nori is the viewing point to fell the Korean beauty and excitement.

I hope the audience enjoy this parts.

7. Do you have any method to act? 

Actually it is hard to say exactly. 

I just don’t think to be the character but make my own character.

And I think that it is the method to have the truth for acting.

It is hard to do something that I didn’t know about.

Therefore, to act a character, it is needed to have long time and process to make it clear.

8. Please give a last word for the audience!

It is been already 3 years that I perform for Silla in Gyeongju.

This city has not a big demand for culture and arts but I think this performance is worth.

Because many actors and staffs work for this faithfully and they keep working!

Therefore please come and see the performance more!


2017 Jeongdong Theater Gyeongju Brand

Performing Art <Silla>

▶Period : Until December 31

▶Performance time : Mon-Sat 7.30 pm (No performance on Sundays)

▶Performance Venue : Cultural Center, Gyeongju World Culture Expo

​Tickets : VIP 50,000 won / R 30,000 won / S 20,000 won

▶Inquiry : +82-(0)54-740-3800

 Please click to access the reservation page.


[Silla] Must-visited-places in Gyeongju for your Autumn!

Hello : )

This is the hottest and fastest news, Jeongdong Press!!

Today, I would like to introduce “Must-Visited-Places” in Gyeongju for your Autum!

First of all, the hot and hot, hot place in Gyeongju for now,

1. Cheomseongdae Observatory(첨성대),
Pink Muhly Grass & Cosmos Flower!

Cheomseongdae Observatory is the must-visit place in Gyeongju Now!

Full of Pink Muhly Grass~!

This is place for the best photos for the life! Many people came here to take photos.

You will have the best photo for the life here!

BUT!! You know, it is not allowed to go inside and to trample flower down!

After the Pink Muhly Grass, we can not miss the Cosmos flower!

Around the Cheomseongdae Observatory, Cosmos flowers are in bloom.

Full scenery shot for Pink Muhly Grass


Closer shot for Cosmos flower.

Don’t miss the Cosmos flowers!


2. Forest Environment Research Institute 

You may have seen “Forest Environment Research Institue” on Social Network.

Many couples have a picture on this log on the tiny lake.

I was alone….T_T(Crying)

You can feel the nice air from a number of trees and grasses.

I would love to recommend here if you want to do nothing and do rest!

3. Hwangridan Street(Hwangridan-gil/황리단길)

For the travel, nice restaurants and nice cafes are not missed.

You may have heard about Hwangridan Street when you prepare the travel to Gyeongju.

This place is still so hot!!!

Pizza, Ice Cream, Brunch, Cafe, Select Shop and Hanbok Rental Shop!

There are so many shops on the street!

It is very close to Cheomseongdae Observatory
so I would like to recommend you to visit here
after seeing the Pink Muhly Grass and Cosmos Flower at Cheomseongdae Observatory.

Gyeongju has lots of beautiful places because of the good weather !

4. 2017 Jeongdong Theater Gyeongju Brand Performance

Performing Art <Silla>

And the most important thing to do in Gyeongju is seeing <Silla> at Jeongdong Theater!

The story of <Silla> is based on “Kush-nama”, a Persian epic poem.

Therefore this performance has the hidden story about the history for 500 years of the cultural exchange between Silla and Persia.

Seeing the Performance “Silla” is the first thing to do in Gyeongju!


Inquiry : +82-(0)54-740-3800

 Many people will visit Gyeongju during this autumn season as well!!

There are also many places which are not known to the public!

I hope you enjoy Gyeongju in this Autumn with Jeongdong Theater’s performance!


2017  Jeongdong Theater Gyeongju Brand

Performing Art <Silla>

▶Performance Period : Until Dec.31

▶Performance Time : Mon-Sat 7.30 pm (No performance on Sundays)

▶Performance Venue : Cultural Center in Gyeongju World Culture Expo

​Tickets : VIP 50,000 won / R 30,000 won / S 20,000 won

▶Inquiry : 02-751-1500

Please click to below for the reservation (No reservation fees)


‘Silla’ through the photos

[Jeongdong Press: <Silla> Review]

A Seouler visits Jeongdong Theater in Gyeongju!

<Silla> through the photos 

Jeongdong Theater, one is located in Seoul and one another in Gyeongju.

Today, as a Seouler, I visited Jeongdong Theater in Gyeongju!

And will show you it through the photos!

<Silla> is a hidden story about Silla and Persia for a thousand years.

King Jamshid who was attacked by Arab harbors his son Abitin with the national treasures and heirlooms.

King Jamshid meets his death while he depends the palace and Abitin  swears to come back to Persia.

Abitin falls in love with Frarang, the tomboy princess of Silla at the beach.

They have a secret wedding but they part
as Abitin has to go back to Persia with his army in order to keep the promise with his father.

Parting from her lover, Frarang recalls of the memories with Abitin and hopes for him to be safely back to Persia.

After coming back to Persia, Abitin became the King after defeating the enemy and rehabilitating the country.

The joy of the victory does not last long,

Zahak, the dark devil appears and Abitin meets his death by the attack of the dark devil.

And Zahak usurps the throne.

Frarang who is left alone in Silla gives birth to her son ‘Peridun’ by her self.

Peridun takes after curious Frarang and strong Abitin and he leave to his father’s home town Persia with his mother
escorted by the army of Silla.

Persia dominated by Zahak is too dark.

Frarang and Feridun find the corpse of Abitin and fight a battle.

Feridun becoes the King after beating off Zahak and having a funeral of Abitin.​

However, Zahak calls another dark devil ‘Kush’

and attack to Silla where is the paradise..

Silla gets a huge damage because of Kush’s attack.

However, Frarang and Peridun have a victory due to the Persian army.

Peridun on the throne of Silla

and Silla again on the peace.

The musical ‘Silla’ comes to the end with the peace of Silla.​

The performance is with colorful costume and wonderful stage affects.

It was worthwhile to go to Gyeongju from Seoul!​

I would like to recommend you to travel in Gyeongju in this good Autumn days.

It would be very memorable day with the performance.

The first day of Jeongdong City Project! What a great Indie-music festival!!

[Jeongdong City Project in Gyeonju]

The first day!

What a great Indie-music festival!

On the second week of September, blue banners are every where in front of Sin Gyeongju Station.

Jeongdong City Project in Gyeongju is a outdoor festival which is held in Gyeongju, the City of history and culture.

Since 2014, Jeongdong Theater organized a Indie-music festival once a year

in order to support the cultural development in Gyeongju City.

That is “Jeongdong City Project in Gyeongju”!!!

In this year, the festival is held in Autumn.

Period : September 15-16. 2017 (Two days)

Venue : Bomun floating Theater in Gyeongju

Concept : Under the stars, be lost in Music

Sept 15 – Under the stars, let’s dance (Nametag, The KOXX, IDIOTAPE)

Sept  16 – Under the stars, be lost in Music (FLOWERPOT, The Barberettes, Kimbanjang and Windycity)


Here below the scenes from the first day of the festival!!

Walking through the lake park, I heard music from somewhere.

I walked following the music and I found the Jeongdong Theater’s event booth.

At the entrance of the auditorium, there were repletes which contains the information of the artists and the show.

Also, there were various events to give the audiences many gifts!!

Such as Korean Beef!!!  ​

Also, there was a giveaway event which has no fails!!

Various gifts such as Beef Jerky, Jinsaeng Drink, Amusement Park Ticket and ‘Silla’ Performance Ticket!!!

Also, there was some snack bars of Popcorn, drinks and coffee!

Let’s go inside of the stage!​

At 6 pm, the first stage of Jeongdong City Project in Gyeongju started.

The opening show was by ‘Chungang Jaeil Band’ who won the award of music competition in Gyeongju.

The audiences started to dance and many foreigners also joined to the concert.

During the stage change, the MC leaded a game!


Who will be the winner?!

The winner gained a voucher of The-K Hotel Spa.

In the following game, the performance ticket of ‘Silla’ was also presented.​

The next stage was ‘Nametag’ who plays dynamic and alternative Rock music.

Everyone shouted “Rock n’Roll”!!

After that, the KOXX, a modern rock band came on the stage.

As it was the first time in Gyeongju of the band, the Gyeongju citizens were welcoming the band!

​The last stage was ‘IDIOTAPE’.

IDIOTAPE is electronica band and they won the award of the best dance & electronic album.

The concert finished in the late night and it was like something is missing from the concert.

But also it left a high expectation for the concert of the next day..

Cultural life in Bomun Tourist Complex

Hello 🙂

I’ve posted about the travel spot in Gyeongju.

Especailly today, I would like to post about ‘Cultural Life’ in Bomun Tourist Complex!


As all of you are coming from out of Gyeongju,

Mostly, you might arrive in Sin Gyeongju Train Station, Express Bus Terminal or Gyeongju Train Station.

For the first, I would like to recommend you to have a great lunch on Hwangridan-gil,

which recently is very famous in Gyeongju.

After having lunch, you can hang around the Hwangridan-gil.

And you can come to Bomun Tourist Complex by bus.

Here below the bus numbers headed for Bomun Tourist Complex.

From Sin Gyeongju Station(KTX)

No. 700

Gyeongju Terminal(Express Bus Terminal)

No.10, No.700, No.18, No.100-1, No.150-1

Gyeongju Station(Train)

No.10, No700, No18, No.100-1, No.150-1

All right! After arriving in Bomun Tourist Complex,

You should visit to ‘Wooyang Museum’.

Wooyang Museum was founded in 1991
and it has presented various international exhibitions & artists inside and outside of Korea!

The museum is located in Hilton Hotel!

Current exhibition is  ‘Meta-scape’ !

Do you know what ‘Meta-scape’ is?

Regarding the information on the museum web,

it means ‘Meta-reading of landscapes’.

In other words,the exhibition aims to highlight the meta-attitude of artists and the “identity of contemplation” involved in comtemporary, subjective landscape artworks.

Here, the prefix “meta”, originating from the Greek, means “beyond” or “after,” referring to a higher level of abstraction!


Exhibition Period – June 9.2017 ~ October 8.2017

Venue – Wooyang Museum Second & Third Exhibition Hall

Open hours – 10:00 ~ 18:00 (Closed on Mondays)

Works – Painting, Photograph, Installation, Media

Admission – Adult : 5,000 won / Under age of 20 : 3,000 won/ Under age of 7 : 2,000

*Discount – Gyeongju Citizen 20% OFF/ Seniors (Above 65), Person of National Merits, Disabled 50% OFF

Inquiry – +82-(0)54 745 7075

Good Quality of Cultural Experience with Reasonable Price!

For more information, here below the web of the Museum!!

The second place is Solgeo Art Museum

which is located in Gyeongju Expo, a 10 minutes walk.

The parking lot is located at West gate of the Expo so you would walk for 15 minutes.

I would like to recommend you to walk under the nice weather!

The current exhibitions are is ‘Real: Landscape _Jonghui Kim’.

Exhibition Period – September 12. 2017 ~ November 12. 2017

Venue – Solgeo Art Museum Exhibition Hall No.2 to 5

Open hours – 9:00 ~ 18:00 (Closed on Mondays)

Admission – Adult 5,000 won/ Student 3,000 won

*Free Admission – Under age of 7, Above age of 65, Disabled and Guardian

Inquiry – +82-(0)54 740 3990

For more information :

Also, the museum runs Docent Program.

The Docent Program Hours :

Tue-Thu 11 am / 3 pm

It is run for 30 mins.

I recommend you to have the docent program!

 The last one is ‘Silla’ of Jeongdong Theater!!

After visiting the Solgeo Art Museum, I would recommend you to have dinner at the restaurants

which are located in front of the Expo Park!

Then, it is time to see the performance! at 7.30 pm!

Jeongdong Theater’s ‘Silla’ presents the encounter of the Silla and the Persia.

Here below the synopsis!

Persian Prince Abitin went into exile after the Arab Conquest of Persia.

When he was on a long journey to a remote land of mystery, a storm hit the ship and Abtin felt himself sinking into the dark cold abyss. When he woke up, he realized he had been shipwrecked on a beautiful land called Basilla.

Princess Frarang happened to meet Abtin and fell in love with him at once. However, not long after, she had to say goodbye to Abtin shen he left for his country…

After saving the Persian Empire, Abtin became the new king.

In the middle of the banquet celebrating his victory, and accompanied by dancers, Abtin was assassinated by  Zahhak and his followers, called Cats.

Frarang left for Persia with her son Faridun to take revenge for the murder of Abtin, and defeated Zahhak. Meanwhile, the Silla Kingdom was invaded by an evil forces of raiders let by Kush…

I highly recommend to see ‘Silla’!!

It runs until December 31, Mon to Sat at 7.30 pm!


2017 Jeongdong Theater Gyeongju Brand

Performing Art <Silla>

▶Performance Period : Until December 31

▶Performance Time : Mon-Sat 7.30 pm (Closed on Sundays)

▶Performance Venue : Cultural Center in Gyeongju World Culture Expo

​Ticket : VIP 50.000 won / R 30,000 won / S 20,000 won

▶Inquiry : +82-(0)2-751-1500

Here below the link for the reservation!


How to get to Gyeongju Jeongdong Theater from SinGyeongju Station

Hello : )

Today, I would like to various ways to get to Jeongdong Theater Gyueonju Branch from Singyeongju Station
for the audiences who come from other cities!


1. By Direct Bus to Gyeongju downtown

You can take the bus No. 700 then you can arrive in Jeongdong Theater directly without transfer 🙂


However, unfortunately the bus comes once an hour 🙁

Therefore, Please refer to the timetable above.

If you don’t want to wait for the direct bus,

2. By transfer buses

The transfer is inconvenient but you don’t need to be pressed by the time!

Take buses no. 50 or no.60 at the station → Transfer to buses no.10, no.100 or no.150.

Now days, there are many pretty cafes in Gyeongju!

In the way to transfer, you can take some coffee and sight seeing!

Then come to see the performance!!!

It’s “Killing two birds with one stone”!

(I recommend you to visit the representative cafe in Gyeongju : ‘VENZAMAS’!
It is located in the entrance of Bomun Tourism Complex.)

3. Take the shuttle between Bomun and Jeongdong Theater

If you stay in a hotel or resort which is located in Bomun Tourism Complex,
it is recommended to take the shuttle.

It is operated after the performance is finished as well!

From the Jeongdong City Project in Gyeongju on Sept 15-16
to the final presentation of Saturday Cultural School on Sept 2!

There are many performances and events in September!

I would like to recommend you to make a great memory in Jeongdong Theater!

2017 Jeongdong Theater Gyeongju Brand Performance

Performing Art <Silla>

▶Period : Until December 31

▶Time : Mon-Sat 7.30 pm (No performance on Sundays)

▶Venue : Gyeongju World Culture Expo Cultural Center

​Ticket : VIP 50,000 KRW / R 30,000 KRW / S 20,000 KRW

▶Inquiry : 02-751-1500


For reservation, Click the below poster.


Etiquette in the Theater


Today, I would like to inform you about the Etiquette in the Theater~!

1. Please enter to the auditorium before the performance begins.

It would be great to have relaxed mind before the performance
reading the program information or the replete!

2. Please sit your assigned seat.


Please refrain from moving to another seat and only sit your assigned seat.

Also, when you go out to toilet during the performance,
it would be helpful if you bring your ticket.

3. Please check the allowed age.

The allowed age is different depends on the performance.

Please check the allowed age in advance through the web-site or the replete.

4. Please turn off your mobile phone.


The ringing, vibration sound or the light of the mobile phone could be disturbing other audiences during the performance.
You can more enjoy the performance if you turn off the phone before the performance starts. 🙂

5. Please finish your drink or foods before entering the auditorium.

It is allowed to have popcorn and drinks in cinema.

However, as theater is the place for communication between the artists and the audiences,
the sounds or smells of the foods could disturb the artist and the audiences.

There fore please finish your drink or foods before entering the auditorium 🙂

6. Please refrain from taking photo or video during the performance.

During the performance, camera, video and mobile phone shooting could be interference to the artists and other audiences.

Therefore, please refrain from taking photo or video during the performance.

But, in some performance, you could take photos during the curtain-call.

Therefore feel free to ask and take the photo 🙂

7. In case of emergency, please attention to the announcement.

Please attention to the announcement regarding the emergency and check the exit before the performance starts:)

In case of emergency, please be evacuated by the staff’s guide.

Here above the Etiquette in the theater!

Please keep in mind it and let’s have a mature sense of the audiences!

2017 Jeongdong Theater Gyeongju Branch Performance

Performing Art <Silla>

▶Performance Period : Until December 31

▶Performance Time : Mon-Sat 7.30 pm (No performance on Sundays)

▶Performance Venue : Gyeongju World Culture Expo Cultural Center Theater

​Ticket Prices : VIP 50,000 KRW / R 30,000 KRW / S 20,000 KRW

▶Inquiry : 02-751-1500


Jeongdong City Project in Gyeongju

Jeongdong City Project in Gyeongju

Since 2014 



Do you like festival?

It is always excited that even I just thinking to enjoy the music of famous singers and the delicious food!

This is special time to which Jeongdong theater prepared!

           Here I would like to introduce you to Jeongdong City Project!!

Jeongdong City Project in Gyeongju

Jeongdong City Project have started in September 26. 2014

And this year, we welcome the 5th edition of the festival in 2017!

The aim and concept of the project is:

Extending the citizens’ experience of culture,

Activating the Culture and arts through improving quality of life,

Modern and unique indie-band’s concerts,

Extending the experience of various genre of culture,

And the communication between the artists and the audiences.

All for free to the public!​​

2014~2016 Jeongdong City Project

Let me introduce the previous city projects.

1. 2014  Jeongdong City Project in Gyeongju (ART FRONTIER FESTIVAL)

    – Dates : September 26(Fri), 27(Sat), October 3(Fri), 4(Sat) 2014

  – Line-up : Jaeduk Jeon, Juwon Park/ Oksang Dalbit, No.1 Korean/ Ensemble Sinawi, Sound Box/ Jihyeong Lee, Day Break

    – Venue: Gyeongju World Culture Expo Plaza

2. 2015 Jeongdong City Project in Gyeongju

 – Period : July 17. 2015 (Fri)~18(Sat) 19:00~22:00

 – Line-up : 10cm, Soran, Peter Pan Complex, Kimbanjang and Windycity, Day Break, Romantic Punch

  – Venue : Bomun Floating Stage in Bomun Complex

  – Events : Flea Market (Makamodi July 17th), Bomun Floating Stage Performance(July 18th)

3. 2016 Jeongdong City Project in Gyeongju (Spring)

 – Period :  14:00~22:00 May 27 (Fri)- 28(Sat) 2016. 

– Line-up : Urban Zakapa, Soran, Oriental Showcus, Junil Jeong, Peter Pan Complex, Beauty Handsome

 – Venue : Gyeongju World Culture Expo Park

  – Events : Flea Market, Food Avenue, Busking, Street Arks, Arts Zone, Local Arts Communities, Mission Game

4. 2016 Jeongdong City Project in Gyeongju (Autunm)

 – Period : 14:00~22:00 September 9(Fri)~ 10(Sat) 2016 

  – Line-up : 10cm, Day Break, Mongni, Oriental Showcus, Solutions, We are the night

  – Venue : Gyeongju World Culture Expo Park

  – Event : Flea Market, Food Avenue, Busking, Arts Zone, Book Zone, Local Arts Communities, After Party, Mission Game

4 times like above.

This festival opens to enjoy the freedom atmosphere anyone and anytime.

All of the audiences satisfied the concerts by Indie-band singers!

           Various Unit Events 

In City Project, there are various kind of things to see and enjoy!

For example,  Busking Performances in everywhere,

Various street arts attractive to kids.

And Jeongdong Mission Game with the staffs of Jeongdong Theater!


We can not miss the things to eat!

There are many food trucks around the Jeongdong Theater!


There are many events so that it is hard to enjoy all.


        2017 Jeongdong City Project

In this year as well, the festival is held for 2 days.


   I really looking forward to this year’s things to see such as indie-band etc!!

Jeongdong Theater to communicate with audiences!

​Please come and enjoy the Jeongdong City Project!

– 2017 Jeongdong City Project in Gyeongju –

                    Period  :   September 15th(Fri), 2017 – 16(Sat) ​

                    Time  :   18:00~22:00 

                    Venue  :  Bomun Floating Stage in Gyeongju Complex


Interview with Hyun-seok Lee, Actor who plays role of Peridun in Silla

Hello 🙂

Today, we meet actor Hyun-seok Lee.

He plays role of Peridun who was used to be a boy but becomes a great worrier!

Q. Hello. Hyeon-Seok! Please introduce your role, Peridun in ‘Silla’.

Peridun is a princess who was born to Frarang, Princess of Silla and Abitin, Persian Prince.

He has very positive personality and looks like a naughty boy but finally he become a great hero after the battle with Zahak, the dark evil.

Q. I think that the best scene of Peridun is the battle scene. The tension and charisma of Peridun are really awesome. But what do you think best scene is?

I like the scene with Pungmul-nori in the market place while the Peridun is growing.

It shows the growth process of Peridun with funny situation and also you can enjoy the exciting dance and rhythm of other actors.

Especially, the scene gives me chances to enjoy the collaboration with other actors so I really like it.

▲ Scene of ‘Market Place’ in ‘Silla’


Q. You have two figures of Peridun. One is a childish boy and the other is highly evolved protecting the country. Then do you have any trouble to act the two personality?

 Well… I have some difficulties…

The little Peridun is very curious and has personality like a mischievous boy.

However, he finally becomes a hero of the country.

In this part, I would like to present the emotion for the audiences so I had worried a lot about it.

Therefore I have many talked with the actress who plays Frarang and also kept studying about the facial expression and motion.

Q. As I show the performance, I started to be interested in dancer’s job. What do I need to do to become a dancer and what is the good thing and difficult thing?

In my case, I dreamed to be a general salary-man but I was influenced by my sister who is a dancer. 

After entering the university, I focused on a work to find my style searching about the major.

Dancer is a job that you can experience various kinds of work and have communication with audiences.

I think it is the merit of the job.

However, it is very hard in physical part and you need to manage your figure.

Q. Could you please give a closing word to the audiences of Silla?

This performance has many characters. Therefore I would like to recommend to read the story from the program book before the performance. It will help you to understand not only about the story but also the emotion of each character.